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Some pig-heads never can figure out a thing!

xiaolifeidao (xiaoliza)/cogito/thestud: Try to get something straight, you bent pervert, since you don't want to believe me.

Let me reiterate what the guy whose family name you have tried to usurp with your fictitious handle, a guy whose English far surpasses yours, a guy who has been in this forum longer than practically anyone else, a guy who knows me better than almost any other in this forum, a guy who is genuinely my friend, Dr. Chao, told you: I am not spiritrace nor freedom1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Don't bother to try and discuss a thing with any of these thugs, don't try to debate, don't try to argue nor present a differing point of view -- you will be assaulted and then hounded, hunted and trolled.

They get their jollies off on bullying.

They band together to boost their alter-egos, for in real life, they are  losers.

They hide behind a computer screen.

The feed on their desire to intimidate.

They want you to be afraid of them.


This forum used to be a place where folks could get together and share in their mutual interests, it has become lost to the bashings and gashings of the railroad-station wannabe thugs.

Don't let the purse-snatchers steal away your souls!

Very sad!

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Eightyeight 88 talking to yourself is definitely a sign of schizophrenia and F-Y

F-Y, "cum dumpster" in the arse !!


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Haha -- hit a nerve, eh?

So, the use of the bogus name xiaolifeidao (aka xiaoliza)/cogito/thestud has some allies.

Apparently, the guy who uses the handles: fioriislave/home_guard/chinesepolice is a part of xiaoliza's guild of thugs.

Why does he hide? Why does he lie? Why does he pose as someone he isn't?

Let's guess? -- How many times was this guy already banned by China Daily? - How about three times?


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1. xiaolifeidao (xiaoliza)/cogito/thestud: The gang leader, we have already spent many posts describing. He is not Chinese, though his follower's will insist he is. We prefer to call him xiaoliza, though this is actually an abuse of Dr. Chao's family name and I regret that this has become our nick-name for him -- his old handle, cogito, was a better choice I think, especially if it is altered to the more descriptive coquette-o!

2. whampoa/linvishi -- sorry, chairman I still think that these two are the same, perhaps linvishi is his wife, but he uses her handle -- that is waht I think.

3. fioriislave/chinesepolice/home_guard/dear_charles/selrahc/etc., etc.: This guy has many handles -- he is distinguished by his very poor English, his absolute hatred of Americans, Europeans and 'whites'. He tells folks he is a Medical Doctor, but can afford countless hours here in the China Daily forum, fascinated with bashing and assaulting people. He has taken up xiaoliza's call to accuse me of being other forumites, in particular, spiritrace and freedom1 -- these guys must've really pissed him off.

4. knowwhoyouare -- discussed above. Syas she is not chineseyang; I still nothing to distinguish her apart -- when i see something other than assaults and paranoid assumptions, I may be convinced. Hasn't happened yet, nothing of any consequence posted from this person.


I suppose the many other readers who have run across these poor souls, will continue to keep us informed about the gang of thugs and their abundant use of new and deceitful handles, as they become more resolved.

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This thread shall be put on the top so that everyone will know how to protect th

from the jerk , bummer xiaoliza, aka xiaolifeidao,daydreamer

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volks watchout xiaoliza's new handle = tnuoccanepo = c u on top cane!

xiaoliza, getting bored of your nickname? want a change? yes! cane! poodle!

c u on top cane!

I'm the "top one u can c"

is it your answer to my challenge? still hiding in the spelling games?

I suggest you get well equipped, my dobberman will bite the hell out of you!



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on top cane!

back to top

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