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Katrina and the Waves [Copy link] 中文

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Federal/State/local government all share responsibility in failure to deal w/ th

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All the Federal/State/local government dropped the ball before Katerina hit !!

We all know how horrible things are in the Gulf of Mexico, and how the US goverment did nothing to help for 5 days.

But check this out. Mayor Daley of Chicago offered FEMA;
36 Firefighters Technical Resue Team
8 Emergency medical technitions
Search and Rescue equiptment
100 Police Officers plus vehicals and two boats
29 clinical and 117 non-clinical health workers
A mobile clinic and 8 traind personal
140 Streets and Sanitation workers
29 Dump Trucks
Additional supplies

All this was offered on Sunday night FEMA only said they needed 1 truck. If Chicago offered all that, and Texas has given so much. Imagine what LA, New York, Seattle, and every other major city could have done by Monday.

The feds really lost any respect I ever had for them. After this disaster, and in light of what all our major cites offered, we don't even need our Federal Goverment.

Full Story ------>

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The impact of New Orleans's disaster will affect the whole wide world, not just


New Orleans is one of the world's greatest international ports, one of the largest in the nation, and it is a major focus of the city's economy. New Orleans is home to the corporate offices of oil companies with major offshore operations in the Gulf of Mexico, as well as the distribution and service centers of offshore equipment suppliers and fabricators.

The manufacturing industry is a significant part of the economy, with petroleum, petrochemical, shipbuilding, and aerospace industries all playing a role. The New Orleans region also functions as a mining, processing, and transportation center for other minerals, principally sulfur. Service industries are playing a larger role, with health care and telecommunications leading the way. The New Orleans region is widely regarded as a leading center of medicine and health care in the South.

Now... if ya ask me... that sounds like New Orleans is pretty much heavily into oil production and refining.


I'm guessing that even though the city of New Orleans was one of the States' largest ports, even if FEMA had their shit together, it still would have crippled this entire country regardles sof how quickly they got there.

And I truly do wish you people would get your facts straight... dear Lord. George W. Bush is the friggin' President... not God Himself. He is but one misguided, foolish man. He answers to CONGRESS, people... you know... those rich, fat-cats up there on Capitol Hill... the very ones who make our laws??

God... did any of y'all take Government in high school or learn something about the way this country runs... or are you all content to sjow ignorant you really seem to be when it comes to this country's government.

Hell, I'd bet my last damned dollar that the ones folks who are making the biggest stink on this thread regarding Bush are the very ones who sat on their collective asses and didn't exercise their Constitutional right to VOTE. And if that's the case, then sit down, shut the hell up, and let the grown ups talk, please.

Regardless... I'm almost certain that this thread will eventually be closed by one of the Moderators because you fools can't keep the racial stereotypes and flaming out of it. Learn how to present your views without the ignorance, okay? Quite frankly, I'm tired of it.

As for the fact that it's primarily black people who have suffered. No one on this thread has disputed that fact nor have they even discussed. When it comes to tragedy of this magnitude, color lines have no more meaning. This is life and death, people... why don't y'all friggin' grow the hell up and understand that there are TENS OF THOUSANDS of people - black, white, Asian, and Hispanic - who have been left HOMELESS, PENNILESS, and even DEAD???

Bush is but one man. If you want to blame someone, blame yourselves for voting his ass back into office. Then you can blame the rich, crooked-ass politicians up there in D.C. for yanking the funding that wwould have made thinsg go a lot more easier, quicker, and efficiently than they have so far. After that then blame the people who chose to ignore the warnings, requests, and the orders to evacuate and stayed there. There was more than enough time to get the hell out of dodge... I-10 runs from east to west across the entire country.

My god... y'all must live in a vacuum or something.

But again, there are 20% of the poor white/black, sick, elderly who can not get out. 485,000 x 20% =less than 100,000.

Do you think any local and state Government can take them out in 2-3 days until the press showed all the horrors and CNN continuous reports on New Orleans !!!

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Do you think it is so easy to just get out of New Orleans? Let me tell you what

Each year, there are 2 million people from all over the world but  mostly from continential States coming  to New Orleans for the Madi Gras.

Do you know there are not one single hotel, motel, guest house, private home that are not full. My best friend's friend is a lawyer in New Orleans and he owns a 2nd floor apartment in the  French Quarters and rent the balcony out to people for thousands bcuks (he provide beers and more.........girls, etc.

I had to go to Washington, D.C. for a business trip the day after Fat Tuesday. All the flights were booked and all the airports were jammed with people. All the highways are packed with all kind of people, crazy people, collegel students, family. You can not find a motel that does not cost you at least 200 bucks a night on the week of Madi Gras. I rounded up driving to Florida to catch a flight out to washington, D.C. and returned back to Gulport, MS and the rental company charged me $160.00 more for the one way drop-off !!

Forget the Canal Street you have to book the hotel rooms 2-3 years ahead of time for the Madi Gras !!!.

