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Katrina and the Waves [Copy link] 中文

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Mr. Fish, USA must keep Saudi Arabia + Kuwait...

...national protection...and natural balance otherwise Saudis, Kuwaiti get swallowed by European Union...and god forbid, the Persians.

American US$ unit will hold up by simple tricks of
(1) Expansion of the FREE TRADE SYSTEM.
(2) Friendship with China, ASEAN core, Japan, and Korea.
(3) and i guess Dollar zone of India, non core ASEAN and non core Latin America.


I guess New Orleans is quite a toughie incident for America....

We can only guess who benefits from all this.....

For American elites, it is a good "eye ball catching" topic to divert attention from other problems....

For other nations, it could be good "revenge" for so many "ill intent" action based on national self interest.


fm Gd.

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"......abstract political realist analysis ...."


my response to your comment on 2/9/05 10:52 supposed to appear yesterday, strange that it didn’t. Ok, this is my last try.

The exploitation of sympathy earned from event of 11/9 made people feel cheated by US. To the agony of many, Bush was again stupidly elected by his supporters. Those who chanted it’s their own business to vote their own leader, none of others but the Americans don’t mind their own business despite being told so, still supporting this silly & dangerous president in pitting all corners in the world into each other, Middle East, East Asia, Central Asia etc. Now crashing with nature's rage.
Surely no country is perfect, but none goes around creating propaganda lies such as US governments and its UK poddle.
The criticism came amidst this hurricane is not directed at the sufferings by the people affected, more on Bush’s administration, so much for his claim as superpower in the world, wanting to crush & punish those who don’t co-operate with US.
As for the comments on “Surely we feel the sympathy for the affected people in New Orleans, but somehow, emotions sometimes get disturbed for the fact that among this group could be the very people who supported Bush’s foreign policy”…
I was just being honest about this mixed feeling, to truth, not as hypocrite as you people, wondering if those who’ve supported Bush would have awaken by now for reflecting upon why they had voted him, why should it need a great catastrophe to wake up to their senses in humanity?
Shouldn’t they vote him for life improvement & safety first in their immediate environment than chasing ghosts in those senseless terrorist theories? For the gift in return to Bush’s stupid policy, more and more terrorists are born everyday. His terrorist fantasy has really come true. Bush is almost putting all Americans in prison, besides Canada, Australia & UK(London maybe), where else do you feel safe? Now not even home.

It’s not funny to see the suffering in this disaster, it’ll however be quite amazing to see Bush’s reaction, to see how he acts as human. The radio just said the people felt like poor strayed animals in the streets.

Many countries are suffering from natural disasters lately & currently, drought, forest fires, flooding, typhoon, we rush to help with all we can, least so is to criticize its governments. With US, being an exception, many would still help but with an awkward caution, not wanting to be seen as supporting Bush’s government & his gangsters. Should this happen in Canada or Mexico, it’d have been a complete different world reaction.

As for press freedom, I don’t deny some governments control its media tightly, but if you really get a chance to read that in version original, you’ll know it controls more on its accuracy than fantasy, inevitable to have omissions here & there for infos with insufficient grounds, at least there won’t be phantom-like news, fabrication to instill fear, lies or threats. Rumors or hearsay will surely be out in respectable press. Unlike US or UK, claiming themselves to be world leaders, the so called press freedom is irresponsible, so permissive to lies, worse still, so biased into creating tensions on carefully selected subjects, painting untrue pictures of other countries to boast the best of its own, then these lies are even mobilized into actions, that is where it offends. Is it any wonder they ( & its government ) become targets of criticism?

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I am a Chinese who volunteered to work in the poorest area of United States-Miss

What I saw was Yahoo City US Prison with 42% Hispanic population with only 1 female prison guard who can speak Spanish.

What I saw was 73% of all New Orleans citizens are Black and the majority are poor.

What I saw was Canal Street was lined up with nice hotels for the white tourists.

What I saw was despite there are only 485,000 people live in New Orleans, there are 2 million tourists come just for 1 week for the Fat Tuesdays !! Madi Gras !!!  Open beer and breasts WIDE EYE OPEN !!

The French Quarters have already been a "DANGER ZONE" after 12 midnight. My friend was shot to death for 60-80 bucks !

Instead of cotton field, the mid-state of Mississippi is replaced with large chicken farms for Tyson,

Nissan opened her first assemblyline factory in Canton, Mississippi in 2003-4.

The rural area of Mississippi will never change and remain the Jim Crows era with White dominates in economic gains and Blacks work as labourers.

The Gulf ocast is slightly different than the rural area of Mississippi with more northern transplants and affleuent whites but still many dirt poor white who escaped the rural area to come to the Coast.

Besides Mississippi, Slidell, Lousiana is a major town between Mississippi State line and New Orleans and is totally destroyed.

Actually Hurricane katerine made the direct hit near Slidell, Louisana, and swirled around to Mississippi Gulfport, Ocean Spring, Diamondhead, Biloxi, etc and went on to Alabama.

As mentioned, there are too many elderly living in the Coast, there are no way for them to be evacauted and 36 years ago is a long times for anyone to remember the destruction of Camille.

Who will believe this will happen to my hometown !

Bret Farve (The quarterback for the Green bay Packer) was my neighour in the Coast !!!

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the Gulf Coast will rise again but I don't want to see the casinos coming back !

The casinos (so-called off the coast casinos and not land-based) are all the way from Gulport to Biloxi, Mississippi and also in Alabama got to go !

Too many Chinese who works 10 hours a day in the restaurants and spend the 100 buck earning a day in the casinos and lost it all !

I am very strong against gambling and if Mississippi can only survive with tax revenue from casinos, then I think the Federal Government needs to come in to teach them how to survive.

Governor Barbour is a very, very close friend of George Bush and gaming tax (to your surprise) is No. 1 revenue in Mississippi.

Beside the gulf coast,  Tupelo, Mississippi (1 hour south of Memphis) is also heavily bulit with casinos too.

it is time for the Southern Batist to make a strong statement" It is a lie that the casinos are not on the soil of Mississippi, sure they park the casinos right on shore and  you just walk in and you feel the casinos  are actually on land but actually all of them are on gigiantic boats to get you to go there to lose all your money !!

I am so glad most of them are destroyed by Katerina  !

Do not re-build the casinos on the Coast !!

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Mississippi gets 10% of it's annual budget from gambling taxes. The Casinos will now be built on land. There were scattered buildings that survived, they were built to withstand a Cat 5 storm.

You would think that would be the standard for an area that has had tow Cat 4-5 storms in 36 years.

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Spot the Difference

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