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Katrina and the Waves [Copy link] 中文

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I cried, cried and my eyes are still red when I saw those pictures ! I can't bel

I cried tonight when I saw the ABC, NBC Nightly News about the aftermath of Hurricane Katerina.

Almosts all the homes were damaged in Gulfport, MS except a few (2) and a few Churches are still standing.

I can not believe this will happen to my HOMETOWN !

I can not understand this when the FEMA had at least two days, two days in advance Katerina "was" coming to the Gulf coast but not knowing where it would hit.

You have to understand many of the people down there are elderly people, many are northerner transplants (moved to Mississippi coasts), and some are tourists. many are very poor Black and dirt poor white. Mississippi is the poorest state in untied States !!

You have to understand the last major hurricane Camille was 36 years ago and few people even remembered Camille hit so hard at Gulfport, Mississippi (most are not even born) and many have small businesses in Biloxi and Gulfport, Mississippi.

There is a very , very large Chinese-Vietnamese, Vietnamese population in Biloxi, Mississippi and how can you expect them to leave. They own pawn shops (there are so many casinos and people pawn theri gold watches, jewelry, etc), grocery stores, restaurants. How can you expect a family of Chinese-Vietnamese with 14 people  left their life-saving small business of grocery store and went somewhere.

Some Vietnamese are fishermen and there are many elderly Chinese-Vietnamese families down there.

As an United States Federal Agent. "we" have arrested a lot of Vietnamese involved in gang activities in Biloxi, MS. And the FED. (Federal Government showed no mercy to the Chinese-Vietnamese/Vietnamese people and arrested the whole family of 7 who operated a small grocery store for "FEDERAL CRIME".)

The charges were involved in "food stamps" scams 50 cents for a dollar food stamps scams . They moved Federal Agents (Chinese American from California who are fluent in Vietnamese infilitrated into all the gangs in Biloxi, Missiissippi and wiretapped all the conversation and the US Marshalls and Department of Agriculture Federal Agents came in and arrested all the people. I remembered one family as mentioned. The grandfather was 74 years old and placed in the  US Prison and the entire family were separated into different prisons and one of the younger one was 33 years old and developed gastric (stomach) cancer). That's how I got involved and talked to him and found out so much about the Vietnamese gang activities in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Let's set this aside, I really don't care where the hurricane came from.

But the suffereing is just too much but luckily the Church which I attended when I was younger still stands !

It would take years to rebuild the entire gulf coast. The extent of damages is bigger than the entire country of England. So just imagine it would take at least two years with over 100 billion dollars to rebuild Gulf coast.

New Orleans is another story I would not want to go into.

I can not take it anymore !

It is the worst tradegy I ever experienced in my life even as a doctor/Federal Agent/Senior US Army Officer !!

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I cried and cried and cried and my eyes are red and swollen !

Please no bickering and took advantage of this eronomous human tradegy happened in my HOMETOWN !! Please !!

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You don't have a clue............

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Withdraw from Iraq! America!

Make peace!

Withdraw from Iraq. Stop threatening Persia...stop destabalizing Mexico, stop tyring to "absorb" Canada...stop "bullying" Brazil, stop stop stop

Repent! America!

Game Master.
Lord of the code.

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Hurricane Katrina

As noted above, the Hurricane started over the Bahamas. If passed over Florida and then grew into the worst Hurricane in US history over the Gulf of Mexico. Recent estimates have the damage at $100 Billion dollars. That is conservative in my opinion.

Camille was the last storm of this size in anyone's memory. Folks that survived Camille stayed for Katrina thinking that their house would remain standing. Most of them were wrong.

Katrina effected 90000 square miles. That is the size of the United Kingdom. This is a historic year for storms, we've already gone through the average number and the main hurricane season is just beginning. The next one is currently at 10 degrees North, 45 degrees West out in the middle of the Atlantic. Katrina started over Bermuda.

The main killer from Katrina was the storm surge. ( continued. )

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Think of a rising tide that rises very quickly. That is the storm surge. The tide just comes in. Then you get 20-30 foot waves on top of that, depending on the force of the wind.

The storm surge was the worst in US history. The storm surge was almost 30 feet, just like the Tsunami. Think of the Tsunami with 140 mph winds. The strom surge heads inland until you are 30 feet above sea level. In that area there is total destruction. The storm surge was around for a long time given the large size of this storm.

Further inland you get damage from wind and rain. Initially about 2 million folks lost power. In N.O. the power will be out for months.

Half of the damage was caused by the Hurricane and the other half by the broken levee in N.O.

Almost all of the roads into N.O. were totally destroyed. Totally. There is only one road left. standard methods of aid were barely noticed. They gave the job to the army the job is so large.

About 24 hours ago, the army arrived with it's first convoy of food and water. It is as if N.O. and it's environs became a third world country over night. You can't get there easily, and when you do there is no food, or water, or electricity.

It will be that way for months, in the areas that suffered total destruction. In those areas, everything from the sewers up will have to be rebuilt. Everything. In total the rebuilding will take years. A year from now, it will still look like a Hurricane hit recently.

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So there were folks who stayed because they survived the last catastrophic hurricane. Then there were those who were too poor to leave. No consideration of those folks was made in the evacuation plan.

Over the coming days, people will be disbursed to cities around the USA. N.O. will be uninhabitable for months. Many folks will never return. Here in DC they are taking about a thousand. It is like that all around the country.

A super typhoon is headed your way. It has winds of 161 MPH. It is headed towards Taegu South Korea at the moment, but I figure that you know that. Our season is going for a record. There are usually 10 storms, we already have 12. The record is 21 storms. The next storm is at 10 N 45 West or thereabouts.

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