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Katrina and the Waves [Copy link] 中文

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George Bush actually nominated the former Polcie Chief of New York City as Head

George Bush actually nominated the former Chief of New York City as the Homeland Security but due to questionable bribery charges, he withdrwn the nomination and now this clown Michael Cheroff becomes the Secretary of Homeland Security !

What a fuck-up ?

This is the biggest fuck-up in America !!!

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The US Army Corps of Enginners also got to go, fired and face court-martial and

The US Army Corps of Engineers are responsible for the levees.

They should have given an accurate assessment of the structure of the levees to FEMA and Homeland Security that the 17th Street levee can not substain a Category 5 Hurricane !

Another major fuck-up of the US Army !!! That's why they are not  winning the fucking War in Iraq and still today, the US Army Corps of Enginners and the contractors  are never able to restore 100% of electricity in Iraq ,

I want to see how the fucking US Army Corps of Enginners  to repair the levees and able to re-build them to substain a Category 5 hurricane !

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Calm down! Charlie

Mr Charles,
aren't you supposed to be out there helping the poor and sick?
You seem to be on the verge of nervous breakdown. If you are really a doctor, you don't make a good one.
What are you really trying to say here....don't criticise your government, only you can?
Isn't it funny, after this hurricane, most americans say they are not the ones who had voted Bush? Perhaps the war ghosts had....
You said you are Chinese, I don't think so.....
If you are one, it is a pity, you have completely been transformed .......
Go out and do something to help those needy!

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I did. Upon completion of my active duty in the US Army, I served at Gulfport as

I served at Gulfport, Mississippi as the Combat Support Surgical Unit in late 1990. I paid my due. But my unit was deployed to Iraq !

I retired in 2000 !

Case closed !

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Michael Brown of FEMA and Michael Chertoff of Homeland Security got to go, FIRED

They are imcompetent, dumb and dumber, just plain stupid S.O.B. !

Excuse me, what if your family died in the Hurricane Katerina, I will shed a tear for you !

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riceroot, You must not understand what post-traumatic stress syndrome is !

Why the New Orleans police committed suicide including the high-ranking spokesperson for the New Orleans Police Department.

Doctors actually have a much higher percentage of suicide than normal population.

But unless you are on the ground or have loved ones that are missing , then you will never understand the real magitude of such disaster have on your psychological health.

Please read the Editorial yesterday by the largest newspaper in New Orleans and read for yourself "A letter to the President Bush"

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Reply: Calm down! Charlie

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