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Katrina and the Waves [Copy link] 中文

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Hu's Visit Cancelled.

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flotsame, Be reasonable and think before you open your mouth !

It is a mutual respect and agreement that the state visit by the Chinese President Hu be postphoned until mid-Sept (just 2 weeks later).

It is the right choice. What if three southern provinces of the MODERN CHINA were hard hit by typhoon and flooding in Guongdong and Hong Kong and all the houses (98%) were destroyed.

flatsame, Don't you think President Hu has a responsibility to the Chinese people and ask any foreign diginitaries to delay any stae visit.

Think before you open your mouth. It only shows your immaturity and stupidity.

George Bush is the head of the state and has the highest priority to help those most need in his country. So I think the delay in two weeks state visit is acceptable.

Think before you open your foul mouth and do not use any unreliable links.

Any normal person with common sense will agree with my statement.

So you really need to cool down and think before you post !

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This is not about the War in Iraq but the human tradegy and Bush is doing everyt

Bush is sending the 82th Airborne Division Active US Army, the ist Exp. Marine and the troops will be around 80,000 plus probably 75,000 already there.

I have many friends who are like you and berated United States due to delay for relief effort of a natural disaster.

Bush did drop the ball and was in the country music hall playing while Katerina hit but he is doing everything to save life now.

Please do not use this tragic event as an assault on US.

This is about "human" tradegy and there are many Chinese living in the Gulf Coast !

Please be sensitive to this human suffering and not to explore the situation !!

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Dear Charles

Flotsam tangentially makes connections that are not there. No one but Flotsam makes those connections. I pop in here every once in awhile to bring a little American reality to this censored board.

After Bush brings in the 82nd there will still not be enough folks on the ground. They had a year to plan for Iraq and they got that wrong. They are too late on this one in many cases.

When they get into the thousands of totally flooded houses and start pulling out the bodies the news will only be worse. Indeed, next week's news will be worse then this week's.

Indeed, thousands of Americans have already died. In the coming days their numbers will be counted and the outrage will properly rise to a fever pitch. There isn't much a thinking adult can support about W's actions, best not try.

Flotsam tries to bring in the budget and things that have very little to do with the current situation. No one was giving up UBL and they still won't, and so on. Flotsam lives in his little world.

It is best to let him rant. He is not even in touch with what is going on in China since he is in London. The Chinese don't think like him of GD, only deranged fellows think that way. GD was happy to see the suffering, and said so, flotsam is obviously happy.

As you know there is a great deal of dissent in China. Folks know about the outside world. They know that China under the current regime is not a very nice place. Frankly saying more will get your post censored around here.

So, I realize that you have people in the area, but they have nothing to do with Flotsam. Perhaps you will like this.

flot·sam   Audio pronunciation of "flotsam" ( P )  Pronunciation Key  (fltsm)

         1. Wreckage or cargo that remains afloat after a ship has sunk.
         2. Floating refuse or debris.
   2. Discarded odds and ends.
   3. Vagrant, usually destitute people.

I am still not sure why flotsam persists in using that name, but I really like it. Take good care and remember Flotsam only has SOME influence in his OWN mind, most of the time he is tangentially connecting things that no one else connects. Outside of his own mind Flotsam is a novelty to be avoided.

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Flotsam lives in London

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Take the opinion of Kenya and Moscow

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The US Secretary of Health and Human Services confirmed there may be thousands d

The US Health and Human Services confirmed there may be thousands died from the Hurricane Katerina and the death toll is rising once the US Army 82th Airborne Division and the US Marine 1st and 2nd Exp. Unit arrive at New Orleans to do house to house search (besides, troops from California and also up the road at Fort Hood are joining the search and also maintain law and order in New Orleans.

Please don't forget it is the entire gulf coast the size of England that is affected which includes Slidell, Waveland, Ocean Spring, Diamondhead, Gulfport, Biloxi, and all the way to Alabama.

I am originally from Gulfport. Mississippi and I still would not locate my ex- and her family. I  grew up there, worked there and in the surrounding area.

So it is a "LOW BLOW" to use an human tradegy of such magnitude to attack George Bush and the US. (Please set the War in Iraq aside and the state visit aside).

We have people are dying and become very ill. The Biloxi shelter is closed due to water contamination and people become sick and developed nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

The water is not safe and is contaminated with fecal material and full of bacteria.

Anyone with common sense should do whatever to donate money to help rebuild the gulf coast instead of attacking the US.

But the first phase is complete with complete evacuation of all the people from the New Orleans Superdome and the COnvention Center.

But now the health issue is emerging faster than I think !

Eventually the Coast will rise again and a new Charity Hospital will be built within 3-4 years !!

I hope we all join hands together instead of hitting hard at George Bush.

George Bush is doing everything he can to help !!!!

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