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Look carefully at the date joined of any poster in whose thread you might you find inclined to agree or disagree with, if the 'joined date' is relatively new, then you should exercise caution.

You can see by the join date of my handle, that I have been around for a considerable amount of time, I joined this forum only a few months after it was established.

You can also look under the Opinion section of China Daily and see selected posts from China Daily under my old handle, Thos. P. Jackstraw, now abandoned because of the limitations imposed on names from the recently installed 'security software' employed by China Daily.


Further Note:

Once you log in, check to see if the poster belongs to the login name 'grenadier98' -- this is an open account originally used to hide one's identity and has since become a system glitch that has confounded the new member's login names; it is a glitch that has not yet been properly corrected by China Daily.


This original post was aimed at one poster that uses many handles, several of which have already been banished by China Daily. I will modify it later, at my leisure.


Dear Reader:

I apologize for the long-drawn explanation of who these people are, and I apologize, before-hand, for the often nasty language that may follow ...


I don't usually write in this section of the forum, but over the last several weeks the leader of this gang and his sometimes accomplices have been having a great bit of fun running down innocent posters and destroying their enjoyment of the forum

In fact, I have been a constant recipient of this poster's abuse for over a year myself, under his current handle, as well as his previous handles.

Frankly, we are all very tired of it


Let me introduce my current analysis of one the thugs, xiaolifeidao

xiaolifeidao appears to be one of leaders of the China Daily gang of thugs:

xiaolifeidao has many handles, including cogito and thestud, to name but a few

He is a spam master

He is a slanderous liar

He is a gossip

He writes untruths about folks as if there were no tomorrow, repeating them continuously, ad nausea

When he isn't copying and pasting someone else's work, he is busy assaulting folks

He likes to appear as though he is a master at the English language and will insult you by pointing out misspellings and telling you to check your grammar

His common method is to copy your post and repost it, delighting in pointing out misspellings, if he can -- sometimes he will try and correct your subject-verb agreement, for instance; you may notice his own usage is very poor – please don’t bother to correct him

He delights in assaulting women who come into the Friendship section of the CD Forum looking for a relationship on-line

He delights in assaulting Westerners who appear to have the same kind of purpose

He is a racist and is vehemently opposed to any form of heterosexual miscegenation

He rarely discusses any topic

If you come into his thread and disagree with him, he will assault you

He has a couple of folks who follow him around and delight in joining him in his assaults

He is a member of a group of like-minded racists and sexists


It is hard to understand the mentality of some of these thugs, as their behavior seems so different from everyone else.

Why, for instance, does this guy go after women?

It has been a puzzle to me for awhile, until a recent post by him about homosexuals was posted, then pieces fell together.

Now, I don't mean to belittle homosexuals, in fact, the forum has a regular homosexual participant, gtnbia, who is very well behaved and is a good contributor, though he himself is often slandered, he is not crude and obnoxious and he does not spam folks nor hide under a variety of different handles to cause mischief.

I guess the point here, is that xiaolifeidao has a special problem ...

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OK, this reposted article of his was actually good, though it was copied, as usu

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  A sexual revolution silently going on in China
By Esther Zhao (
Updated: 2005-06-03 14:22

Li Yinhe, China's first female sociologist on sex issues, was born in Beijing in 1952. She is currently the researcher and mentor of doctorates with the Institute of Sociology at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Li Yinhe, China's first female sociologist on sex [baidu]
She has a PhD degree in Sociology from Pittsburg University in the United States and a post-PhD degree in Sociology from Beijing University. She was once listed as one of China's 50 Most Influential People by Asian Weekly. Summarizing her research in the past decade, Li says that a sexual revolution is silently going on in China.

(to be continued)

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  Exploring Chinese People's Most Private Moments
Sexual issues are considered by Chinese to be the most private topics. During Li Yinhe's 10 years of study about the sex life of Chinese people, such as her survey on women's initiatives in having sex and homosexuality, she ran into a great deal of misunderstanding, which sometimes put her in awkward situation.

"The majority of Chinese believe sex is a negative thing that can't be talked about in public," says Li. She hopes her work might help Chinese live a healthy sexual life.

"I recently got a letter from a father in South China, who complained that his family was on the verge of collapse after he and his wife found their young son to be a gay man, and such information greatly worried me," she recalled.

"One doesn't necessarily show his or her affection to only one person, or to the same sex. Homosexuality should be tolerated and accepted by society provided that it doesn't harm others, as it's not as unhealthy as some believe it to be," Li asserts.



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Compare xiaolifeidao's post about pleading for homosexuals to be treated as normal people, copied and pasted above, with xiaolifeidao's article about fat people talking about food ... the point he made in that article is that if you are always talking about something, you probably have a fixation with it. Not a bad point, in and of itself.

He was making the point in reference to all the folks that seemed to come into this forum looking for a perceived potential sexual relationship -- I think he assumes that all foreigners looking to know a Chinese girl, are looking for sex. Try to follow the thinking ...

At any rate, his idea certainly applies to himself. It seems to apply to his followers as well.

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But what really made this as a connection, was a Private Message he had sent to

Not long ago, xiaolifeidao sent a perverted sexual Private Message to me, and we both know what was in it.

When I alerted folks to it (I did not copy and paste it) he played it off as if he were teaching me a phrase in Chinese. This Chinese phrase was not what he sent me, BTW!!!!

You can see him reapply this from time to time.

In fact, it appears as though he has a battery of retorts that he pulls up and copies to paste into threads as part of his continously ongoing and obnoxious slanderous spam.

I imagine it must take him some effort to do an original composition, every time.

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How many?

How many folks has this guy assaulted?

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Ask yourself

Why does anyone care about recognizing homosexuals as people? -- Most normal people rarely ever think of homosexuals at all, it seems to be homosexuals who think about themselves.

But when one homosexual and his perverted boyfriends (and other demented followers) go about spreading garbage all over everyone else's yard with their perverted nonsense, throwing it up in our face, as if we need to give them special consideration it makes one wonder, why are they feeling so unloved?

Perhaps it goes back to their jealous nature. The less secure homosexuals vent their frustrations by calling straight women lesbians and pointing out that there is something wrong with normal heterosexual relationships.

If they are further frustrated, it seems, their phobia goes on to include other groups in their attacks.

Most white men don't give a damn if you are a gay, just keep your filth out of our face! Now, that doesn't mean you should be enraged that we have no interest in you -- just get it straight, we like women!


So stop ranting at us 'white' folks, it is only normal for regular human beings to be heterosexual.

If you feel rejected, that it understandable, perhaps you can find others like yourself here in the forum? Why don't you ask China Daily to give you a Gay Boy section? The rest of humanity is tired of your ugliness! Do you understand anything?

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so cogito

is a sausage jockey eh


brown sri lankan trash only in china for the boys  lol

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