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New to the forum,..... Are all white people white trash? [Copy link] 中文

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Is the impression of most Chinese negative about foreigners?

Been thinking about going to China, have been offered several posts, to teach at a Uni, and think I may choose a small city as it sounds downright base in the large cities.

Hoping to learn some Mandarin and finish an on-line Masters Degree but I have offers from Vietnam and India.

If I'm white trash because I'm white might go where the xenophobia is less prevalent.  Any advice welcome

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There are a lot .b.s. on this board

It will take you some time to find out the truth.

"Are all white people white trash?"

It is not a good question, but it largely depends on your own judgement. As far as i am concerned, those never learn to repsect others are real TRASH. Fortunately, we have very few trash in real life. Most of the people are normal people, they are civilized and kind, they will never call someone TRASH, even they know nothing of that person.

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Don't get drawn into some of the rubbish that gets posted on these forums. There are many trolls and attention-seekers here and their only purpose appears to be to stir things up! You will quickly find out who these people are …

No, we white people are not “trash” … My suggestion would be to go to China and experience it before you decide to work there. See if you like what you find and then make a decision.

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Just wondering

I'm just looking for some impressions free of hatred and anger.

Thought my post mighty elicit some impressions so as to guage the level of hatred and anger to help make a decision.

Don't know why people waste their time on such things.  Their loss.

I'm an experienced traveler.  Am going somewhere.  Have facility with languages but can't learn from a book.  Would like to learn Mandarin.  Hindi as well.  

Done fairly well financially this last year so am not worried about money more focused on finding an interesting experience where I can learn about another culture as I finish off a masters degree on-line and meet people.  

What's the thought, small city or large city.

How is Jilin province for getting a real feel of China?

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a real feel of China

Jilin, a northeast province, is just a small part of China. If you want to know the real China, i think you will have to live in every part for some time. Apart from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, i think life in the north of China will be more enjoyable. It would be great if you can visit Confucious' hometown and live there for a period. Shandong, Xi'an (Shaanxi province), Anhui province(where there is a famous Huangshan ). Hubei province is also a cradle of Chinese culture. Beijing opera is originated from these places.

Tibet, Xinjiang, Dunhuang (in Gansu province) certainly deserve a visit, especially for a foreigner visitor.

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yes, all the ones i went to school in america with,

from elementary to university graduation

and especially the hispanics and the blacks...................and also the chinese and vietnamese who artificially try miserably hard to fit into white trash society......

fortunately i never tried, i only be my own nature self....

but i only especially like people who are 'up to' well traveled around the world, takes the bigotry out of their u r not white trash, but according to statistics there's only about 2% of you, but u r white trash if u come to break chinese girls hearts just cheat them with sex, but then again they are also trash

but in real life i treat real people with genuine respect until proven otherwise, 'presumed innocent before found guilty', the american way of justice! haha

in virtual space it is easy for me to call people names, even if it is unfounded logic! hahahahahaha!

one thing i learned from this life is how to be extremely prejudice (simply because i've been prejudiced by having chinese eyes in america), know it but do not do it in real life mostly unless i have to!

philosopher laotze:
'know the dark, but keep to the light'
'you know beauty only because there is ugliness' and vice versa
'the one cannot exist without the other'

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So sad

So sad crappybday05 sounds like you grew up in some urban ghetto.

I'm sorry for you.  Also, sounds as if you didn't get much from the university education considering your lack of fluency in the language.  Better luck next time, if ever I can be of assistance please contact me know as I know it must be hard to live with a mind so arranged.  I'm also a PT psychologist so we can get you straight in no time.

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