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Give me advice to Love or leave my Chinese wife…I am going crazy [Copy link] 中文

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Dear Mikeforan, these kind of problems are not unique just to Chinese women!

Thank you to come forward to share the story with us !

But this is absolutely not unique just to a Chinese woman from the South !

I have seen so many American women, addicted to "spending money" going to shopping mall, stealing husband's identity to open many credit cards and go to country music bar to dance (Not many disc nowadays in America, I hardly can find one !)

Gambling again is not unique just to the Chinese. My research indicates many older N. American women are addicted to gambling and hide from their husband and I even personally know an American woman will make love to her "American" husband and dip into his pocket and get him drunk and give him sleeping pill  and then go to the casino to gamble all night and come home around 5 a.m. and go back to sleep and then cook breakfast for her American husband. (She only love to play stupid slot machine, and she admits losing moe than winning. It is the thrill of getting away for freedom and the aroma of the casino and the sound of winning the jackpot that attracts her !)

She then go back to sleep until her husband come home around 5 p.m.

It was in the news almosts 1 year ago and to my surprise the marriage survives because she goes for counselling.


1. Many young girls are seeking freedom, money and western culture and glamour, give her a chance to adapt to the fast life style in England.

2. Restrict all her spending and seek counselling, marriage counselling

3. Try not to work all the times, spend some times together and go to Church

4. She will slow down as time passes by !

5. Can some one quit gambling, going to disc ? Absolutely but with determination and no resource to get money to gamble !

6. Indeed, I agree too many Chinese women gamble in N.America but same as American women, older American women too !

7. Give her a chance and spend some times away as mini-honeymoon to find your lost love. Everyone can change, Chinese women can be sweat but can also be a bitch and a witch !

Good luck !

Dr. Charles (Harvard University, 1991, USA)

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grenadier 98

how many alias you got man ?????wooooo...and stories!

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Be careful

Check this guys profile...he is a junkie of mail..writes any bullshit ...has many different names.
Hey ..GET A JOB ..and leave peoples Emotions alone !

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This guy is Grenadier98..he writes all sorts under different nics ..he is full of crap...someone needs to whack him...Afew day ago i wrote a letter asking advice on something, he called me stupid and idiot ..he uses all sorts of alias...dont believe anything he writes guys !
i am ashamed he calls himself a westerner.

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How you doing Mike?

Well, I think it's a difficult decision to take now.
so what's the situation now?
are you still together?

I really think you should leave her.
My opinion is just based on what you wrote in your posts, but this is what I sincerely think.

She is apparently playing with you from the beginning.
And I think if she comes to UK, it will be worst.
you will enjoy for a few weeks to be together, then she will start to have fun in a new world for her, and you will almost kill yourself.

You're in UK now right, so forget about her.
Leave her in China, stop calling her, dont contact her, dont send money over and let' s see what happens!

I am sorry for you mate, but this one is definitely a witch, and she wants to abuse you.

I have this feeling, I know how is a woman, trust me or not,  just take it as an advice.

Give us news ok!
Take care

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Same story happens

She is a gold-digger! You know this. There are more and more such girls in China with only one same purpose: MONEY!  Leave her and never turn back!

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hey willy/unwittybdayboy

you're getting boring. go out and get laid or something.  or are u still losing the chicks to the old spanish guy. PMSL

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