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Katrina and the Waves [Copy link] 中文

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Whingeing American thieves blubber about their predicament

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What if the last typhoon destroyed the entire city of Shanghai and 100,000 peopl

1. What if Shanghai was 12-20 feet deep in flood water last  month.

2. 1.2 million people of Shanghai left inland to avoid the typhoon

3. The typhoon destroyed all the infrastructure in Shanghai, no food, no water, no electricity, lawlessness, rape, murder, and shooting in Shanghai.

4. What if PLA did not arrive until 5 days later and your family died !

5. The entire seaport was detroyed, all the factories were destroyed.

Tell me how you feel.

I don't use handler or other names. Charles is my real name !

Case closed !

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Post-traumatic stress syndrome

Ok, Ok, Charlie, I understand, you're traumatized. But there is no need to be so desperate here to cry foul., disguising yourself as Chinese, .with your f******* etiquette, that shows you’re not Chinese.
That’s fine to lash out on your beloved cowboy who didn’t live up to your expectation.
You have been living in the illusion for too long in US, your outburst here explains more to your arrogance being stung as an american ( under a deluded pride) rather than the cry of lack of sympathy from international communities, which in fact is arriving in abundance( accompanying with some criticisms, of course). Just in case you aren’t aware, a lot more other countries are suffering some kinds of disasters as well right now, not only in Louisiana. The people in those countries are not as hysteric & schizophrenic.
Are you in competition with Flot to supply the rotten ‘Inside Story’ in Bush’s admin? Leave it to him, he is doing pretty well on that.
This is not the end of the world!
If you’re not fit to go to work, then go to help your neighbors or read up some books on ‘modesty, honesty & respect’ to others, you might even be re-born as a saint. You know, the humble penniless thai monks earn more respect from the nation than the rich & politicians.
Besides their childish and cheating traits, I think the Americans are still quite adorable, gifted for comedy.

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Post-traumatic stress syndrome

Gosh...this is contagious, I meant to say "...with your use of ' f*******' etiquette..."

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Regardless of how callous a reply that is...Flot has spoken some truth in the en

America is not at fault for the Hurricane...but they are responsible for formenting the issues that lead to the chaos.

"Screwed us, now ya through with us and don't need us/
shoulda used a rubber, cuz this shit developed like a fetus."
-Boots of  THE COUP

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There are over 200,000 Asians including Chinese, Chiense-Vietnamese, Vietnamese

Just in Bliloxi, Mississippi, there are over 30,000 Chinese-Vietnamese and Vietnamese living in next town to me. A small number of Chinese living in New Orleans but there are a very large Chinese and Vietnamese population living in the Texas coast.

This picture showed you the proof of the suffering of all American, including Asian-American living in the Coast.

Our Government have "LET US DOWN", and let the "BLACK PEOPLE DIED DELIBERATELY" !!!!

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You have missed the point ! Am I over-reacting, Am I being biased? No

The US Navy has a "Navy Comfort Ship" just parked outside New Orleans in the Gulf of Mexico. A 40-bed hospital with Navy helicopters and million gallons of bottled water, all the medical supplies , and logistics to help the people.

Sure, every country has disaster and United States is of no exception but United States claimed to be the most powerful nation and able to march up to Baghdad in less than 72 hours and conquered Iraq, in less than 72 hours (if it was not because of the sandstorm, the US Army would have done it in less than 36 hours !!!!

So why the US Army stand down, the US Navy Comfort Ship never use today and the relief effory came but 5 days late and  tens of thousands of people may have died.

Do you know it will take 2-3 years to re-build the infra-structure but you can never heal the broken heart !!

My family grocery store is totally destroyed and the gas station is destroyed.  Nothing left behind !

I hope you can understand my perspectives !

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