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Give me advice to Love or leave my Chinese wife…I am going crazy [Copy link] 中文

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waste of space matter what you say this dude will do what he thought..
I guess he probably just wanna let his emotion out coz he was really freaking pissed.

don't wasted of your time and energy to give this idoit your precious advise. that's no use for a guy without brain. Now I kinda understand why that woman behavour that way. He deserved that anyway.

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better to divorce

in my opinion,the girls who often go to discotheque or bars are looked down upon in China.Because in our traditional concept,that girls or women are uncomely.If your words were ture that your wife is a liar.I think u had  better to depart from her .u should marriage with good girls.there are lots of good ladies in China.didn't  you find ?

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alexae bacterium

some intellectual logic for you:

because china has the largest population on this earth, don't you think it would also have the largest gay boys population ? it's all in the relative percentages boy! einstein's relativity, did you read the book ?! "a hour with a pretty girl seems like a minute. a minute waiting for your love seems like eternity." i think i got the 2nd part wrong.

and according to xiaolifeidao, china had no AIDS until foreigners came 20yrs ago. so maybe you are to blame ?!

and about the dick size. do you think wrestler hulk hogan will have a tiny ding dong? do you think a dwarf will have it as big as yours? so do you think basketball player yao ming's is smaller than yours?!

i am sick and tired of you white devils all claiming to have the biggest dicks! chinese in general are shorter therefore the ding dong's are in proportional size! if size is the problem, then how come your population is much much smaller than China's? WHO IS MORE SUCCESSFUL IN BED? fucking inferior white trash ding dongs!


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go and find a brand new life !

the world are  so full of many things! "So many people all around the world! "you are on your destiny!! you are on your way to find your happiness!! wait and see!! yoiu have to forget about the past ,leave those past behind!! by the way , I'm Audrey,a happy girl,I wish i could cure your pain.
         I have to ask you a question first : do you still love your wife?before I
answer your question.thank you!!

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I think if I love her or not is not important now as someone on this board said that "I am not in love with her but with what she portrayed to be". If I had given her a chance then I am destined for a brekup anyway because I will always doubt her, no matter how much she had changed. Almost everyone on this bord has voted to leave her giving their reasons. Although I think some of these guys are loosers but they have opend my eyes.

So I have decided to divorce her, but I was shocked when I asked my lawyer for advice on divorce. She told me that I cannot apply for divorce as yet because under British law, I need to have been married for at least 1 yer before I can apply for divorce. This means I am having to wait six months. So I looked up on the internet to see if it is easier to get the divorce in China and there it was. I found that the Chinese Family Law was updated in 2003 to allow a quick divorce (literally 10 minutes in registary office). I spoke to my wife and she said that it is true and she agreed to divorce me without any hassel. She is only asking me to make a couple of promises. Firstly, she wishes me to help her to set up a small business (she is only asking for a small amount which is just 3 times what I would have paid my lawyers for divorce proceedings). Secondly, she is asking me not to tell her father about divorce and call him every now and then to pretend that we are together. She fears that he will disown her and she will not be able to see any of her family again. She is planning to tell him after a year or so when she is financially stable to help her father and then he will not mind.

I am visiting her in two weeks to get the divorce.
What is your advice Audry?

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Already hooking up!
I guess that's what you really looking for here. Waste of simpathy!

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