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What's wrong with democracy [Copy link] 中文

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Mr. Fish, it is an "Illusion"!!!!!!

The two gangs of manipulators are your "Lords"

The first gang, the Anglo Hoods control the Military-Industrial complex, Oil industry (1,000 M Tonnes worth US$700 billion at retail), Big ticket assembly (like automobile).

The second gang controls Banking, Bonds, Bourses, Fix prices.

Both gang works with each other to mislead the GOYIMS. The GOYIMS has an ILLUSSION of freedom, an ILLUSSION that anybody can be president, an ILLUSSION that he is a free man.

But the REALITY is changing, EXACTLY what the FOUNDING FATHERS of America was worried about!

(1) MIDDLE CLASS is wiped out.
(2) SMALL BUSINESS is manipulated out of existence via strange laws, control of materials, control of logistics, control of funding.
(3) AMERICANS ARE MADE DEBTORS - paying the two gangs of manipulators production not worked for.
(4) GOYIMS are made to be used against foreign FREE NATIONS.
(5) Everything in America belongs to MIITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX and THE MONEY MINTING GANG.....

Is that what you want???????

Mr. Fish! What do you mean by "out of power", you vote Democrat, you life does not change, you vote Republican, your life does not change......It is just a GIMMICK!

Are you that DAFT??????

THE NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM is developing a SYSTEM that would replicate its ancient ideals + modern new lifestyles. Please watch us in the NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM and learn to reform AMERICA. (if you can! ha ha ha)


Master Yoda
Jedi Council

New Middle Kingdom.

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Lets agree...we both have leaders that manipulate....

...But we can vote them out and you can not and that green lizard is the BIG difference. If the populous of the USA wants out o Iraq and we have Hilary in 2008 that says she will get the USA out of Iraq ....we have that choice. You do not and it is as simple as that.
We the people can move a nation. We steer our own destiny. We do not have complete control of the wheel nor should we but we put the driver in and tell him where to go.
You little lizard don't have the freedom to change a tire. Now go eat some flies.

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mob rule

Yes, democracy is 'mob rule'.  What is the alternative , self-appointed aristocrats?

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Gora, an Indian atheist, wanted party-less assemblies

Gora and Lok Nayak, both Indian atheists, support partyless assemblies. Weird Gora was vegetarian since vegetarianism is a construct. The US is a religion! Oh, that previous person is Mao. Since he is not a god, he should be cremated. Interestingly, that was in his will but it was not carried out.,3604,1007741,00.html

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Mr. Fish - ITS AN ILLUSSION - American democracy!!!!!

In the first place, China has not had the same problems as America. It did not invade a land or a state not historically belonging to the same Chinese Federation.

The illussion that American people could make the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT WITHDRAW from Iraq is another ILLUSSION. We call it "MAGIC TRICKS".

In the first place, the GOYIMS in America were tricked into believing that THEY ARE FREEING IRAQIs whereas the real reason was GEO POLITICAL, of wanting to remain the strongest oligogarchy in the world....and keeping the rest of the world poor by OIL SHORTAGE, or KEEP INFLATED PRICES OF DURABLE and CONSUMEABLE  to keep poor nations poor.

How can a supposedly developed nation LIE about WMD and then say that the AMERICAN PEOPLE can get the AMERICAN ARMY out of IRAQ??????

It does not make sense??????? IF AMERICA GETS OUT OF IRAQ.....

It is when the OBJECTIVE ARE MET or there is INABILITY TO ACHIEVE A DESIRED TARGET do the GOYIM MASTER manipulate the AMERICAN CITIZENTRY to "TO A SONG AND DANCE ROUTINE" to pressure the government to withdraw.

Of course you are using the "DE MOB IS CRAZY" kongfu. 90% of American wouldn't care less about Iraq until it hits home - ie. mounting American deaths like Vietnam - 50,000 deaths - 250,000 injured - 10,0 M American seen the inhumanity of War......"De Mob is Crazy" kongfu is excellent to "defray" the tension in the American nation, so that the MOB does not go and kill their MANIPULATORS or GOYIM MASTER in Washington D.C. like what happen in Tzarist Russia, Imperial France, Imperial Egypt etc. etc... In Imperial China, only the Actor Emperor and their family were used as the SCAPEGOAT...

ie. the RULING GOYIM MASTER and ANGLO HOOD see the "DE MOB IS CRAZY" kongfu as a perfect way to protect their ARSES should strategies goes wrong!!!!!!

I would say in that way,  a safe way to NEUTRALIZED ANGER over a failed policy!

ha ha ha ha ha

Ah thank you Mr. Fish for helping out in this topic!!!!!!


Game Master
Lord of the code.

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Mr. Fish, it is in my great interest for you to continue "being fished" in this that we can work out a superior model to that of the "American Illusions"!!!!


Master Yoda
Jedi Council

New Middle Kingdom.

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