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errrm ... well I was trying to be a little sensitive and therefore limited myself to just a few descriptors, but sausage jockey was pretty dang funny ... oh dear, I have a dark side -- I wonder if greendragon thinks the Emperor will turn me to that side of the Force as well?

Such sadness!

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Further notice

I have it on very good authority, from chairman himself, that this guy operates under several handles within this forum.

Considering his persistence in his pursuit to degrade women and to call them names, I reckon he is unloved, jealous and quite insane.

My sad note to him has gone unheeded.

This guy was banned already, no less than three times, by China Daily; yet, he comes back, time after time, with a new handle, just to continue as he had in the past, despite China Daily's efforts.

His continued banishment by the China Daily staff has failed to give him any lesson.

He has been warned, banned and expelled. -- At least three times!!!!

He has been told to stand down.

He has been told to back off!

He has been told to seek professional help.

He destroys China's property!

He destroys China's desire to share in open understanding.

His demented soul only seeks to destroy.

He is a liar.

He is scandalous.

He is a criminal.

He is deceitful.

He is like a thief in the night.

He is like a gossip in the day.

He is like a cheap tramp that spreads his vile wretched vermin in every corner he sleeps.

Everyone should be wary, this golem only seeks to catch your soul, to waste your brain and your heart and take away your time!

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Further caution!

Despite the fact that this wasted soul has taken on the self-appointed role as watchman of his perverted idea of China, by insisting that everyone should check their grammar and/or their spelling, please do not bother to correct his grammar and his usage.

Let him go on to believe that he knows what the hell he is talking about. I know, many are chewing at the bit to take apart his translated thesis -- please leave it alone.

Such vengence from us, will only teach him to improve his pretensiousness.

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How many of us can have the time and energy to match him?

He is obviously a spoiled snotty child of a wealthy father.

He clearly has no real occupation to take up his time.

Between his perverted diversions, he takes much effort to destroy and assault.




He will continue to generate new names and re-use old ones in this forum.

He hides within his darkened soul of debauchery!

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A message from Trailer Park Jerk aka The Pumping Jack (TPJ - Thos. P. Jackstraw


Hi ******,
The reason I asked if you have a social life is this. Before I got married to my sweet Chinese wife, Idid OK on my little retirement of $1150.00 But now that I am married with an 11 year old little girl, I want to give them the best that I can. That requires me to do what I can to improve my worth to them. Incentive. I now have a reason to stay healthy because they depend on me. I have a reason to come home at night. What I mean by a "social life" is that if you have any relationship with someone, then that would be the first step for you to improve your health. Next, you are what you eat.....I can only be an example for what I have done with myself. As I said before, being half Indian I am an automatic candidate to diabetes and heart problems. I had the first symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes and Hypertension. I dropped 40 pounds, got off the carbohydrates (things made of wheat flour and potatoes) also my prostate was enlarging..... I was falling apart not to mention the chemical arthritis. I started taking herbal supplements, cut back on smoking, (I admit I'm addicted) and started doing exercise (swimming) in the Hot Pool. I must mention that I now do 14 laps in 114 degree water which would and does kill people. Very dangerous. is what I would like to ask. Are you overweight. That is primo number one thing to address. Just loosing the weight can make a huge difference. You obviously smoke too much, probably Chinese cigarettes, which must be more healthy than American brands. That will be the second thing to attack. Diet: Sooo important after loosing the weight. I will say this now. When I went to China I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I have never seen so many firm breasts and tight asses. There is a reason for the firm breasts and tight asses. Diet and mobility. To tell the truth, I am amazed that my wife is so chunky.....I am amazed at the fact that she is. I think she is about the only woman in Chongqing who is a little over, she knows it and is trying to cut back for me. (again the incentive) When I come to China, and when I can afford it, I would like to come visit my friend ****** not attend his funeral. I would like to intro my wife and daughter to you. Can't do that if you are on a respirator in a hospital fighting for air. If you don't want my input, tell me and I will drop it but
not our friendship.


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Attention everyone,

the jerk xiaoliza seems to become the column writer of this board.

A real bummer has nothing to rely on except the cyber world....

...he attacks every women, because he was dumped by lots of women

..he attacks every heterosexual, because he was desexed by his master

..he attacks every foreigners, because he envies them their Engish, and he wants to be the proof reader for this board


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