So 2 million people come each year. Don't forget each parish and town and county actually have sNew Orleans.

Now let' reverse the situation. Assume 380,000 residents of New Orleans and the surrounding 6 parishes residents with 500,000 people got out. Where did they go, they stay in the motels/hotels/houses all the way from Hattisburg, Jackson to Memphis and Baton Rouge and further north of Louisisana. Do you know all the mtoels (not hotels) are controlled by the Asian Indians (99%) and when they see the hurricane coming, they raise the price to 200 bucks a night. How many people can afford to stay for 5 night? USD $1,000.00.

If you count for food and gas, it will cost you thousands of dollars to get out of the Coast.

Second, Mississippi coast suffered 98% damages but minimal looting and shooting and law and order were basically maintained  after the second day and the law enforcement did do their jobs, but the situation in New Orleans is totally diffferent. There is really no need for a large presence of National Guards in Mississippi. Besides 1/3 of the Mississippi National Guards are gone to Iraq !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The number of Blacks in the Mississippi coast is relatively very small in number. Most are white residents, retireees, elderly, northern  transplants, hotel workers and just plain regular folks, do you believe they got thosuands of dollars to go somewhere else and leave all their life saving and belongings ?

I don't know.

But Director Brown of FEMA got to go, he should be fired and court-martial and sentenced to death !!

FEMA shoud never be re-structured and under Homeland Security.

There are still thousands of residents in NEW Orleans refuse to go and leave town. What are you going to do with them without food and water and electricity ?

Tell me !

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jobbogi, I live in America for the last 40 years ! I am a Chinese but never live

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Bush was at the coutnry music hall playing when katerina hit ! But he is just on

If you were at all familiar with how our government works, you would then understand MY point of view and the fact that Bush - albeit a fool - has at least stepped forward, owned the fuck up his Presidency has committed, and is now making gain on getting it straightened out and squared away.

Bush - the fuckup - is but one man with a LIMITED scope of power. He is not the end-all, be-all. He does not have the final say. He has to go before Congress and get approval for virtually every move or decision he makes. It is a system of CHECKS AND BALNCES to ensure that no arm of our Federal Government is any more powerful than the next. Hence, my statements about learning about our Government. If you - not you, personally, stockfisch - don't that elementary knowledge above... then I truly feel sorry for you.

Bush is not God... hate him. love him... I don't care. He is not the only entity to blame for the slow response. The arm of our Government who bears the most blame, though, is CONGRESS... our lawmakers.

And no, I do not live in a dream world. I'm very much in tune with how MY government works. I have voted in every single election since I turned 18. I am now 35. I want my country to be what she once was... but with fools like Bush in office and the idiots who keep getting re-elected to Congress and the Senate, it's highly doubtful that she will ever again be what she once was...


As I stated... people who make foolish, igmnorant comments will get called out every time by me. I have studied many a subject and can speak intelligently on any manner of topics. And it seems to threaten people to the point that they have to resort to name-calling and making statements like "living in a fantasy world"

No, sir... I live, breathe, work, and exust in the REAL world where there ARE imperfections, failures, racism, homelessness, joblessness, and a crime rate so high it makes you not want to step one foot out in the real world.

. Per capita, that former glorious city brings in MILLIONS of dollars every year come Mardi Gras in February each year. Not only that, it has a cultural history that is almost as old as this country.; having been under THREE international flags - Spain, France, and the United States. Did you also know that free blacks owned and amassed some of Louisiana's largest land holdings prior to the Civil War?

More information about the truth of the impact of New Orleans on United States


State personal income (1988): $54.2 billion; rank: 23d. Per capita income (1988): $12,193. Nonagricultural labor distribution (1988): manufacturing--170,000 persons; wholesale and retail trade--360,000; government--314,000; services--327,000; transportation and public utilities--107,000; finance, insurance, and real estate--83,000; construction--84,000. Agriculture: income (1988)--$1.9 billion. Fishing: value (1986)--$317 million. Forestry: sawtimber volume (1987)-- 70.7 billion board feet. Mining: value, nonfuels only (1987)--$4247 million. Manufacturing: value added (1987)--$16.5 billion. Services: value (1987)--$13.6 billion.


Tourism is a major Louisiana industry employing over 87,000 workers. Travelers spend an estimated $5.2 billion in the state each year. Major tourist attractions include the New Orleans French Quarter, the Cajun Country, antebellum plantation homes, Jazz, distinctive food, deep sea and freshwater fishing, hunting, the Mardi Gras and more than 100 other festivals, swampland tours, hiking and camping, canoeing and Mississippi River boat rides.

Tourist traffic to Louisiana is served by a number of airlines, four interstate highways, and state and federal roadways. Tourism is generally focused on the metropolitan centers, with New Orleans most important. The city attracts large numbers of Mardi Gras visitors. The Acadian, or Cajun, country of the southwest is also a popular tourist area.

