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What not to do .. [Copy link] 中文

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Apparently not all but many chinese men i've met have no tact when approaching a foreigner ( Actually this might be good for all men, but i'm in china and my frustration lies here for now)..  here's a few pointers in my perspective of course.

-DO NOT call me Baby, Honey or anything like that. I really turns me off
-I don't care what your job is unless i asked, in which case you don't need to mention your salery
-If I turn my back to you it generally means PISS OFF! or if i tell you NO it Means NO
( In my country we say something once cause we mean it, we generally don't have to repeat something to prove thats what we really want)
- DO NOT tell me you love me 2 secs after meeting me or a few days later either!
- If you are drunk.. you should probably just stay away. Most of you can't handle your liquor and drive me crazy when you are drunk.
-We don't like being grabbed.. I know the movies you watch sometimes make you think thats how it's done but in actual fact you cannot walk up to me and grab my tits! (Unless of course were good friends and we have a understanding.. hhahaha)
- We are not all whores and do not sleep with men soo quickly, although maybe you'll get lucky and find one.( also not like the movies!)
-Another thing.. we don't comment on eachother body figures in my country either.. so you can keep those thoughts to yourself.. Telling me i'm fat but you like that gets you a F*CK OFF, If you wanna say something just say" you look very beautiful".. ( I've learned anything over 120lbs here is fat for a women). Foreigners aren't built like chinese and not all of us can be skin and bone and eat like pigs. ( I still don't understand how chinese stay soo small and pack down all that food, meh lucky i guess)
- You can buy me a drink, but dont expect anything.
- If you dance with me don't touch me unless i touch you first giving you the go -ahead, but don't be a pig. respect goes a long way. Unless you actually know how to dance.. then you can touch when need be( but not places you shouldn't be grabbing) assuming i want to dance with you.
- Cheese ball pick up lines from he movies.. Don't work very well .. unless they are very cheeseball then you'll get my attention and a laugh, but you would have to show me you understand that it's a funny pick up. If you do it seriously i'll just laugh in your face.

Some helpful things you can do

- Don't ask me the typical 20 questions to ask a foreigner, if you can have a sensible conversation i'm much more likely to talk to you longer
- Don't push me into anything
- It's better to offer your number then to ask for mine.
- If you really want to get my attention. start the conversation off with something more interesting then "hello" but don't be rude. Even a Hello, followed by something quirky is ok.( I"m actually more likely to remember you this way)

thats all for now..

wow i feel better to have gotten all that out.
i'm not mean person.. but i deal with this stuff all the time.. and i'm always nice about it.. but after 8 months of this i'm starting to wear thin in patience.

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something i should say

sometimes chinese women beat  around bush,say yes but mean no,they just want to be modest,not to be aggressive,so they confuse  men,that's why he needs to make sure you really mean what you say

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wow looks to me like you have just had your first period

get well soon !!!

just stay at home until you feel better,

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Those rules are universal in North America ! Only you guys are idiots and don't

Come on ! You never touch a woman !

You never tell a woman how much you made !

This is the unviersal rules in America, believe me !

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Chinese 101 for peaches


"(In my country we say something once cause we mean it, we generally don't have to repeat something to prove thats what we really want)"

Shove your supremacist idiocy up your rear, and get lost from our country.

Thank you.

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awwwwwwwwwww look you can almost spell a swear word..

Look i'm not saying it to be mean..

it's what i've noticed here..

In China though  it's common to have to repeat yourself.. cause if you don't it means you didn't really want it.. it's a different culture..

I"m not bashing anyone.. there's culture clash..things are different here.. and like i said it doesn't only apply to China but men in general.. but you continue on .. it's a message forum it's not like i'm going to be up crying all night over it.

i've met some really nice men here that aren't like that at all and very respectful.. others no.. some just don't know what to do with foreigner women.. just like i don't really know how to take chinese men sometimes.. I've asked for help.. and only gotten very little from here..

I"m not putting down China.. I love China

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reply peaches

Hateful woman!  many Chinese, compared with foreigners, are
excellent, China's culture is nothing that can be substituted, Chinese are
all very affable,  warm,  honest, and polite。They are not like some foreigners who have limited  knowledge  and run to China to crow about. It  has no politeness and so  very wild.

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