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" MY STUDENTS"--I have two students interested in me ! [Copy link] 中文

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I applied a job as an ESL teacher in GZ  last year and the class size is just too big  for me and there are so much chaos in the class.

I am glad it is almosts the end of the school year and I want to go back home.

I have second thought coming back to China even though it is an exotic place.

It is fairly a big school and there are at least 40 teachers and the school is relatively modern.

Among all the students I taught, there were two who were quite aggressive and hotly pursued me.

I remembered we had the school picnic and outings. I normally just sat with other teachers but once I walked around, those two girls around 16, 17 years old approached me and asked me all kind of personal questions including my personal address in the State.

I was shocked but remained calmed and  walked back back to the bus where most of the teachers were gathered together.

I believe it was just a benign incident and nothing would happen.

And I had only 1 month left before I leave China.

I love the culture but there are many amendities, basic amendities that they don't provide and I would rather have a hot bath, a hot shower, and nice lobster dinner and pizza, Domino Pizza and KFC and Big Mac.

I am not a very sociable person, and I never go to disco to meet local girls.

Despite I know they are watching most western school teachers, the two female students are very bold and even invite me to do swimming after the school ends. They insist to go together with me and invite me to their parents' house for dinner before I leave.

Should I accept the invitation ? Should I give them my address in the State ?

Thank you for listening to my story. This is one of the best year I ever have but I think I am ready to go home, to Gerogia, the peach country !!

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i'll assume you're not fishing

Why do they want your address in the states?  If you leave they can easily keep in touch with you on MSN or QQ.

I don't see any problem with socialising with your students.  Swimming is harmless.  I've been to the disco with students before.  One girl I've been spending a bit of time with lately, now she's left the school and isn't my student anymore.

Just make sure nothing inapproriate happens while they are still your students.  It's perfectly normal for a few of them to have a crush on their foreign teacher.  I'm sure you can handle it.

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ilunga, Thank you for your response, they plan to go to the States to school!

They have my MSN but I don't have qq in the States.

One of the girls definitely is going to the States. The other one may be (?)

One is  more aggressive than the other one. They are  both graduating next month and  will no longer  be my students. I also end my contract around the end of June and I am somewhat burn-out in China !

One thing is quite interesting. They always go together. Why ? Are some of the Chinese students like to tell their parents they go together to the library and then lie about it. Instead  they tried to make a date with a foreign teacher. They are not the types of girls going to disco unless I bring the subject up and I believe both of their parents are quite strict.

The other thing is they asked their parents to pay me for private English class to prepare them to go to the States for one month before I leave. ??

I was surprised despite their parents are so strict, they are very sexually active.

I did not mention an incident when during one of the outings. One of the girls insisted  to ride with me in a single seat bicycle. I literally had to hold her tight and rode the bicycle so we could not fell down.

The Chinese girls are very genius in creating situations so you can not avoid holding them, their chests. I dare not touch their ??? But her butt was sitting on top of my groin area on the bike, how aweful is this !

I learned so much about Chinese girls this year. And who said Chinese girls are not liberated ! Some are care-free and want your baby ! I am not kidding !

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desexed charles now makes up a teaching story in GZ

what about the Hangzhou school and your blond imaginery Ms. Bonk?  You have sent a threat PM to me, but no information about the Hangzhou school?  Can't produce it?  

So you think "China is a brutal country"?  Why do you come to Hangzhou, and guangzhou teaching "oral" english and in Shanghai for counterfeiting business?  How do you know China is a brutal country?  Did you get de-sexed here and get a lot of "oral" job here?

Now hopping to GZ?  

Get a life you crazy spayed terrorist!

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hi fiorit

i could keep up the pretence of thinking you're for real, just to see where you're gonna go with this and what exactly your point is in pretending to be american.  i just can't be bothered though.

very poor angling.  your chinglish is way too obvious.

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you are so sensitive about love

personally,the hosbilities the two girls behaved are the signs of they like you not love you with any relitionship. you are so sensitive !!!!!!!!!!

it is our chinese hosbitilities to invite friends to home,it is really no big deal.

by the way ,do you think they can fall in love with you really .never !!!!!!!!!!
they are just 17or is the age on which youngs are intereted in everything they havenot experice .

you are the foreigner .just the only reason why they are curous about you

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Guy , Are you really a foreigner ?

From your writing , I bet that you're not a foreigner .To tell the truth , I don't believe  your story  . Maybe you had just  fabricated a boring story .  Right ?
       You mentioned that two Chinese girls ,also your students are interested in you . I want to ask you WHY ?  Who are you , guy ?

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