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Chinese man dating a white girl ! [Copy link] 中文

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As a Chinese man currently dating a "white" girl, I do not feel anything special as "each"  mentioned in her experience as a white girl dating a Chinese man in the same town where we both live.

First of all, I do not see my "white" girlfriend as a "trophy".

She makes more money that me. She works harder than me. She drives a USD $80,000.00 Lexus Sedan. She lives by herself on the lake.

She is intelligent, articulate, hard-working, ambitous and kind woman.

The ritual is the same as dating a Chinese girl. I paid 100% of all the expenses, like hotel, meals, etc.

Is there difference between dating "white" girl and Chinese girls ?

Absolutely, I do not want to say this, but certainly my girlfriend is very sexually active, she is a professional but enjoy very intimate moments with me. We spent a lote of times together watching movies and she teaches me everything about dentistry. I teach her everything about medicine.

She is very open minded for new experience. She is not shy to give oral sex, and even anal sex (but I probably would not want to ask for that).

I even may ask her to stop giving me oral sex because I love her and love is more than "oral sex". It is sharing precious time together watching COLD MOUNTAIN, MILLION DOLLAR BABY, A 40 YEAR OLD MAN VIRGIN, etc.

She has very tough work schedule. She works six days a week , three days from 9:00 a.m. until 9 p.m. and two days she starts around noon. Life is not easy to date a "white" professional woman. She works very hard, makes a lot of money and enjoy fine things in life but also a "loving and giving" person. SHe works almosts 4:00 p.m. on Saturdays !!

I am not saying I prefer "white girl". When we left the movie theatre, not one single person cares to look at an interracial couple. (it is a norm in N. America not an exception).

We are going to spend time together,eating together, sharing our Kodak moments and playing under the sheet and going to sleep together but we have to get up at 6:45 a.m. Monday so we can eat breakfast together and she drives her Lexus to work !

Can a relationship between a Chinese man and an "upper" class white woman work ? I don't know but I am working very hard to make this relationship works !

By the way, we discuss many issues and we even try many new sexual techniques and may be into another dimension but I just have to wait and see how the relationship goes.

I hope more Chinese man comes forward to share their experience with dating white girl.

She does have a very strong feeling marrying her own race, the same ethnicity and speaks the same language because she brings this subject up many, many times that WE CAN NOT GET MARRY because if her parents spend time with her. They talk in their native tone and I could not understand and so I am not a candidate for marriage but OK for dating.

So please help me? Is this relationship able to survive  with different cultural background, language, native tongue ? I really don't know !!

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My girlfriend speaks four languages, German, English, Romanian and Hungarian !

She speaks fluent English but her parents can not speak English and she and I had open discussion that a marriage between us is awkward if her parents come to visit and they speak the native tongue and I would not understand and feel left out !

She is very nice to me but I kind of felt I am NOT her type ?

But why would a "white" girl willing to date a Chinese man but refuse to marry me just because I am Chinese ! (I am somewhat upset, perplexed about her  looking for her own race to get married to but willing to date a Chinese and giving the best sex to me. It really confuses me ?

If she just "plays" me, should I say to her, GO TO HELL ?

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Don't think too much


   It's really a problem that wht woman with a chinese man . Because the different culture and most of things you can't get together. But do you wanna  marry her? If so , what do you think her feeling for your? Maybe she just wanna find someone have sex with her because she live China a lone and most of people would like to look for a sex partner while they are boring.
   Even you love her most , you still need to know what's most important in her own heart. Sounds you are not very satisfying her work attitude. I don't know what's your mind. And you try to hard work also just because you are a chinese man who have a traditional though that man should be earn far more money for a woman . It's really bother yourself/
    If you really love her,you need back her up not try to change her. Try you best to comforable her and make her happy.

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What does a "white" woman want? Power, Sex, and Control !

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Chinese man Western woman

I have been the Western woman in this scenario, sort of, and will say to you without hesitation, that this woman is a biggot!  I am "white" although, really I can't stand color discrimination and can't really see how a Chinese man or woman is any less "white" than me, but maybe it's because I am partially of Italian background and my skin and hair is darker than your basic blonde.  Anyway, I would have NO qualm about marrying a Chinese man.  There is a Chinese guy in my life right now, and I'd definitely consider him if the relationship developed in that direction.  He's a great guy.  His English isn't perfect, but so what?  My Chinese is virtually non-existent.  He's very, very smart and very, very handsome.  He's kind to my little daughter and respectful to me.  He is a responsible person and has a pleasant personality.

If your "girlfriend" is just wanting to have a sexual fling with you then she is the kind of person who gives Western women a bad name.  I don't think a woman has to be like a virtuous saint, but I don't think a respectable person goes around having intimate relationships with people she has no intention of sharing her life with...especially if her crappy excuse is language and her parents.  That's BULL!  Dump her.  If you are a nice guy willing to treat a woman with love and kindness, find one who wants that and the sex will follow.  You're doing it backwards...literally and figuratively...or so it seems!

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A good post

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Don't confuse !

Even though she is in love with you and enjoy sex with you, she think she shouldn't  marry to you ?  What a smart girl she is !!
Sometime men are SO FOOL and you seem going in that direction.
Her parent should be very proud of her because she doesn't lose her
cool even though she is in love with you.

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