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What's wrong with democracy [Copy link] 中文

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The USA has been directly threatened by North Korea...


What does America do, nothing! It can do SHIT when North Korea has proof that it could blow up North America, American bases in Korea and Japan...

It is pointless to do such threats, and it becomes more pointless since you are not representative of the ruling OLIGARHs in USA.

See my point!

Continue you research for YOUR NEXT BOOK "The Coming of a New World Order" and the new "arameters that define the PECKING ORDER"


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Little lizard

Do you align yourself with the terrorists that attacked the USA?

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Mr. Fish, WAKE UP, 90% of the people outside America believes....

...911 is the creation of the PREDATORIAL OLIGARHS.

Wake up, 911 is a FARCE.

Read it right here in CD forum.

Steel melts at 2,800deg. C and aircraft fuel at 800 deg. C.....

911 was not a result of "Terrorist". It is an ACT OF MANIPULATION of the WHITE GOYIM.

Everybody realize that EXCEPT the BRAINWASHED WHITE GOYIM - meaning YOU, mR. FISH!


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geez the starter of this thread is just simply pting out the flaws of democracy

and then ppl start to say communism sucks or whatever like if u non chinese ppl like to criticise the party then dont expect chinese ppl to keep silent about ur political systems she/he is simply making a point very rarely discussed in this bored since many topics are aimed at criticising chinese biased i swear all they talk abou is bad stuff about chinese things fortunately asian ppl dont think the same way as western

i dont care if everyone hates zhongguo america evil blah blah cos the thing is in a decaade or two its not gonna be the same anymore and no one can do anythings about it even if u think most chinese ppls arguments are uncivilised or lack constructive thoughts then thats probably ur way of thinking chinese ppl probably think the same way regarding ur opinions but they dont have that superiority complex like u do

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