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How do you get news from outside of china? [Copy link] 中文

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i think i agree with some of you but,

i think chinese can get enough new as good as americans or europeans (for now) and by the little (for now) i am saying anyone of the 3 areas news serives can become worse.

1. china has to deal with government intervention 2. americans have to deal with monopolies 3. europeans are i think in the best shape with tons of news services but then again look at italy.

the only thing that may make it seem like anyone of the groups i.e. americans, chinese would not have the ABILITY to be exposed to real news is ignorance and as for the people on this forum...... the people that (american or chinese) tend to wish to express themselves in a political manner on a american dominated chinese forum are politicaly orientated nationalistic people that like to fight (with words) for their country and have a ethnocentric viewpoint.

all in all and regardless of where the first poster is from ... i have enjoyed this topic and thread....... Thank you.

just my thoughts

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So with i posted critical comments about china  "within context".......then they will post it?
HEy dean i should say anything i want that is  bad about china.....and if they don't posted it then mr. dean that is censorship

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other forms of censorship you maynot know about!!!

Everyone is talking about the new york times, as a good source of info not effected by information security bureau, But, that is not the case for poeple like me who live in china. Information security bureau blocks news report about china on the new york times website itself. By killing the links and even redesgin the website a little.

Also, information security bureau does this to CNN and foxnews. For example, if cnn does a story about how bad china is, information security bureau would not let that story hit the air waves.  The broadcast are on a time delay of about 15 - 20 mins. So they have plenty of time to edit the news from the outside.(sometimes the delays are longer).

This dean and everyone else is censorship!!!!!!!!!

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Answer the questions

<<How come the government close the internet cafe by my house? that not censorship>>
Have you found out what was the reason it was closed down?

Can you explain the booming cyber cafes in China? How does that fact reconcile with your febrile imagination that media censorship is prevalent in China?? Over to you.

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Help to improve China by helping to solve its problem NOT use it as a tool to ba

<<I have posted those comments NOT to tear down China, but rather as a means of expressing my views. I've always found China (and the Chinese) most willing to hear what others have to say, IF it is offered in the right way.>>

I like you deananash  

This is what I've been saying all this while in this board. Foreigners who points out the flaws of China in the correct way and offered solution to help solve the problem is very much appreciated.

We want improvement. But we're not receptive of hateful criticisms like Billbob and Mencius.

Many propaganda-filled foreigners came to this board expressing their thought in the way like manifesting themselves as if wanting to pull down the current progressive govt of China.

The country is improving in many areas as a very fast rate. To the Chinese, the intention of inciting rebellion against such a govt that lift the population toward better future shows something sinister about them.
Like I always said. Guys, I repeat again. Most foreigners who are hateful of China is politically motivated. These people are shaped by their government's political stance toward Beijing. It's media influenced by the government propagates that view to its people.
So, the question is, have you (to the hateful foreigners) really listen with empathy at Chinese view?

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It is funny that I can log in major western media website such as and but I can't log in some overseas Chinese websites.

Surprise? Yes, more surprise than that is, those banned Chinese overseas websites are absolutely pro China or just nothing to do with politics. Why they got banned? They are Chinese websites and pro China, and no porn.   

Try or,

Oh! surprise! I can log in - now! but I can;t just few months ago.

Be honestly I have been hearing the complaints that China block western media but I have not found any of the western media is not accessable in China. Anyone here can list one that is blocked and potentially Chinese might read iit?

And the point is - how many Chinese would read western websites? I don't.

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To the guy who works for chinadaily....u know who u are

What about me? am no Foreigners.....can i not criticize my government???????
If you want a solution here is one democracy.....that would solve a lot of problems. Such as corruption in the lower government.......censorship.....the one party system...Hong Kong ...Taiwan ....the list goes on my friend

can I ask you why so many people reply to my post........maybe because my Chinese friends want to know how to get info out side of the control of the government !!!

what happen to my last posted?

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