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88, thank you for

your thorough and complete analysis of the weirdo.

His purpose of being in this CD forum is to feeblize China, Chinese men, and Chinese people.

He is a liar and he doesn't know what he is talking about

China is the greatest country in the world?  What a stupid statement!  No country is the greatest

China leads the world for 2000 years?  what?  what does "lead" mean?  Leader exists in a society.  There was no globalization 2000 years ago, so how can a country be the leader of other countries?  If his "lead" means " in advance", there are questions about "in advance" about what aspects? technology? phylosophy? language?  social system? army?  Forget about it.

Chu culture.  what is chu culture?  what are the characteristics of Chu culture?  how was chu culture different from other cultures?  family structure? construction structure? language? social system? moral standards?  he doesn't know

So.  I confirm that he is a liar, a hypocrit, and he bla bla bla about things he has no idea about.

Leave the weirdo alone.  He is desexed and debrained.


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kick the desexed xiaoliza away from this board

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Yes, you low life scum, that is your lying bullshit memo.

Everything you wrote about in your stupid memo, that try to attribute to me, is a lie.

I wrote none of it.

It has no reference to me.

I certainly never said any kind of such crude and coarse remarks about women, any women! Unlike you and your demented perversions, I in fact, honor my mother and all women. You have a vile demonic hatred of them all.

You are a liar!

You are perverted!

You are a slanderer!

You are a gossip monger!

You are an enemy of China!

You are disgusting!

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88, I have challenged xiaoliza

already, but he doesn't have the guts to reply and make an appointment with me.  

xiaoliza is very fat (over 200 lbs for 160 cm height).  I was concerned about his weight but the load of fat is only burden in stead of source of strength.  I am agile so his weight is not a problem.

88 you will watch me beating him up, enjoy the scene!


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I am sure he is afraid of you.

The gloem cannot handle a real woman, I am sure!

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Why do you pretend, in your little boy world, that you can ever be anything like the hero of your boyish fantasy, you are a disgrace!

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Oh dear

He has hidden in his little pitiful thread, under another of his deceitful names ...

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