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Katrina and the Waves [Copy link] 中文

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My post was deleted because I stated George Bush is doing everything to help the

Why hide the truth ?????????

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One cannot believe what one reads in the American media

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The world, including CHINA, Canada, France, Russia must set aside the difference

We, "NE WORLD, ONE DREAM" must set aside the difference including the War in Iraq, Trade issues and help the victims in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.

Not that I forget the War in Iraq, but there are imminent danger of major health issues, massive public health issues and rebuilding of New Orleans.

Don't believe the Hurricane katerina only affected the South, including Lousiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, we all are paying the highest gas price because New Orleans is the seaport for oil tankers and headquarters for many refineries too.

We must work together and show the Chinese can lend a hand to help those who are poor , tired, and sick in America !

It is a noble cause  and has nothing to do with the politics between United States and CHINA.

United States remains the largest trade partner with CHINA.

Do you want to see the s from CHINA?

Just think about through before you open your mouth in England !!

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Dear Charles

You are also not in the place that you are describing. I am here in America. W went on a tour and set up fake distribution points  for the cameras as he went along. They were taken down after he left. To say that W is doing all he can is grossly incorrect.

Days in advance they knew that this storm would be historic. The National Guard and Army should have been on the ground on Tuesday, if not Monday afternoon as the storm lifted.

As a direct result of their mismanagement of this crisis thousands of people are now dead. The drowning of thousands in N.O. was entirely preventable given a reasonable response. Forces were not deployed until Friday and did not get to appropriate levels yet. Many areas, actually in Miss and Ala have barely seen a National Guard or Army personel. FEMA personnel are pretty much absent.

Furthermore, there was no provision for evacuation of folks who could not evacuate in the plan. For the most part, these folks will be the ones pulled out of their attics or arm chairs this week.

This is a sad day for America.

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I am chinese! I  read your message by using a dictionary, but I really catch your tone.
of course I feel deep synpathy for all the victim!
I have a question: How  do you think about the donation from Afghanistan?

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As someone originally from Gulfport, Mississippi, I thank each and everyone !

1. Did Geroge Bush dropped the ball ? I specifically point the finger at FEMA and Homeland Security. The Director of FEMA got to go. You have to understand I lived there, my ex- family still there and I can not find them. They may have died !!!!!   FEMA DIrector doubled talked and failed to give the reality on the ground to his boss, the Secretary of Homeland Security, He also got to go and fired and face firing squard.

2. Also US Army Corps of Engineers should face court-martial and all the engineers be imprisoned. They failed to give accurate assess to the structure of the levees especially 17th Street levee which broke and flooded 80% of New Orleans to almosts 12020 feet of water.

3. Ths Us senate Leader from Tennessee Frist is going to hold hearing.

George Bush is doing everything he can after 5 day delay, 5 days of course already killed thousands of people.

He has sent in Federal troops, from the active duty US Army 82 nd Airborne, US Marine 1st and 2nd Exp. Unit and others from California and Louisiana.

The issues are to recover all the dead bodies, clean-up the Coast, pump the water out of New Orleans and the biggest task are how do you take care all the refugees and re-built New Orleans.

It will take 3-5 years to rebuild New Orleans.

The South shall rise again, We will see a new Charity Hospital in New Orleans and the new resorts will be rebuilt along the Coast. All the houses along Canal Street will be shinging again. Welcome to Madi Gras !

Let's the good times roll !!!!

Thanks very much.

We will punish those Federal officials who got paid to do their jobs and failed to do sop and they are the Director of FEMA and Homeland Security!

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Please study and understand the limited power of the Untied States Presidency!!

Most people view the President as the most powerful and influential person in the United States government. While he does wield a great deal of political might, his effect on the law-making process is limited. Only Congress can write legislation; the President may only recommend it. If he does so, then a member of Congress may introduce the bill for consideration.

Whereas only Congress may create legislation, it is difficult for them to pass a bill without the President’s approval. When Congress passes a bill, they send it to the White House. The President then has three options: sign the bill into law, veto the bill, or do nothing.

When the President signs a bill into law, it immediately goes into effect. At this point, only the Supreme Court can remove the law from the books by declaring it unconstitutional.

When the President vetoes a bill, it does not go into effect. The President vetoes a bill by returning it to Congress unsigned. In most cases, he will also send them an explanation of why he rejected the legislation. Congress can override a presidential veto, but to do so, two-thirds of each chamber must vote in favor of the bill. However, an override does not occur very often.

If the President chooses the third option, doing nothing with the bill, one of two things will occur. If Congress is in session ten business days after the President receives the bill, the legislation will become a law without the President’s signature. However, if Congress adjourns within ten business days of giving the bill to the President, the bill dies. When the President kills a bill in this fashion, it is known as a pocket veto. In this case, Congress can do nothing to override his decision.

The Presidential veto is an extremely powerful tool. Often, to get Congress to reconsider legislation, the President need only threaten to veto a bill if it passes.

However, this power has its limitations. The President may only veto a bill in its entirety; he does not have the power of a line-item veto, which would allow him to strike individual sections of a bill while still passing it. Because of this limitation, the President must often compromise if Congress passes a bill that he agrees with, but attaches a rider that goes against his policy.

Compromise, in general, is a crucial aspect to a President’s success in working with Congress. The President’s political party very rarely also controls Congress. Therefore, the President must work with Senators and Representatives who disagree with his agenda. However, if the President refused to pass any legislation that he disagreed with and Congress behaved similarly, the government would come to a halt. Thus, they must work together to keep the government moving.

In addition, the President relies on the support of the American people to accomplish his goals. The public elects the President and the members of Congress. When the public disapproves of the President, Senators and Representatives will distance themselves with the President and his agenda. If they side with an unpopular President, their constituents might not re-elect them. Thus, if the President loses popular support, he will lose support in Congress and will be unable to get any of his suggested legislation enacted.

The Executive Branch along with those Federal agencies are the representation of the US Government in this diaster. And I am no FAN of Geroge Bush but he did delay the relief effort by 5 days and causing tens of thousands avoidable and preventable death !!!

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