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What's wrong with democracy [Copy link] 中文

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Democrazy is just a form of government.

Well, Hitler was democratically elected. So was GW Bush narrowly "elected".
Democracy has been an alibi for aggression, a swan song of the hypocrites.
Whatsoever you want to call it, democrazy will come to pass in history, to be replaced by something else.

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Deannash...for someone who is not religous

You do know the words of Jesus Christ pretty well. I have a feeling if Christ was on this forum he might agree with you. Religion is for the religious.

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Friendless...the importance of the peoples right to vote

"Q: Was Hitler democratically elected as Chancellor of Germany in 1933?

A: Yes. Of course he was.

However, because the office of Chancellor was not filled by popular election, it might be more accurate to say that Hitler was constitutionally chosen to be the Chancellor of Germany, a democratic nation. The point is, there was nothing about Hitler's appointment as Chancellor (30 Jan. 1933) which violated the Constitution of Germany. President Hindenburg legally selected the leader of the largest party in Parliament to head up a coalition government. It has happened hundreds of times throughout history without being considered undemocratic."

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CBR...I am somewhat confused by your statement

"who believe in that morality and religion". We have religious freedoms here in America and that is why people have and still do come to the USA. (many for money also).
What is any country without morality?

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People in the forum, Rule by the people, For the people is the right word....

..and not "Democracy". A new word or label is needed. The Americans has corrupted it completely. The "Democracy" label has been given a bad name by America!

To people in the world, Democracy stands for  "disruption" , "destabalization", "rule of the unthinking mob".

It is used for "destruction" and propagation of "unfair pollcies"..

Let's see more from you guys, before we talk about it ourselves.

Please keep your post, short, easy to read...


Master Yoda
Jedi Council

New Middle Kingdom.

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Thank you for your critiques

Some replies:

Confucianism is certainly based on a moral value, the idea of humaneness. However, it is not a religion. It contains no definition of God, no creation story and no commandments - rules which if broken get you sent to hell. Confucianism contains merely vague references to heaven as overseer for the people.'"heaven sees as the people see' (Mencius).

You are right to challenge me to come up with something better. I think I have and  I'm presently trying to condense it sufficiently to post here.

I absolutely agree about Churchill's famous quote. It is a statement of fact and a recognition that there could be a better system. I think there is and I hope to offer it to you for critisism shortly.

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Where is it written that the USA is supposed to go around the world and install their form of government without prior consent of the people in which they impose their will?

Who asked the Hawiians if they wanted to be annexed?

Who asked the Iraqis if they wanted to be bombed to pieces?

Is that democracy?

Who asked the Goya if they wanted to be ruled by the Chosen?

If a simple case of electronic burglary could run Nixon out of office, why isn't the deliberate lie to involve the US in an expensive war that cost untold lives given any scrutiny? -- whose ethics are actually being employed in the US government?

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