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English 101 for the perverted highschool dropout TPJ/88/freedom1/spiritrace



n : a public secondary school usually including grades 9 through 12; "he goes to the neighborhood highschool" [syn: senior high school, senior high, high, high school]

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The "twin brothers" are working hand in hand.

It's a fact as plain as that you were borne by your mother yet you deny the fact by stating that you were borne from your father's arse.

tjp/88/freedom1, you are brazen. Daydreamer66 is impressed not only by your nasty words but also by your lunacy.

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There's a man who lives a life of danger

Everyone he meets, he sees a stranger

Every move he makes

Another chance he takes

Odds are he won't live to see tomorrow

secret agent boy


I love you daydreamer66 -- you're in my dreams

unless you're the widdle boy poodle wif his snout up coquette-o's widdle pink skirt, that is

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Highschool dropout TPJ88_fleadung1_spiritrace still has trouble with singular/pl

Oh boy, can this under-educated, anal-retentive trailer park jerk ever learn?

"Obscenities is not only verbal ..." -- Fleadung1_tpj_spiritrace

And from

"Does your family trees branch???????? no" -- -- Fleadung1_tpj_spiritrace 2004-09-04 10:34


See also:

Title: English 101 for TPJ and spiritrace who frequently share the SAME type of grammatical mistakes - singular or plural?

"Apparently you have made some mistakes in the past that has not given her confidence in you.You need to fix that." -spiritrace 2004-08-09 10:41

"Certain types of talent is necessary for the economic transition of China's economy into the world market. " - spiritrace 2004-08-20 23:12

"No one will loose their house or property just to take a lower paying job. " - spiritrace 2004-08-20 23:12

"they seem to think that the only responses they will get is to be assaulted" -- TPJ/88/freedom1/spiritrace

"where is my translators when I need them?" -- TPJ 2004-07-01 07:07

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Well detective whampoa it was for you
The article was posted for you detective whampoa. Glad you enjoyed reading about it. Seams it got your panties in an uproar. Nice obscenities Whampoa. I guess the government is not succeeding. Obscenities is not only verbal [phonesex is verbal] but visual.[pictures] or written. Happy now

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Hey tpj/88 you 2-bit saliva-dripping pervert, good to know your wife is fat piec

"When I went to China I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I have never seen so many firm breasts and tight asses. There is a reason for
the firm breasts and tight asses. Diet and mobility. To tell the truth, I am amazed that my wife is so chunky.....I am amazed at the fact that she is. I think she is about the only woman in Chongqing who is a little over" -- TPJ aka fleadung1 aka spiritrace

How much do you weight? 400 lb???


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The big bad blowhard

creative blow hard, ain't ya, boy?

tell me the truth are you really Chinese?

is that picture in your profile really you?

or are you the one in the picture on that thread about the beauty contest in Thailand?

comeon boy, speak up

put some balls into it, boy

I can't hear you

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How much do you weight? [chuckle]

yeah ... good

can you look up high school for everyone in the dictionary, there brilliant little boy?

speak up please

I say speak up, boy

speak up

put some balls in it and speak up, damn ya

who recruits these girls?

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