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Chinese man dating a white girl ! [Copy link] 中文

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Ms abjianglin, When we first met, my gf gave me the exact location, NW corner of

To answer your post about your Chinese boyfriend about giving direction to meet for a date.

My girlfriend is very smart and able to give exact location--N.W. corner of Bayview and Sheppard !

I arrive there on time but her last patient cancelled the appointment on Friday afternoon and she finished her work around 3:00 p.m.

I was struck in the traffic fighting to get home to take a shower and change and got her message and drove as fast as I could to pick her up.

But I had to circle twice before I could find her car.

The rest is sweat dream comes true.

My girlfriend even asked me if she believed what our friendship will develop to this stage. I said to her, "NO !"

The best way to date a white girl is to be natural, to be yourself and no need to pretend anything ! Tell the truth ! Be kind, open the car door for her, treat her with respect and listen to what she said about "teeth" !

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If you say it's true, then who are we to disbelieve, but really there is no need for you to provide us with so many gross details.  Here we call this habit "WTMI" - Waaaay Too Much Information.  We're all glad for you and your girlfriend and your active sex lives, but really we don't need to know any more intimate details.

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more! more!

Mr. No-Cum Technic, Mr. Humor #1 !

give us all the details pls !


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The real essense of dating "white professional girl/woman" !

I and my girlfriend had the best times together and an open communication about FRIENDSHIP, LOVE, RELATIONSHIP early this morning at 3:00 a.m. !

1. She stated clearly it was too early and pre-mature to discuss marriage.
    She said "Aren't we not friends ?"

2. As a "white" woman, she (although do not speaks to all white women)
    stated "SEX" is a pleasure, a fun activity and is not a representation of "LOVE" ! It is something she enjoyed.

3. She said clearly she wanted an open dialogue and communication and explained to me what it means to be a professional white woman.

4. She has to act very prefessional at work and works very hard, six days a week and inhibits her desire, sexual desire.

5. But she told me there is only "ONE LIFE TO LIVE" and should enjoy life in a discreet way. It means no kissing in public, no holding hands together. But once the door is closed, she will become uninhibited and fuck all days and nights until 4:30 a.m. (We slept 2 hours 30 minutes).

6. Like most white women on earth, she have never dated a Chinese and stated just wait and see and go as it flows. But she sure enjoyed all the Chinese crusines (which I paid for).

7. She accused me of deceiving me to give false information that I am 6 feet tall. I stated in America we don't use cm and 185-190 cm is equal to what ?? (I told her I just picked a number and I did not know it was equal to 6 feet tall). In America, we never use "metre system) but feet, miles etc.

8.She kept questioning why I never cum. She said it is fun to last for 45 minutes then cum and relax for 15-20 minutes and had sex again.

9. This is a 6 million dollars question that I am Dr. Never Cum. and I never cum and we had sex from Sunday until Monday morning 4:30 a.m.

10. She wants me to cum but cum outside her because she does not want to be pregnant. I told her this is the most stupid birth control method and has 100% failure rate. Jesus Christ, WHY do white women let their boyfriends believe they can withdraw before cuming and avoid pregnancy?

11. She has not said anything about our next dates but I asked for her pictures. She gave me 6 of them and also she refused to take formal pictures with me.

12. I felt I was used as a "sex machine" "CHINESE SUPERMAN FOR SEX !:"

13, I did not say a word on Monday morning and brought  breakfast for her and kept in the back of my mind "white" girls love sex and sex is just a pleasurable activity as part of date and does not represent LOVE !

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Wake me up when it's over...

...I have a headache.  ZZzzzzzz

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an4jianglin, You have a boring life ! Wake up, Smell the Forgler Coffee prepared

There is only one life to live and I enjoy to the fullness.

I have toned down all the explicit language and it is only a friendship not a "LOVE" relationship.

I learn about  it this morning. I am not IN LOVE nor she is IN  LOVE with me but we are just going out for fun !

So, ab4jianglin, I hope your relationship with your Chinese boyfriend is more exciting than mine !

(No sexual tone or explicit language used here but just tell you the real story of dating a white woman from a Chinese man perspective !)

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Would u like 2 lend ur GF 2  me ?i dont need a girl to get married, i just need a sex partner,and u r still a young man, u r so serious about ur relationship,take it easy,huh?

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