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Katrina and the Waves [Copy link] 中文

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Hurricane katerine hit Missisippi harrison, Hancock Couties but not New Orleans

Please make sure you udnerstand what you wrote.

I still can not call home today to the Gulf coast on Friday. I tried and tried, the phone system still down. What the hell is George Bush doing ???

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To make sure everyone in this thread understand and give the most accurate infor

There are many countires offered help to United States.

And actually the Canadian (private organized citizens groups) have arrived at gulf coast. The Canadians are the K-9 rescue units scouting for survivors or the death.

George Bush has not accepted any help yet!!!!!.

But 300 Canadian troops had in the past been invited by the US Government/State Government (?) to Florida as a friendly gestures to serve and protect during the Florida hurricanes/storms.

The Canadians at my HOMETOWN Gulfport, Mississippi requested to come and was accepted by the "local" government not the Federal Government of United States. Also Canada has participated in many co-ordinated law-enforcement efforts in hundreds of years. If you remembered in 1930, the Prohibition, the United States Government has asked the Canadian Federal Police RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Polcie to guard against the border to stop illegal liquor smuggling across the border from Canada into United States.

Still today, there are co-ordinated law-enforcement efforts by Canada and Untied States to stop massive mariguana coming through the border and arrest three people in B.C.(British Columbia) whom had completed a 3 m tunnel into United States !!!

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The United States and Bush Adminsiteration have never requested help from any co

But the local government at Gulfport and Biloxi Mississippi have accepted help from Canada as a friendly gesture between two friendly neighbors !!

Please make sure you know what you are posting.

There is a major difference between the White House and the tiny Ocean Spring. MS local government in the gulf coast.

So before you post any falsified information, I will hit you very hard because it is MY HOMETOWN that's hit very hard.

"WE" did build a barrier in Gulfport, Mississippi above 12 feet high after Hurrrican e Camille in 1969 to prevent huge tidal waves to wash away the coastal area. Also there are many very tiny rocky islands just off the gulf coast but they are not barriers at all.

There are over dozens of casinos along the coast lines and only one restaurant (seafood restaurant) on the beach at Gulfport, MS.

But if you drive down Highway 90, they are all residential area and many, many elderly people whom they can not  be evacuated by themselves.

I will give you the most accurate information.

I had my kisses on the beach, making love under the moon at Gulfport, Mississippi.

How can I not know the situation there ????

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flotsam and CHINA DAILY, please make sure flotsam knows what he is talking about

The United States Congress re-called all members of the Houses to have an emergency session right now on September 2, 2005 around 9-10 a.m. to pass the emergency act for a USD $10 billion dollars for the relief effort.

Also George Bush  decided to release the oil reserve in Louisana under the Strategic Oil Reserve to the public and plea for conservation of comsuption of gasoline.

The United States Federal Government have not accepted any "official" aid from any countries yet. But certainly friendly countries such as Britian, Canada, Australia "private" organized professional citizens will lend a hand and will conduct the rescue mission upon the invitation of state or local government but not the "Federal Government" of United States of America.

Set the record straight.

United Stated Government has not asked for aides but aides have been offered from four corners of the world including United Nations !

Case closed. why bullshit in the first thread !

Flotsan, Do you live in New York City or Washington, DC ?

You should have the information about the US Congress emergency session

(The Congress was closed for the summer vacation but called back today for 10 billion appropriation emergency funds for disaster relief)  !!!!!!

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Charity Hospital is the best hospital in the world in terms of trauma and gun sh

Do you know how many gun shot emergency cases the y have at Charity Hospital emergency room?

If you don't really know the local/ground information and based on your bullshit internet information (goggle shit), please refrain from posting falsified information.

I was trained at LSU Louisana State Unviersity trauma center. they had the best trauma hospital in the world. Also Osler Clinic/Hospital is also located there !!!

Please you don't lvie there, never work at the emeergency room at New Orleans, you know know what's going on at the ground zero level. I did my medical board examination at the New Orleans Superdome and I passed and this showed you I lived there and visited there as often as I can.

there are 485,000 people living in New Orleans, Unfortunately, 20% of the population are very poor and don't even had cars and 20% of 485,000 people=97,000 people.

Among the 97,000 people left behind there, I do not know how many get out before Hurricane Katrina hit.

If I don't know anything, I would not use any thread to support my statement because those threads/news clips are bullshits.

But there are estimated 80,000-90,000 people left behind (?) There is no official count and I do want to second guess.

I hope CD do not put this thread up without checking the accurate sources: United States have never asked or accepted any foreign aid to the disaster of the Katerina !!!

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This is the worst human tradegy and I want everyone to send condolence to the de

This is not the time to critize, to point  fingers but understand the magnitude of the disaster and the dead.

We must give a lending hand if US accepts such help.

We can not "stand down" but stand tall and show our sympathy and support to those who suffered and survived Katrina.

I want to thank everyone for their contribution and do not critize the local government.

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deanash, where do you get your information?

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