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delete [Copy link] 中文

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Correction, 88 is half indian half thai-jap and one hand wiping his rear the oth

Title: A message from Trailer Park Jerk aka The Pumping Jack (TPJ - Thos. P. Jackstraw) aka eightyeight aka fleadung1 (freedom1) aka spiritrace


Hi ******,
The reason I asked if you have a social life is this. Before I got married to my sweet Chinese wife, Idid OK on my little retirement of $1150.00 But now that I am married with an 11 year old little girl, I want to give them the best that I can. That requires me to do what I can to improve my worth to them. Incentive. I now have a reason to stay healthy because they depend on me. I have a reason to come home at night. What I mean by a "social life" is that if you have any relationship with someone, then that would be the first step for you to improve your health. Next, you are what you eat.....I can only be an example for what I have done with myself. As I said before, being half Indian I am an automatic candidate to diabetes and heart problems. I had the first symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes and Hypertension. I dropped 40 pounds, got off the carbohydrates (things made of wheat flour and potatoes) also my prostate was enlarging..... I was falling apart not to mention the chemical arthritis. I started taking herbal supplements, cut back on smoking, (I admit I'm addicted) and started doing exercise (swimming) in the Hot Pool. I must mention that I now do 14 laps in 114 degree water which would and does kill people. Very dangerous. is what I would like to ask. Are you overweight. That is primo number one thing to address. Just loosing the weight can make a huge difference. You obviously smoke too much, probably Chinese cigarettes, which must be more healthy than American brands. That will be the second thing to attack. Diet: Sooo important after loosing the weight. I will say this now. When I went to China I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I have never seen so many firm breasts and tight asses. There is a reason for the firm breasts and tight asses. Diet and mobility. To tell the truth, I am amazed that my wife is so chunky.....I am amazed at the fact that she is. I think she is about the only woman in Chongqing who is a little over, she knows it and is trying to cut back for me. (again the incentive) When I come to China, and when I can afford it, I would like to come visit my friend ****** not attend his funeral. I would like to intro my wife and daughter to you. Can't do that if you are on a respirator in a hospital fighting for air. If you don't want my input, tell me and I will drop it but
not our friendship.


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Don't be fooled, dear compatriots, TPJ/88/freedom1/spiritrace is a closet anti-C

The trailer park jerk aka 88 aka freedom1 aka fleadung1 aka spiritrace was caught redhanded calling the CD board a place for "Chinese and dogs" in a secret cave of Calimero's where he thought he could not be heard uttering his foul-mouthed anti-Chinese bigotry.

A short while back I taught tpj/88 aka freedom1/fleadung1 a Chinese idiom which fits his behavior here in the CD forum seamlessly:


Then we saw tpj/88 at least gave up on the part of "又要立牌坊" -- check out freedom1/fleadung1's thread on how history should be rewritten if Japan took control of China for the past 50 years, we all know for sure now what kind of cheap, clueless whitetrash this tpj/fleadung1persona really is!

Now here again tpj/88/fleedung1 who patented "Chinese and dogs" on this CD board tries his attempt at "又要立牌坊" ??


See also for a pretty picture of tpj and seneca both naked sharing one bed:

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Yes don't be fooled.

thestud is a public health alert. He sleeps with men. and chineseyang also a he/she
cogita = thestud = xiaolifeidao
He was banned for being an idiot then. Now he calls himself "xiaolifeidao" a.k.a. fellatio or dildo.

I see he uses the term "public toilet' often in his post. He must be describing what his arse is used for. Seems his buddies Serlahc, dear_charles, fioriislave etc and his other chicks with dicks friends have been depositing their load of cum up "xiaolifeidao" arse which was why he called himself 'thestud"

I think he should be called "cum dumpster" seeing all his friends make day and night deposits up his arse. Next he will be chasing male farm animals since no female would want to go near him.

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Wait, that would be called Indianajapthai

Indianajapthai for

50% indian, 25% jap 25% thai


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I told you

xiaoliza has waken up, hunted out from a rat hole by my cat and after the 50 self face-slaps, now he is out, under a new handle, feather weight.

he weighs 200 lbs.


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insightful comment , fiorii

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