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New to the forum,..... Are all white people white trash? [Copy link] 中文

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i am not 'deranged', i was de-deranged when i found my 1st love in China, so no more trouble, i am 150% psychologically healthy, maybe i can give u some lessons on human nature too even u are a psychologist i m sure i know more about life than you!

what u study western psychology is all about chemical reactions in the brains, which chemicals make people sad, makes people happy hahaha piece of crap! like comedian bill cosby says: 'i know more about life from going to the bars than those damn psychologist!' and i've been to many bars!

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Bars.......I'm sure you have....perhaps, writing from one now?

I'm sorry if I riled your feathers little peacock.

But Pride and Prejudice do seem to mingle in that lovely bird brain, no?

Please 2% of white people are not white trash.

You didn't dispute the fact that you lived in some city.

Can be rough, I know.

Point being I can see you've been hurt.
I see you've felt some racism.
Some of my best friends are Asians, all immigrants, and I have learned to accept the cultural differences that at sometimes have led them to be hurtful in my eyes toward me.  Now I know they are proud of their culture and although some of the things they have said can be considered racist I hesitate to condemn them as you would condemn me and my blue eyed brothers.  

I have no interest in corrupting some innocent blah blah blah girl as i have no interest in being corrupted by your racist inclinations.

Simply said i feel sorry for those so confused in life that they would not be able to see, want to find beauty in life.  Rather would waste energy on hatred.  This it would seem has to do with some deep seated hurt.

Again, if I can be of help I am at your pleasure.

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a mind so arranged, not deranged, implying a belief structure of your choosing..

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no! 98% is white trash

only 2% have traveled and are not bigots!
and it was in a typical american town, not urban ghetto!
it is representative of white trash america, including you!

i know 100% what is beauty because i know 100% what is ugly!

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and I thought we could be friends......

98% white trash...perhaps you didn't understand little lass but I said that you said that only 2% weren't...that means that 98% are...and i find that absolutely impossible.

Sure in America we have uneducated people with limited intellect who are bigots just like China has you.

I'll leave you alone because this really has become too much fun and there is no use arguing with someone who is so closeminded.

i can see that you were rejected by some white trash guy who must have insulted you because of your Chinese eyes.

I'm sorry for your pain and hope it isn't too long lived and may you come to know happiness and be blessed by a more cheerful appraisal of others within the human family.

I will come to China and do hope you will meet me at the airport.  

Is it a date?

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Oh I see by your other posts your a guy,...funny you sounded like a little b*tch

Now I understand............

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idiot i m not gay

i love women only!

u don't even know my gender before making such a statement, are u all embarassed now?

shows u r stupider than i am!

besides females will have no problems living anywhere in the world, only men do evil to men..........

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