Oil And Natural Gas And Minerals Production

Louisiana contains just under 10 percent of all known U.S. oil reserves and is the country's third largest producer of petroleum. Its reserves of natural gas are even larger and it produces just over one-quarter of all U.S. supplies. Louisiana also has immense quantities of salt contained in huge underground formations, some of which are a mile across and up to 50,000 feet deep and produce almost 100 percent pure rock salt. The first sulphur mined in America came from Louisiana and the state is still a principal producer of the mineral.

Petroleum Refining

Louisiana petroleum refineries produce enough gasoline annually (15 billion gallons) to fill up 800 million automobile gas tanks, making the state the third leading refiner. The state's 16 refineries include one of the four largest in the Western Hemisphere and among the companies with Louisiana production facilities are Exxon, Shell, Citgo. Mobil, Marathon, Conoco, BP and STAR. In addition to producing gasoline, Louisiana refineries also produce jet fuels, lubricants and some 600 other petroleum products.

Chemicals And Petrochemicals

Louisiana ranks second in the nation in the primary production of petrochemicals. More than 100 major chemical plants are located in the state producing a variety of "building block" chemicals, fertilizers and plastics, plus the feedstocks for a wide array of other products. Synthetic rubber was first developed and produced commercially in Louisiana as were a number of other petroleum-related products.


Louisiana shipyards build every kind of seagoing vessel from giant cryogenic ships used to transport liquified natural gas to some of the largest offshore oil and gas exploration rigs in the world. They also build merchant vessels, Coast Guard cutters, barges, tugs, supply boats, fishing vessels, pleasure craft and river patrol boats. The largest industrial employer in the state is Avondale Shipyards on the Mississippi River near New Orleans where vessels are sometimes built upside down and ships are launched sideways into the river rather than stern first as is the custom elsewhere.

Agriculture And Food Processing

Louisiana is among the top 10 states in the production of sugar cane (2nd), sweet potatoes (2nd), rice (3rd) and cotton (5th).

Commercial Fishing

Louisiana's commercial fishing industry catches about 25 percent of all the seafood landed in America and holds the record for the largest catch ever landed in a single year, 1.9 billion pounds. The state is the largest producer of shrimp and oysters in the U.S. Louisiana waters also yield menhaden, crab, butterfish, drum, red snapper, tuna and tile fish as well as a variety of game fish, including tarpon. The state's freshwater fishery is considered the most diversified in the U.S., and, in addition to fish, its commercial ponds and the Atchafalaya River Basin swamp produce millions of pounds of crawfish annually.

Shipping And International Commerce

Louisiana was originally purchased from France in order to secure the Mississippi River and the port of New Orleans for the safe movement of the goods and produce of the fledgling United States. Today, it remains a major avenue for the import and export of goods. The state's five major ports handle roughly 400 million short tons of cargo a year, including more than 40 percent of all the grain exported from the U.S. More than 25 percent of the nation's waterborne exports pass through Louisiana, and its Superport is the only facility in the U.S. capable of handling ultra deep draft vessels drawing 100 feet of water. More than 5,000 ocean-going ships call at Louisiana ports each year along with a seemingly endless stream of barge tows, some of which carry more than 40,000 tons of cargo, more than many seagoing ships. And more than 185 years after its purchase from Napoleon, Louisiana remains a center for foreign investment with some 200 foreign companies having almost $16 billion invested in the state, the largest amount of foreign investment in any southeastern state and ninth largest among all states.

Not too damned shabby for a second-class state or town, wouldn't you say?

Regardless... I'm tired of indulging in y'all's ridiculous, juvenile nonsense. The lot of you who are stirring up trouble are simply talking out your asses. I sincerely doubt that any of you that are whining and bitching have lifted one finger to help... no, instead, you're content to sit there and fan the flames of hatred and bigotry. I have better things to do with my time. It ain't working with me. People are in need... and I will help them as best as I am able.

I saw women - just like me - yesterday with a far away, haunted look in their eyes as their babies sat crying because they were in a strange, unfamiliar place. I saw young men crying on bended knees as they unpacked what meager belongings they were able to leave with. I witnessed an old man and woman kneeling in prayer; softly whispering to God how grateful they were to be alive yet one more day. I saw a Catholic priest shedding tears as he handed out clothes to a young mother of four children... and she was a child herself; maybe 18 years old at the most.

And you dare to tell me I live a fantasy life? There is no need to send more National Guards to the State of Mississippi.  Mississippi is under law and order with minimal looting and gunfight !!!

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Micheal Brown of FEMA and Micheal Cheroff of Homeland Security got to fire, cour

Both Michael Brown and Cheroff got to go and court-martial and sentenced to death and face firing squad !!!!

They are the Director of FEMA--Micheal Brown, the double talker, liar.

Michael HCeroff is clueless and dumb and dumber and is a puppet in the Bush Administration. He was not George Bush first choice for the Homeland Security and is not qualified to do the fucking job to save tens of thosuands job. My best friend lost his great uncle and aunt in Mississippi during and after the storm (?).

Someone has to pay the price !!!!!

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