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BAITING AND GOADING FOREIGNERS -- The New China Daily Forum!!!!! [Copy link] 中文

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Hi everyone:

It appears to me as though a small group of immature and reckless trouble-makers have decided to camp out in the China Daily Forum.

This group of immature thugs is baiting and goading foreigners.

Their intent is malicious.

It is quite apparent that these few not only dislike foreigners but have a genuine and vile hatred towards them.

This forum has become the home of graffiti artists who are intent on misleading readers with pernicious posts designed to draw unsuspecting foreigners into a cat-fight with slander and foul language, including the latest devise of imploring Chinese, as necessary, to shore-up their English smack-talking inadequacies.

Apparently, they often pose under foreign handles and make ridiculous statements. Some of these are easy enough (for native English speakers) to resolve, as the language used by some of the thugs is very reminiscent of 'chinglish'. See, for instance, the clearly goofy posts of the forumite, 'britinchina', under the Friendship section of Living in China.

It is sad that a few thugs are allowed to misrepresent foreigners and their stupid posts are designed to make foreigners appear as womanizers and ranting ignorant trolls.

Indeed, these authors, under their normal handles, lack reasoning in their debates, delighting instead, to ramble on with nonsense while projecting their own bigoted faults onto others.

The forum has fallen into a very sad state of poorly exercised moderation.

If China Daily wants to allow these thugs to run the forum, then they appear to have succeeded in their goal. -- So much for the genuine desire of the original founders of this forum to have open exchanges between the Chinese and the rest of the world!

The forum is now just a playground of a few childish bigots who do not represent the general population of the Chinese people.

What purpose does the stupid picture in the post from forumite, 'chinespolice', really have as its intention? -- Do the moderators really think this guy is trying to show a happy 'English teacher' in China? Uhmmmm ... DOH!!!!

Further, I submit that posts by apparent Chinese vixens are also facetiously made-up handles, and that those foreigners who respond to their lures, are also counterfeits and play these roles in just another childish game to give the appearance of an abundant lot of foreign perverted representation. -- Another malicious game from the bigoted thugs now running amuck in the China Daily Forum. This is all, Very Sad!!!!!!

The forum has reached a new low.

Very Poor Taste, China Daily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you need funding to provide for a real moderator, China Daily? Shall we pass around a collection cup?

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Who me? -- worry?

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What should we do?

Add your support to the notion here in this thread or the similar thread under Free Talk in the News section.

Send a copy of your complaint to the moderators: dongzhx, magic, Claire, LTong, Echoecho, etc.

Be prepared to lend support to collect funds so that CD can hire a real moderator.

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Just ignore the group of thugs ?

Maybe they are conservative . Their hatred for foreigners are rooted deeply in their heart . Sometimes  they led to some conflicts with foreigners , though no fierce armed conflicts. But such behaviors(talking with  vulgar words , laying biased notions on others and so on)  make negative effects on Chinadaily Forum . The aim of this forum is  online community , for people of  different countries ,ethnics. We can talk freely , but we should be objective and respect others.
      I don't know who is the moderator of this forum . Also, I have no idea dealing with this group . For me , I just ignore their posts . I know it's not a effective way .Any good way ? Let everyone of us  set a model for others first .  Best wishes for CD forum .^_^

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Oh, It seems to be something wrong with the Free Talk column .

Attacked ?

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Hook, line and sinker

To me the forum has always been like this. I think it is healthy. Yes it does get boring when someone has an obsession and goes on and on about it....but why is he bent on doing this?
I do not think banishment is the answer but communication. No matter what anyone thinks, by communicating openly, (even with the baiters) a dialog happens. Opinions are shared and we all learn something.
There are some that hate the USA. There are some that hate the Japanese. There are some that hate the Chinese. By not talking or baiting is the real danger.
This forum and the moderators have done a pretty swell job. At times I might not agree with myself and think they do a pretty poor job. Think about it. If you were in charge would you banish some people? Would you stop someone抯 freedom of speech? I don't think anyone has yelled fire in the movie theater. They do provoke us and I see this but it also brings about fruitful discussion. They still hear from the other side and that is what this site is all about....opposing views.
As much as you rant and rave 88 I must say I have even learned some things from you.
Happy fishing.

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Nice to see tpj/88 in bed with the forum bigot seneca


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