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BAITING AND GOADING FOREIGNERS -- The New China Daily Forum!!!!! [Copy link] 中文

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But why do you think I’m not intelligent.

Do you think you have a higher IQ then me?

Do you think you went to a better University them me?

Do you think you’re better read then me?

Do you think you’re more successful in your career then me?

Do you think you have accumulated more wealth them me?

Do you think you have more knowledge them me?

What make you think your more intelligent then me?  I’m really interested in seeing you answer that question.  

Or you, and others, think you more intelligent then because I contradict what you have heard on T.V.

I sure all the loser English teacher in Chinese think they are more intelligent then.  But can anybody really believe that?

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grrrrr ...


Please stay on the topic of this thread!

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Reply: grrrrr ...

Honestly, whatever you think of my ideas, you cannot imagine how far off your perception of me is.  

Make no mistake about, I work with the very smartest the China has to offer.  The Chinese I work with went to the best Universities in China and the majority was admitted to and attended graduate schools in America.  

Seriously, would I working with such people if I were not of the same or higher caliber?

Actually, I discuss with them about 90% of what I post here.  And most accept my views.  One difference maybe is that I speak very well, much better then I write.  People also think I’m a very nice guy.

It is funny to see the different in reaction when I post an article and when I discuss the same topic at lunch with coworkers.  

Another observation, most Chinese accept my theories.  Most Americans do not.  Why is this?  Could it be because most Chinese have not been brainwashed by western TV?

Why do I get immediately banned from Western web site, and not from CD?  

If I’m banned immediately then it stands to reason that my views are censured in general in the West.  This maybe be the reason why most Western’s find my views so un comprehendible.  

Now be honest, there are a set of issues that are hidden from the Chinese about the own society, history, culture, ….  When you bring one of they issue up with a Chinese then can be hysterical because what they are hearing contradicts what they have been told all their lives.  But no matter how much evidence you present to them, they will not accept what is obvious to those raised outside of mainland China.  Have you had this experience with a Chinese before?

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This board really becomes boring ....

iluvfish, if you want to find some interesting posts and nice discussion, you can search Karenb, wendy, TPJ , andydob,ts and luf2004 and a lot of formuites ..

This forum is davasted extremely. I for one find it less interesting ....

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Off topic

Some of my thoughts for you, whitedevil:

Generally, the Chinese prefer not to make waves. They may listen to what you have to say, even ask you for clarifications, but generally, they will not bother to argue with you. It is very likely they will save their thoughts to discuss them with other Chinese, in Chinese, if they are really interested; however, their priorities are not going to be the same as yours -- they are looking to have a secure and comfortable lifestyle, adapting to whatever the situation is and quietly assimilating their environment and their coworkers.

China Daily is interested in allowing everyone to have a voice, their own private threads to talk about whatever kind of thing the author wants -- if someone is interested they may read what you write, they may even answer you, but there are only a few Chinese folks that will bother to argue with you, it is much more entertaining, perhaps, to watch the rest of the world go at each other. [grin]

They quietly, read, listen and learn. They may or may not give much credence to what you have to say. You can rest assured; you are constantly being studied and the judgment is reserved. [chuckle]

That the Jewish community does not bother to argue with you, Christopher and others, I reckon, is because they see no point in it. You all think what you think, for some reason that is generally beyond that of ration, which is what I think. They are a bit like the Chinese, in this regard. Now, you may piss some of them off, but they know better than to bother with you. They have better things to do with their time and energy. Like the Chinese, they are interested in having a safe and secure life -- to argue with you, will assure neither of these things. To let you run your course is very likely the easiest thing.

Now, you really don't want my opinion about you and what you write I assure you. I am glad you started to use a word processor, BTW, even though your numerous misspellings were rather amusing.

Most folks who don't like what I write, don't bother to tell me that I am an idiot, because, it would get them nowhere -- do you see?

Folks like you are not going to follow me into the details of a discussion about the very artificial nature of race; it does not serve your perception, so you turn a deaf ear, as you may. -- "Don't bother me with the facts -- I already have my mind made up!" [grin]

You do not go into other folks threads and attack them, so China Daily is not going to banish you. It is that simple. And, as long as you don't deliberately interfere with the nature of this forum, I won't bother you much either. [smile]

As long as certain other forumites were contributing articles, they were welcome, when they began to deliberately cause mischief, then they were unwelcome. It really is just that simple.

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Thanks, sleepye

I will sit down and work on the articles I promised, as I now have a bit more time.

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Karenb was a angel

When I first came to this site I was shocked by how hostile it was. If it was not for Karenb explaining a few things to me I would have been long gone. She got banned it heard...pity.
She had a child I heard and she also does good work. Maybe it is for the better as this site at times has become downright treacherous.

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