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looking for a NICE girl's English name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thx. [Copy link] 中文

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I am going to apply for a passport this sept. and I know that the English name on the passport cannot be changed anymore. I am looking for a NICE and Pretty girl's English name. Any suggestions will be welcomed.
By the way, my surname is Zhang. I will be very glad to have an unique or at least special English name,which is also pleasant to the ear.

Thanks a lot!!!!

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Julianna, Maryanna, Claudia, Nicole. Those are common but nice names

There are some exotic names but I would not use unless you are a wild girl !

Fantasia ! Would you use this name ? I have my doubt !

But some names are so unique , some are different, Monique,
Katie Anna !!

Good luck, if you want more, I give you some Black girls names and will scare you !!

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Just search for “girl” and “names,” and you’ll find lots of sites, these are the ones from that start with ‘a’ that I like.

Aaralyn   *  *   With song

Abba    *  *   Born on Thursday

Adelina    *  *   noble

Adeola    *  *   Crown has Honor

Aderyn    *  *   Bird

Adilene    *  *   N/A

Aelwen    *  *   Fair Brow

Aeryn    *  *   N/A

Ahimsa    *  *   nonviolent virtue

Aiesha    *  *   Woman

Aimee    *  *   beloved, liked

Ainsley    *  *   my meadow

Aisha    *  *   Life

Alana    *  *   fair, beautiful, offering

Aleah    *  *   N/A

Aleda    *  *   Small and Winged

Aleshanee    *  *   She plays all the time

Alexia    *  *   Defender of Mankind

Alisha   *  *    Truth, Noble

Allegra    *  *   brisk and cheerful, full of energy

Almira    *  *   Of Higher Birth Order

Alodie    *  *   wealthy

Aloysia   *  *    famous in war

Ambrose    *  *   immortal

Amelia   *  *    flatterer, work of the Lord, beloved

Amelie    *  *   Industrious, Admiring

Andromeda    *  *   beautiful maiden rescued by perseus

Angie    *  *   Angel

Aniya    *  *   N/A

Annalise    *  *   Gracious, Consecreted to God

Anneke    *  *   Little ANN

Annette    *  *   Gracious

Annissa   *  *    Form of ANN

Annora    *  *   honor

Anoush    *  *   sweet

Antoinette    *  *   Flourishing, Praiseworthy

Antonia    *  *   priceless, flourishing, flower

Antonie    *  *   Fem. form of ANTHONY

Arwen    *  *   Muse

Ashley    *  *   ash-tree

Atalaya    *  *   Watch Tower

Audrey    *  *   noble strength

My favorite is 'Pippi' Zhang, though.

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You've alread got one...

but drop the "cloud" and just keep the Ivy.

But then again, you don't really need an English name. Didn't your parents give you a name when you were born?

Your Chinese name is fine - keep it and if others can't handle your hanging on to your heritage that is their problem, not yours.

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Right on, Canchin!

If the guys and gals are so dumb and still cannot remember and pronounce a Chinese name after meeting each other a few times, drop him/her.  

Chinese names are unique and it would be sad to trade it for a common Christian name, such as Mary, etc.  There are already hundreds of thousands of Mary's.

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HOw about:

Reminder: Author is prohibited or removed, and content is automatically blocked

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just use the damn "hanyu pinyin"

you don't have to have an english name

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