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What not to do .. [Copy link] 中文

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Different people, different strokes ! Different girls, different rules ! Women r

Where did you come from? From a woman's womb !

Case closed !!

Please never, nver bash any women in this Forum !!!!

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xialifeidao, Mr Chairman, "Respect others, so others can respect you"

You are a disgrace to CHINA, the MODERN CHINA, the PROGRESSIVE CHINA.

If China fights with each and every country in United Nations, just like United States, CHINA would have no friends.

I request you to make an apology, a formal apology to Ms. Peaches, who is an honorable guest in this country !

Your derogatory statement will bring our attention in the Center for Justice and we will file legal action against you, bring the quota of the textiles further up, increase the tariff and stop all investment in CHINA, see you Mr. Xialifeidao still think you are more superior. We will send in three aircraft carriers with F-16 from Alaska to bomb Beijing and destroy the whole city !! We have secret underground bunker in Alaska pointing at Beijing . In less than 30 minutes, Beijing will be in ashes, 12 millions will die, so Xialifeidao, apology or 12 millions will die NOW !!

The new world order is globalization and the world is integrated and there will be millions and millions of foreigners living in CHINA and we must act civilized and you act like the thugs in the Boxer's Rebellions against the "Blue eyed devils"

Is Peaches a "Blue eyed devils"  No

Tell me where you live, and I will come and have a "FIGHT TO DEATH BOXING MATCH WITH YOU !

You want honor, then take your gloves off and fight to death and prove your stupidity for insulting a woman in this Forum !!!

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Xialifeidao, Your insult to a woman is inexcusable and I demand an apology or..

Xialifeidao, Make a formal apology to Ms. Peaches or

1. We are lobbying for US Congress to pass the War Act to directly attack CHINA, to be signed by President George Bush and debated at the US Senate. But it will be passed within 60 days !

2. The nuclear underground secret site at Sterling Seain Alaska  is ready to fire 12 nuclear warheads to 12 major Chinese cities and destroy all of them including Beijing in less than 30 minutes, Shanghai in less than 50 minutes.

3. US will use B-52 to bomb the western part of CHINA to destroy its underground nuclear sites and the launching sites of nuclear missles.

4. FIRST STRIKE:  we will destroy all the coastal  military and industral areas of CHINA.

5. Three aircraft carriers will launch a 24/7 sorties to bomb every major towns and villages to destroy all the military and industrial sites.

6. US had the biggest bombs to destroy the entire Shanghai and we are going to use it as FIRST STRIKE.

7. The 7th Fleet will strike at Hong Kong and destroy the seaport , the largest in the world and also all the Chinese  oil platform in South CHINA SEA.

8. The US Marine will capture Beijing and Shanghai and Hong Kong and search and destroy all Chinese who will take up arms to resist.

9. This FIRST STRIKE will seize all the natural resources of CHINA and we will kill all 1.3 billion Chinese and occupy the entire mainland and allow KMT to return to CHINA as the democratic party to rule CHINA!

10. We have enough bullets , 10 bullets for each Chinese and the M1A1 tanks are taking up positions in each major city.

11. Our loyal ally Japan and the southern American military bases in Japan will mobilize all her troops and send to CHINA. If Hilter killed 6 millions Jews, we want to kill 1.3 billion Chinese, NO CHINESE or DOGS are allowed here in this FOrum to insult a westerner, either a man or a woman, especially a woman !

12. Any insult to any N. American woman is inexcusable and we will punish you to the fullness. Make a formal aplogoy or the oldest civilization will be destroyed. See what we did to Iraq, destroy the oldest human civilization. We can open up two fronts and kill all Chinese for justice.

13. Do not underestimate American military power, our defense budget is USD $ 400 billions plus a year. The CIA unmanned aircraft will kill Hu first and then every CPC member !!

So next time  you attack a western woman, your whole country will be punished just like in late 1800's.

History will repeat again !

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This whole Chinese are better then anyone else in the world

makes me sick.. and frankly proves the point that maybe you're not

It's one thing to have pride for ones country and i certainly have alot of pride for my country..
If China was soo polite why is it i'm getting bashed for having an opinion.. cause in my country it would be a discussion,  it's not a crime to critisize. Oh but wait my country is made up of people from all walks of life, living in harmony. I never saw colour on skin before i came to China and everyone made me notice it. Up until this moment i thought having my daughter in such a culturally rich life was a good thing.. but maybe i'm seeing some down sides. Maybe she wont learn exceptance because there is much ignorance.
If this is such a loving country, then why will i always be an outsider? In my country you would never be considered as an outsider, you'd be welcomed as one of the family the min you step foot.
I do love CHina, but get off it.. no ones "perfect" or "better"..
It was more stupid men(not just chinese, all men) i was annoyed with but now my being annoyed is totally focused in another direction.
Thank you..

AS far as comparing chinese to foreigners.. well unless you've been to another country it's really not your place to compare.. I don't compare Chinese in Canada to "the rest of us"..that would be quite racist of me wouldn't it?
You really want me to judge the whole of China on the first 10 people i met when i got here?

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Well said!

What you said here is totally true about some Chinese men. Please don't let them stop you. They need to hear an honest voice like yours.

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hi peaches

You understand we have pathetic Chinese men sticking around here in the forum?  They claim that "China is the greatest country in the world", "Chinese culture is superior to others and assimilates other cultures", "Chinese people are modest and polite", but their behavior states just the contrary.  This is the famous "Biaozi" and "aifang" article is all about.  

Don't try to discuss with them in a rational way because they don't deserve it and believe me, I have tried that before.  At the end of the day, there are only 2 solutions.  One is that you ignore them and let them bark, the other one is stand up and fight with them, they say dirty words to you, you say them back.  I think either works, depends on your character and your mood.

I understand your concerns.  It is a different culture and if you come to China, this is a situation you might have to face.  You post your opinions here but only a few Chinese men will hear your voice and most likely the next Chinese man you run into has no idea about your opinions.  You might have to be patient but if you explode sometimes, it is OK too.  

It is like when I drive in Shanghai, there are so many *ssholes playing smart *ss and try to squeeze in front of me despite that they come from the wrong line and there is nobody behind me.  That's the *sshole driving culture here, people have no respect for the others, they cannot wait 1 second, and they try so hard to screw up each other.  So most of the time I tolerate it, to avoid accidents, but sometimes I just let go my anger and become very determined that he has to stay behind me.  

Same applies with dealing with rude men.

Hope you enjoy your staying in China.

F, stands for freedom, friendship and fioretta

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hi peaches

I can imagine the chinese male approach to seduction.

Hello.  Excuse me, can I ask where you come from?  Oh beautiful country. Do you like China?  Is Chinese food suitable for you?  Can you use chopsticks?  Can I have your phone number?

Actually,  I know some chinese guys who are a bit less predictable and can be quite funny.  I'm ventiring to guess that I've pretty much hit upon the standard approach though.

It's always interesting to hear this kind of stuff from foreign girls in China.  Partly to know what I'm up against, but mostly because it's usually funny as f***

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