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Chinese man dating a white girl ! [Copy link] 中文

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Gracelee...why do you say that? I am curious, not judging your post, ok?

I wonder why you believe that, gracelee.  I understand that parents feel like they have a kind of investment in their children and culture, but if a man and woman are willing to struggle against cultural difficulties because their hearts are truly united, would that be worth the sacrifice?  In the end, isn't it better that the people in the world should find less reasons to exclude each other from love and have babies born who someday don't even comprehend difference of color or race.  Honestly, this is 100% true...I am a 42 year old white American-Italian woman, and I always thought I was "dark" and I never thought of Chinese, Japanese or any Asian as anything other than "white" and the only reason I ever noticed blackness of African-Americans etc, was because my family was biggoted.  My little girl is 5 years old and she just thinks that dark skin of blacks and caribbeans is "pretty color" but she doesn't make a value judgment.  In fact, she told me that she wants to be Chinese!  I told her Okay!  Her father is the whitest guy you ever saw, and I am 1/2 Italian and 1/2 British, but who the hell cares!  Heritage is VERY important to my family and they would have loved it if I had married an Italian-American man, but I didn't and they had a choice to deal with it or not.  It was about them, not me.  I teach my little girl about our Italian and British side, but I teach her about Black, and Hispanic, and Chinese...all kinds.  People are people.  Color is culture, but it is not humanity.

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Let me make it clear, my girlfriend NEVER say, "She loves me". We go out on date

We go out to eat, to movies, make love in the car, kissing each others in public but at the back door of her building.

She parked her car at the side and I picked her up and we go out for fun.

She NEVER say , "She loves me !"

We have talked for an hour but she will NEVER say she loves me but she will make love to me, return with the most beautiful kisses !

And she states clearly she only want to marry her own kind !

Because I am very good in sex, have a fairly good career and status but I think she is looking for a sex partner only to "fuck" and not for love !

I am too confused why white girl wants a relationship just for making love and not for marriage ?

Why? I am really lost !

She kept saying she loves to have babies but afraid I will cum inside her.

When we first made love, she asked for a condom but I reassured her I don't cum and I never cum and we had passionately making love.

We are going for another hot date. I ask her for a picture and bring some movies. She even has porn movies !! Holy Jesus !

I think I will ask her not to show XXX movies in the hotel. I think it is illegal in CHINA but she is so professional on the outside but very lustful inside!

So is this love or lust for her ?

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Eat your own banana!

Your illusion is fancy, it really interesting!

Come on!  Banana man!

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so interesting and actractive

anything more interesting than this you wanna share with us


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For dear_charles

Your post is losing credibility.  I

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Ms. ab4jianglin, I would have upload the picture for you to see but CD has chang

1.First of all, everything I said is true. There is no need to lie. I have not post here very actively lately compared with 4 -6 months ago.

2. I am not a good-looking Chinese man. BTW, I am in my 50's, she is 34 years old.

3. I gained nothing to tell you a story, but a real relationship. As I posted in another thread, I have mentioned her. I somewhat considered dating her as a "friendship" than a "love".

4. She worked only a few block from me at Bayview and Sheppard dental clinic.

5. I will keep you up-to-date of our "friendship" in CD. Because I am going to get some candles, bubbles  powder for the bubble bath tonight, bring the CD player and all my CD, DVD and some VHS movies to watch together. I will get take-out for probably Barbecue Chicken and salad for her plus bottled water.

6. We are going to stay at Howard Johnson watching one romatic movie and one action movie.

7. If I tell anyone about how we met, no one will believe me.

8. So I am not surprised any Chinese or ab4jianglin don't believe me.

9. It is me who is spending the night with my girlfriend and no one else.

10. It is me that give her the passionate kiss, the soft hand. making love to her
     (her parents came here 2 years ago and her mother cooked dinner for her and she gained around 20 lbs but lost all of the 20 lbs now.)

11. We went to a nice restaurant to eat  which is called "Mandarin". She "loved" Chinese food and even asked me if I used chopstick.

12. I introduced her to Chinese tea, Jasmine tea which she liked.

13. She loved the Sichian chicken (the spicy chicken). She loves any spicy Chinese food.

14. I hope you have a chance to read another thread about "love". It is a "chance"  we met. I really never expect this. We have no responsibility at this stage except dating each others.

15. I have asked her to spend the night at her house but she declined and preferred we spent mid-way  at 401/ Kennedy.(We lived slightly 1 hour from each others)

16. I will upload the pictures if CHINA DAILY allows me to do so.

17. A picture is worth a thousand words !

18. There is no need to argue with anyone. Internet is not the place to really meet people. But we shared our body and soul together, we touched each others in fresh, we kissed each others. And we hugged each others for almosts 30 minutes before we said good-bye to each others at 2:45 a.m. on Friday night. We both had to work on Saturday.

19. I am going to break my tradition of working 7 days and spent a night (Sunday night ) with her to show "FAMILY FIRST" "LOVE FIRST". She is the one I have been looking for.

20. This is no one's business except me and my girlfriend. What and how it turns out is still an unknown ( any previous posting I wrote I cared less).

21. Is my sexual drive and stagmina very strong, you bet, a Chinese superman in bed, a real tiger !!) I closed with saying if I lie, GOD will send thunder to me and I die !!

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BTW, "Peaches" will confirm where I live, the same town !

My girlfriend comes from Ajax, ON !

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