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Chinese man dating a white girl ! [Copy link] 中文

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My friend is not a blond but very, very light blond and has very strong family v

I saw her on August 31, 2005 and I act very professional. I never touched her and I even turned my head away from her when she operated on me.

She is just a friend and we may see each others or not. But we did have few very streaming hot dates and fucked each others to death.

I don't think she wants to be my girlfriend.

She has stated clearly she wants to get married to her own kind.

We had a very big fight, kinda of. She never raised her voices but I was quite upset.

She said she insist to marry her own kind because she wants her daughter to speak the same language as her parents,

She is 34 and a very successful heath care professional. But she wants a child, and the father will NEVER be a Chinese. So I felt being used.

She insists (and I understand) she wants a daughter and teaches her everything of her heritage, language and culture and be able to communciate with her grandpa and grandma who will be the babysitters while she goes to the dental office.

The story is far from that simple. Her great-grand parents are from the glorious Austro-Hungarian Empire which ruled Europe for a long period of times during late 1800-1918. The Austro_Hungarian Empire finally lost and disintegrated and her grandparents' land was confiscated into another country. but they kept their heritage and culture and now she wants to continue their pride heritage in N.America.

I have no problems with that. That's the end of the story !  

sad endings. I saw her on August 31, 2005 and probably will remain friends but I doubt anything will happen further more !!

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zhuhaigirl. My friend does not speak Chinese but love Chinese food and sex too !

I have detailed the No Cum and Never Cum technique many times.

She (my friend) asked me to cum after 45 minutes of sex and she insisted me to cum to have fun and pleasure.

She is very smart and understand the NEVER CUM technique is to use "MY BRAIN" to be trained extensively to control the parasympathetic autonomic system of ejaculation.

I am able to suppress the pleasure zone, and the erotic zone in "MY BRAIN" and not get excited. I am able to be aroused by her and able to have sex for days without cum or ejaculation before "MY BRAIN" sees the penetration as an exercise not as a sexual stimulation.

You have to train your brain. You may take medication but still 99.999999999% of men cum and cum within 2-3 minutes and the most is 45 minutes and cum

She actually encouraged me to cum and relax and have sex again but it is something I get used NEVER CUM.

She asked me many questions why ?

She asked me do I masturbate? I said ABSOLUTELY NO !!

I don't have times and care less and I am so tired working very hard.

There is absolutely no medication to prevent you not from coming. Viagra is only used for erectile dysfunction not used for NOT CUMING.

Your penis can be hard but after 30-45 minutes , even with Viagra, you can cum.

It is "MY BRAIN" that I am able to find a way to block the parasympathetic automatic nervous system and stop from cuming and make my penis hard as US STEEL, strong as the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOT DEFENSELINE MAN !!

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I am very healthy, never have a drop of alcohol, never smoke, exercise 6 hrs a

I exercise 6 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Learn how to use the penis muscles. It was an accident that my ex- taught me to relax and give me oral sex and stop and go and stop and go and train my brain to "de-sensitize" the sexual stimulation.

She will train me to fuck her and then when I am ready to cum. She told me to relax and stop and totally relaxed. Then fuck her and stop and relax ! And repeat all days and nights !!! It is difficult to find a partner to train you !!

It is through years and years of training that I am able to practice the NO CUM and NEVER CUM technique in an elegant and  flawless fashion.

No one will believe me except all my girlfriends. Only if they had sex with me then they understand I know the neuro-biochemical pathways of the brain "MY BRAIN" to control ejaculation and the essense of the story is to suppress the excitation phase. If I don't get excited to reach the NO RETURN phase, I will never cum !!!!!!!

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You are lying...

Firstly, if your girl friend, maybe sex parter to be exact, doesn't speak Chinese, how can she be a dentist? How to communicate with the patients? Don't tell me she's bringing a translater all the time.

Secondly, if you really don't come, how did you say you have fun when you fuck your girl? For all the men in the world, no come, no fun!!

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Ms Zhuhaigirl. Where did you read I ever live in CHINA, never been to CHINA !!

Ms. Shuhaigirl, Where have you been in the last year ?

We have this hotly debated subject about my true identity !

Please go to another thread to read hundreds and hundreds of my postings, "Iraq is burning while America is bickering about smoking".

then you will know I am a United States Senior Army Officer.

I have never step into CHINA.

What the hell are you "smoking", crack ?

I am a Chinese by ethnicity and live in N. America for most of my life. I left Hong Kong when I was a teenager !!

She is not my girlfriend , just a friend to date and have fun !

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Where did you read I explicit stated she is a "dentist"

Please read my postings very carefully and do not make false assumption she is a dentist.

Yes, she did 4 1/2 years of dental school, almosts became a dentist but then came over to N.America and did not finish or able to re-enroll in dental school but pursued a para-dental professional work with the dentists !

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This site is for chinese men who like american women


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