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A reply to greendragon from another thread in the 'Talk to China Daily' section [Copy link] 中文

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reply to greendragon

Are you talkin' at me again?

Look, you say what you say, think what you think, I really don't care.

In fact, why don't you get daydream66 go submit your nonsense to the Google search engine under your goofy game playing handles, whatever they are ... DOH!

-- so much unsubstantiated hot-air going on.

What the hell are you talkin' about?

The fact is the Jewish people are smart as hell, thy have been at the game of world politics a hell of a lot longer than you and your fellow game players, whoever the hell you think you are.

In fact, the world runs on money. Money makes the world go around. Control the money and you control the world. Jewish people are determined and driven, they seek to put themselves in the best environment possible to make the best use of whatever is available to them.

Is it any wonder, to you, game-master, that they run the banks and are in some of the most powerful positions in the world? Now, talk about a Zionist conspiracy all you want ... where is your evidence that any of the Jewish people that christopher likes to point out are Zionists? And, what if they are? What does it really mean?

Try putting some beef in your burgers or else take your fat, greasy McRonald sandwiches out of my face!

So, if there is a game, who is playing it? One set of racist name-callers vs. another set of racist non-name callers?

What the hell are you going to do about it, anyway? Run your stupid little mouth off?

Why don't you all get together, and look long and hard at yourselves ... you are human beings. Race is as artificial as the goofy soap opera game on TV. You are fooling yourselves.

Throwing up hatred and bullshit does nothing but kill and hurt a lot of innocent people. Stupid name-calling and finger pointing does nothing but promotes the annihilation of our world.

Because Mr. game-master, if the world was to fall into the hands of a bunch of goofy little jackass children, then there would be no world left, in very short order. There would certainly be no China! The climatic patterns of our world are to China's great disadvantage! If Mr. Kim let a big one rip, N. Korea and China would greatly suffer the after affects. Is that the game you are calling for?

You know, christopher, et al keep talking about a Zionist conspiracy ... and then you go on blabbering something about a white boy/Zionist conspiracy? How about a goofy conspiracy of some little boys who think they are playing a game on China Daily?

I am thankful, that China's government is a hell of lot more tactful and clever than the likes of a bunch of stupid school boys who think the world is their little video game. Go play on your x-box and stop trying to carry on a discussion with me!

You waste my time.

But since you want to know: I think you will do better by getting out from behind your game-playing computers and go run around the block, or through the jungle -- whatever. At least, then the girls won't turn a bland eye at your flabby, lackluster little-boy bodies -- unless of course, you aren't really too interested in girls, after all.

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Stay out of my threads unless you are invited, boys

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Wow! Mr. Jackstraw, you are humorous.....ha ha ha ha ha

You bet all of China Daily will laugh at your post now! You responded to a schoolboy rantings. .

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Climatic change! Yes yes, but of course Resources/people ratio! That's why America do not ratify the Kyoto accord....plan F, wasn't it!


The Teaching Doctor is IN
Game master

Lord of the code.

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Hey dish rag

not for long -- your putzy golem days are numbered.

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What race do you belong to anyway, greendragon?

The rainbow race?

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Do you remember what aftermath

befell China after the American bombing of Japan? -- I am sure it is well before your time, dummy!

What makes you think little rainbow-colored dragons running around in their rich expensive apartments are going to get when the world tosses nuclear warheads around? Maybe you better plan for plan X -- dig a hole and bury yourself in it ... oh, I guess you can't dig much of a hole from the rubble of demolished concrete apartment building, eh? Go back to reading your fantasy books written by a deluded college white boy.

BTW, desperate loser: Women aren't interested in flabby little boys with goofy ideas of self-proclaimed greatness from fairy tale make-believe non-sense.

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End of the world scenerio isn't it, Mr. Jackstraw!

Heck, why is your name so editor or reporter from some American magazine? mmmmmmm Yoda thinks it is funny! Very familiar, i cannot figure it out now....

Hey! nuclear warfare, plan D! wow!

Are you that powderful? why the Jewish word? by the way, Shalom to you also.

Ain't that cute, Mr. Jackstraw is worried about a little White boy named George Lucas (ex Vietnam war veteran). How did he manage to get so many "Chinese ancient names" right? Who are those "bananas" working with him? Are they Orthodox and Sherphadic Jews also worried about the Dark Lords of Shit (Sith). ha ha ha ha ha, wow, cleaning toilets is difficult isn't it?

How did those School boys did all those "magical acts"?

How many are there, those Jedi they include White Boys worry about the "craps" they are getting from their Dark Lords of the Shit. ha ha ha ha ha ha those white boys have "nuclear weapons" as well?

Who are the Jedis, It appears 10% of the Australian community consider themselves alligned to the Force, Jedi religion! ha ha ha ha ha

You are nuts, Mr. Thomas Jackstraw!

Its a movie and we are having fun talking bull shit in this forum.

It is called BBS - Big Bull shit - we talk nonsense here! You believe in Star Wars and you'll believe in the FORCE, THE WAY, The Jedis.....the Western version of the DRAGON KINGS....

ha ha ha ha ha

Have a very nice day!

The Juvenile Doctor is IN
Game master

Lord of the code.

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