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Katrina and the Waves [Copy link] 中文

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"One World, One Dream" !

Despite I have a lot of work and examination is coming up very soon and I have decided to leave the CHINA FORUM for six to 10 months.

I may check in once a while but Hurricane Rita hit a much less populated area near La. and TX borders and the Fed. were ready and the US Military were ready.

We are "one world, one dream" !

As CHINA will emerge as a powerful nation, we must exercise our wisdom and kindness and extend to our N. American partners (both American and Canadian) our sympathy to the victims and United States is the largest trading partner with CHINA.

I cried when I saw the suffering throughout the land of the Gulf Coast, the devastation is far greater than F-16, B-52 bombers dropped on Iraq and the killing buth by the insurgents and the American Army and Marine.

I only hope we are "all together" living peacefully in this world despite our difference and we  must save our planet from green house effect, rise in temperature.

The gas, heating oil  hit the ceiling and will continue to go up. Winter is coming and there will be a record-breaking number of homelsss N. American will be dying on the streets all across N. America. American can not go to see doctors because of no money for gas, the price of all consumer products went up to the ceiling except the wages.

I only hope CHINA and the Chinese readers "DO NOT USE" this opportunity to attack America. GOD has sent thunder to the Gulf Coast and knocked out 15% of the refinery capacity of United States but this has global effect and especially regional effect on America.

American are buying less and have less purchasing power and less orders from CHINA. It is a two-way sword and I hope we all get along and I say


See you in 1 year !! Good luck to everyone !

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Western Hypocrisy Strikes Again

Flotsam, I read your post and wanted to offer you my comments on the same topic, in cartoon form.  I have a daily political comic, and my 8-30-05 comic is on your point.

You might want to see the others I wrote about Katrina. It was a grim, unfunny topic.

Neil Lisst
daily political comic

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Some of my favorites

This is a must-read for anyone who thinks you are credible:

I'm glad there's people like you. It is encouraging to see the intillectually weak on the other side.

Since it is so easy to do what you do, here are a couple of my attempts. Tell me what you think!

Your unimaginitive "art"                                          Neil thinks teachers live
style is overplayed.                                                  at school.

Cynical political thought                                         Neil thinks Bush was
is as original as wearing shoes,                         responsible for aliens
and an easy medium for the weak.                     kidnapping Elvis.

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Format error

Well, since I can't do the side-by-side:

-- Your unimaginitive art style is overplayed.
-- Neil thinks teachers live at school.

-- Cynical political thought is as original as wearing shoes, and an easy medium for the weak.
--- Neil thinks Bush was responsible for aliens kidnapping Elvis.

Hey! That was pretty easy! Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but you get PAID for this? Hell, you'd just better hope I don't start up myself otherwise you'll be out of a "job".

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Yes, I meant "intEllectually", and yes, I see the humor in this, and yes, I know how to spell!   =P

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Take a deep look at his threat ...

Reminder: Author is prohibited or removed, and content is automatically blocked

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Originally posted by ddykhero at 2005-9-26 12:16
there are so many waves in the World this summer!

of course...

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