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What's wrong with democracy [Copy link] 中文

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the benefit people can get from democrocy

in my opinion,the best democrocy is something that ensure people to free their minds and souls,not variaty of option.

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Mr. Grenedier98, without options, there is no freedom....ha ha

It is simple as that. Laws, rules, religion, natural barriers (eg. air, water, mountains etc. etc.), money to use, etc. are all barriers to freedom.

We create "illussions" of freedom by providing "choices" or at least in political theory - having a "say" in the political decisions in the place you reside.

A person is free, if his mind is clear, empowered, and he has skilled to make a living.

The main contention of Mr. Fish and his bunch of "Democracy defenders" is the manner of political settlement between "Gangs of Manipulators" they are actually talking about "FREEDOM FOR THE MANIPULATORS" to manipulate their victims or in Christian terms "Freedom to use mobs for MANIPULATORS to get their way!" has nothing to do with the INDIVIDUALS unless such MANIPULATORS are TYRANTS and tie down the INDIVIDUAL with religions, laws, barriers to his freedom of choices.

As far as i can see, China is very strong in Personal Liberties and know its advantages. However some form of controls are needed to ensure smooth running of the nation.

Ultimately in the WEST, Democracy is used by MOBSTERS to settle POWER STRUGGLES the peaceful way. The INDIVIDUAL does not benefit at all except when PATRONAGE is added. In such case, the society is CORRUPTED, and rules are used to CREATE VICTIMS for the MILKING. In Malaysia, Mob theology is used to help MALAYS gained some advantage over the FREE PEOPLE KNOWN AS THE CHINESE.

However, even Malays are being freed from MOB THEOLOGY and would eventually PREDICTED TO INTRODUCE LOCAL ELECTIONs to allow fair choices to the people who should benefit from the Government contracts. SEVERE USE OF PATRONAGE ultimately DAMAGES a nation ability to ADJUST to the changes in NATURE or TRENDS OF THE WORLD....explains the BACKWARDNESS OF SEMITE ARABS, and WHITE GOYIM DURING THE DARK AGES IN EUROPE.


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Isn't it funny?

Democracy is condemned by those who have never experienced, but praised by those who are living with.

For those who have never tasted the honey dew of the flower, democracy is poison.

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No need to "nitpick"

gtnbia 2005-06-10 09:14
<<If the Gothic cathedrals such as the Dom in Cologne or the Notre Dame were so poorly-built, they wouldn't still be standing (and used) today. Try finding a better analogy.>>

I wouldn't have bothered, gtnbia. Weiminfuwu was not making a clever analogy between western democracy and European building standards, he was simply having a "cheap shot" at the west. It backfired, weiminfuwu understands neither modern democracy nor medieval architecture!!!


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Muzeseeker, your concept comes when the responsibility for self is transfered... many countries, the RESPONSIBILITY FOR SELF is transfered from the FAMILY to the STATE. In more extreme cases, like WELFARE STATE, SOCIALIST STATE, COMMUNIST STATE, KIBBUTZ, MOSLEM state; the more POWER you give to the individual to influence the state becomes important.

Local election therefore is VERY IMPORTANT, the 3% tax that local districts takes is used for ROAD BUILDING, PUBLIC AMENITIES, LANDSCAPING, GENERAL PLANNING AND ENFORCEMENT OF BY LAWS...

That's why in Europe, people are generally welcome democracy - like Cantonal elections in Switzerland...they can help to reach consensus on various issues, such as "design of the town" or "precinct" etc. I WOULD BE VERY HAPPY IN SUCH A SYSTEM.

But as you move up to National level, it become difficult to reach consensus and you have representatives......this is where problem arises, whereas simple issue can be decided at local what town concept to choose, the national government become more difficult..especially in large countries.

and governing becomes MOB-LIKE, ie. the most popular way to gain MOB APPEAL become the RULE. Worst, it becomes hard to explain very difficult concepts such a DEFENCE TACTICS, ECONOMIC CHOICES, ENERGY, MONETARY POLICIES ETC. ETC...and worse when the MOB CAN HIJACKED By MOBSTERS....RACIAL SUPERIORITY NUTS.....RELIGIOUS NUTS...etc. etc.

Even in the USA, the BUREACRACY treats the CONGRESS like GOYIMS...their only function is to give YES OR NO...maybe some suggestions to the bureacracy controlled by a EDUCATED CLASS with "GOVERNING MORALITY" guided by Think tanks or what we call "NAMES" - people who study problems etc...

In America, due to their size, it becomes a matter of choosing "ideology"...they don't really choose their leader, it is "offered" to them by a ORGANIZED that case, MONEY COUNTS. In China, TALENT counts....but there is safety mechanism....government is kept small!!!!!

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I don't have any concept at all, I just see things and seek Muse, an answer.

Is China government small? Is it efficient? Is it clean and honest?
IS the "national-level" choice of China's govern't correct? Or do they make fewer errors than the Americans?

If I get you right(about which I was very unsure, since your comment was killing me while I was reading), you think the system of the States is worse than, or too expensive for, that of Malaysia or China?


Just because every state needs elite doesn't mean those Brains can take the power away from the people.

If the Mass make a mistake, the democracy system can adjust itself. They would not go from one mistake to another.

Thirties years ago, tens of millions of people died of hunger, and until now, not an accurate number was released. And the very man responsible was not at all touched, and he waged another crazy monement against those who stood up to him. Another millions of people were put into prison, or the "cowshed", or just disappeared. That was disaster.

Do you know what I am saying?

That could not have happened in a democratic society.

<<In America, due to their size, it becomes a matter of choosing "ideology"...they don't really choose their leader, it is "offered" to them by a ORGANIZED that case, MONEY COUNTS. In China, TALENT counts....but there is safety mechanism....government is kept small!!!!!>>

My point is, Ideaology is better than deceiving. "Offering candidates" is bette than "forcing to vote THE one". Do you really believe talents counts in China? From your writing, I can draw this conclusion, your ability is far better than most of high officials. They are premoted not because they are capable, but because they are shrewd enough to know how to build a network, and be safe from making serious mistakes, so they do nothing but holding meetings and going abroad to find investment.

Their biggest interest is to make money, find beautiful women, and climb the ladder, nothing to do with serving the people.

And the people can do nothing to it, even to "have a say".

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Mr. Muzeseeker - at least now we see "eye to eye"!

Yes, how to get that "talent" in government.

How to catch "eye ball" and how to "pacify the mob". The next problem raised by Mr. Muze, - how do the NATION adjust to wrong policies. I'll say "open minds, clear minds, skilled people, small governments" and a lot of smaller "prancing Lion states" experimenting on different strategies.

Whether you have 1 slate of "technocrats" or "Acting stars" supported by a dedicated society of "NAMES" or suitable order of  "CONFUCIAN" bureacrats or having 2 slate - as in England. United States has different problem, its 2 slate of political parties on offer is controlled by (1) Rich Anglo Hoods and (2) Master Race ideology Jewish Nuts.

I'll let you continue with your opinons.


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New Middle Kingdom.

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