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How do you get news from outside of china? [Copy link] 中文

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I tend to agree with liangzai....

....traditionally Chinese has been culturally programmed to delete out the propaganda and to figure out the practical purpose of any information.

The Chinese person is quite different from a brainwashed Semite, American, or maybe some large proportion of Europeans. Only in Singapore we have some problem with the government trying to go against the grain of chinese culture.

the traditional culture of the chinese is to respect and honour the Gods of Happiness, Longeitivity and Prosperity..if you know what that means..that is...if you are a "brain washed" christians, you think it is some petty idol worship.

no point to explain more....

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Why Censorship??

Well, donnt expect things to be the same in China as they are in your own is afterall the PRC!

So why censorship?  National Unity ...can u imagine the potential for chaos in this country if news of protests, killings, independance movements , bombings.....There is good reason for the level of thankful for it

But the bonus of seeing the level of media control here is that I now se it more clearly in my own country too........i couldnt identify it so easily before!

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I don't think it an easy thing

yes ,I wanna get the truth, I know the information we get everyday is very limit.  But my English is not good enough to read the English paper such as NEWYORK TIMES

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... wants to get the truth...

mufans 2005-05-16 00:52
<<But my English is not good enough to read the English paper such as NEWYORK TIMES>>

You don't have to read English, because some websites outside China do provide news in Chinese language.
In Australia we can watch CCTV News in Chinese, and if we have our own satellite dish then we can watch CCTV English language service.

BBC website has news in many languages including Chinese.
Radio Australia also has news in Mandarin and I think Radio Australia website is accessible in China, see



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Kind of weird. Censorship does nothing but fool people. Enough!

You know , for any news negative to China, Chinese people  are not able to know because of censorship; so they don't care international affairs or foreign news related to China any more. ...... Finally, most of Chinese people addict  to download porn movie,. porn pictures.....How sad it is!

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Like liangzai, I too am a white foreigner living in China....

and I have found his experiences to be equal to mine.  

billbob234...I have seen, and even posted comments critical of China.  However, I have done so "within context"'.  What I mean by that is that I have posted those comments NOT to tear down China, but rather as a means of expressing my views.  I've always found China (and the Chinese) most willing to hear what others have to say, IF it is offered in the right way.  

Is that free speech?   Depends on whose standards you are going to use.  For me, it's enough.  At the bottom, I've posted an example, it's a part of a post that I recently made.   As you can see, it puts the Chinese Cultural Revolution in very bad company.  You can read the whole thread at:

"I'm not sure if I would agree with 'correction' that the Japanese holocaust (committed against China) was greater than the one that Germany inflicted on so many during WWII, but there can be little argument over whether or not it was a holocaust."

"Regretfully, the world has a long history of this sort of barbarianism. The dual American holocausts (first against the American indians, followed by the African blacks) are prime examples. By this definition, China's own Cultural Revolution was another."

"Those who don't learn from history are bound to repeat it."

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Did you notice how I wrote....

The fact is, as Bill Gates has repeatedly pointed out, China is the world's most dynamic country.  He was speaking about the progress that is being made.  The fact that China EMBRACES change, means that if you don't know China today, then you don't know China, because the changes are happening so fast.  

To top it off, those changes have been happening for 25 years now.  The results of this, for China, are HUGE.  These is now an entire generation of Chinese who know nothing BUT CHANGE.  For them, "change is neither bad, nor good, but for sure" - borrowed with respect to Sam Walton (those are his words, not mine).  

Hmmm, two men, who have both been number one in the world in wealth, agree.  The countries or companies that most embrace change will be the winners.  

Today, without a doubt, that's China.  One other interesting aside, China has many libertarians (foreigners) wandering around.  They are warmly welcomed everywhere.  For me, personally, I feel that I have much greater freedom here than I ever did in America.  (I'm ashamed, and sorry to have to admit that.)

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