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How do you get news from outside of china? [Copy link] 中文

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The truth is that 99.9999% of everything on the web is unblocked,?????

Take a look for yourself....

Now how much did you say was unblocked?

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Surely, 99.9999% is the right percentage.

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Censorship in America?

fangxuann said;
<<When you watch the CNN before the Iraqi War, you know how they manipulate the media to flatter the government and mislead the pulic openion. >>
Nobody's claiming that the various Western media outlets are totally unbiased, but the big difference is that you can always access a variety of sources to read their reports and opinions to assist you to form your own view. In Britain you have the "right wing" viewpoints in some newspapers and "left wing" in others. While CNN is not known to be a propaganda organisation like Fox News Channel, (I find CNN a bit boring, frankly) there is always an alternative to provide more information or a different perspective. The trouble with a media outlet run by the same organisation with the same people at the top (Eg China Daily and its comrade publications vs News Corporation and its many news outlets) is that there is often a common editorial viewpoint and biases which filter the news. In the west, if you are concerned about the "News Corp" viewpoint then there is an alternative, (BBC, CNN, ABC-Australia), in China, well there's not too many local independent news sources, and the foreign sources get "blocked" if they dare provide information that the Party does not like to see published!



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I didn't expect so many responses and so long.

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fangxuann ...more and more aspacts of Chinese society go more open

fangxuann 2005-05-14 03:21
<<....more than a quarter of a century ago, the whole China is "blocked", neither can the world know China, nor the Chinese know the world.....
Then five years ago, when I was in college, we got free access to whatever cnn or bbc. .....
Therefore, it doesn't matter now a bit of websites were blocked. .......more and more aspacts of Chinese society go more open. >>

fangxuann, I am pleased to hear your account of the improvements in media freedom and I too am encouraged by the incredible reforms of the Chinese Government in this area.

You also mentioned;
<<The primary trend is that China is more like a western country, even tough the US dont enjoy the news freedom as western European countries.>>

While I take your point, and agree that there are some strange issues regarding the US media, I do not believe there is censorship in the same way as we see censorship in closed societies. The US news media is driven by different issues rather than the political leadership censoring media. Some of these are cultural, the US appears to me to concentrate more on local issues and foreign issues which affect the US. The US also has "patriotic" news sources like Fox News Channel which is a commercial decision by News Corp to appeal to the more nationalistic elements of US society. For every fan of Fox News who believes their diet of pro-Bush propaganda, I am sure you'd find 10 Americans who think it is a bad joke.

The main issue with the Chinese media is as Seneca describes.

seneca 2005-05-13 21:38
<<I watch HK's ATV news in Guangdong - but every day they block out some major news from China or from Hong Kong. Ridiculous! CHildish! ....I bought a German SPIEGEL magazine the other day, which cost me RMB 55.  When I turned to the page on INDIA it was cut out. I found out that the censor had cut it out because the next page was devoted to a Chinese cult under persecution. (I have no particular sympathies for this cult!). >>

This is where the major difference is. While I have some issues with the US news media (for the reasons mentioned above), I am quite sure that they do not censor foreign news in the way mentioned by Seneca.

For example there is a website in the USA (Portland indy media) which promotes the Government of North Korea and Kim J ong Il.
The KCNA news website itself is actually hosted in Japan. (
These simple facts should indicate that these countries have a much more free media regime as they both allow organisations within their countries to display material which opposes those countries governments. This is what the media freedom is all about.

I have no doubt that China will get to the same point, as you mentioned it has changed dramatically in the last 10 or 20 years. The issue is how quickly China will reach this freedom, I hope that it is sooner rather than later !



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Re: liangzai: "99.99% ...unblocked..."

For your information, I receive no money whatsoever from any Chinese body of government or business. My money comes from my European home country. I am not Chinese. I am a white Westerner, holding libertarian views. As such, I could criticize China in many ways, and I frequently do, but my criticism is informed. Those who rant about the Chinese being oh so censored and blocked simply do not know what they are talking about. It is that simple.

You can find sites describing that sites have been blocked in China. What they report is true in most cases (but not in all, because some of these reporters do not know the technical underpinnings of the Internet very well, and can't tell the difference between the Great Firewall and a regular router outage). But what they describe is that some pages on these sites, or in some cases whole sites, have been blocked for a very limited time: this is different from a constant block. There are sites that are regularly blocked, some on T ibet, some on F auln G ong, but then again, there are many others on that subject that are not.

The number of porn sites being blocked is tiny in proportion to the number of available sites. It is a drop in the ocean.

News sites... apart from the BBC I have yet to see a news site being blocked in any way. This goes for English langauge news sites as well as news sites in other languages. I have yet to see a Swedish, Norwegian, French or Dutch site being blocked.

For the argument of censoring on this very site... well, this is a forum belonging to a Chinese state owned newspaper. They, if any, have a reason not to bite the hand that feeds them, because if they let anything thorugh, they can lose their license. It is that simple. Most any forum in the West have similar rules, only in a different form. Very few fora in the West allow posting of hatred, racism and such, and those who do have moderation systems of some kind. But above all, this single forum doesn't constitute the Internet, and it doesn't constitute China. What is not allowed here could very well be allowed in another forum. The point is, China Daily is the sole arbitrator of this forum, and they represent themselves and only themselves.

Thus, my conclusion that the Chinese can inform themselves about absolutely everything on the net is true. The censorship in China doesn't work like many Westerners, particularly Americans, believe.

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I tend to agree with liangzai....

....traditionally Chinese has been culturally programmed to delete out the propaganda and to figure out the practical purpose of any information.

The Chinese person is quite different from a brainwashed Semite, American, or maybe some large proportion of Europeans. Only in Singapore we have some problem with the government trying to go against the grain of chinese culture.

the traditional culture of the chinese is to respect and honour the Gods of Happiness, Longeitivity and Prosperity..if you know what that means..that is...if you are a "brain washed" christians, you think it is some petty idol worship.

no point to explain more....

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