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It is interesting to note how much they need to have their egos filled.

-- edited and pending

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insights about daydreamer66

she is a follower

she thinks she is something "you haven't earned respect from daydreamer".  who cares?

she has no understandings of logic.  check my dozens of logic 101 posts for her

she said she is pretty, well, more than pretty, she has virtue.  I will elaborate on her virtue in the next point.  for any international standards, short-legged, big-headed dwarf-like women are ugly, no matter how pretty their faces are.

she has a virtue to feeblize china.  anybody says anthing negative about china, she will be the second one, if not the first one,  to jump up

she is mean and backs up whatsoever nasty things cogito says, including those that make fun of forumites' health problems

she is cunning because she never says it first herself.  she always says "pants-dropping, liar liar pants on fire, uremic, public toilet....., all well said, cogito"

she is a coward and hides behind multi handles, such as saneica, iamiam, knowhoyouaer.

she is a liar living on speculations

she is a racist and thinks that "black people should have their places"

enough for her virtue?

she is a poodle at the end.


the line goes far beyong that

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Another creative job!

Looks like thug number 3 (the medical doctor of many names) has returned this morning to continue his practice. How many hours every morning does he spend trashing his enemies? Aren't you glad you are not one of his patients? -- You would have to be very patient! The good doctor is busy keeping up on his urology textbook and pissing in the forum.

I have no idea what freedom1 did to piss him and his master off, but the astute practitioner has created another Frankenstein monster of a handle in honor of freedom1 -- you now see freedom_1 from walk out of surgery and take a seat in the waiting room.



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We can count on thug #4 knowwhoyouare

We can count on thug #4, knowwhoyouare, to make her regular contribution of insane slander every morning.

Now let's see what constructive and informative thread or post this paranoid obsessive nut has contributed to China Daily? Can we make a guess? -- How about zero?

In fact, this sad soul has never tried to bring up a decent subject nor have a reasoned discussion at any time in her short but big-mouthed existence in this forum.

Already banned at least twice, this ding-a-ling is another loser!

This sad soul indicates that they know nothing except how to be crude and obnoxious.

She is a paranoid stalker!

She is a single-minded troll.

She is a spam sandwich only.

She is a mindless pest.

Very sad, indeed.

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The daily gashings and bashings of

The daily gashings and bashings of the gang of thugs, and their resident evil, go on everyday, destroying China's China Daily Forum.

Their leader and their most pernicious members have been banished by China Daily on numerous occasions -- they ignore the editors of China Daily! They are determined criminals!

This resident evil is clearly an enemy of the Chinese people!

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Reply: The daily gashings and bashings of

"This resident evil is clearly an enemy of the Chinese people!"

That is all the more disgusting in that this category is called "Friendship, Love, Relationships". What a joke!!! Those scumbags have turned it into "Hatred, Racism, Name-calling".

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In just a few days

In just a few days the thugs have attacked at least a half dozen Chinese girls in this forum!

The gang is dated! Modern Chinese girls go where they want, do they want, and think the way they want. If the gay-boy leading the gang of four knew anything, he would step out of their way, for the real quiet sexual revolution going on in China has been the liberation and self-realization of the Chinese women.

Get in line with your women, folks, or they will leave you in the dust!

Mao and the Chinese government have continued to liberate women. That means you guys have lost your control over them. Now you will have to step-up to their expectations -- that is what is happening in China!


An update on thug #3 (the guy of the many creative handles):

I would guess this guy is a school boy between the ages of 12 and 15.

Apparently he is still close to his father, therein comes a lot of the little pieces of truth he is still assembling and testing on us in the forum. He has not yet reached the rebellious stage where what his friends say and think become the dominating forces molding his interests.

He is fascinated with sex, especially repulsed by sex between 'whites' and Chinese -- this indicates that he is in a school where both races are in attendance, I would guess Hong Kong. He is obviously in the middle of the young demonic male syndrome which is quite difficult during the young teenager years for boys.

Access to a urology text, while not really understanding the object of the subject, indicates that one of his parents owns such a book -- I would guess his dad.

His poor English indicates that he couldn't be too far in school.

His bravado indicates that he has or is about to reach puberty.

This is the youngest thief in the gang of four, I reckon.

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