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how much pressure we college students are suffering? [Copy link] 中文

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Last week a freshman in my university committed suicide. He jumped from the 6th floor of a teaching building. It’s said he is an outstanding student majoring in international business English and has a psychological illness.
I’m shocked. I wonder how come it happened. He is only a first-year student, bearing less pressure than those senior students. Or maybe most students are suffering the same pressure. It’s just him who has less ability to face frustrations. Actually, average 1-2 students commit suicide every year in sufe. Last year is a girl of my age.
This year is a tough one for graduates in my school. There are still a lot of students who have not got jobs up to now. Generally speaking, students from sufe(shanghai university of finance and economics) have much favor employment prospect. But this year seems an exception.
Besides, those students who took part in the entrance exam for post graduates in 2005 have to confront with fairly fierce competition…
I began to worry about my career. There are 3 kinds of students in my class. One kind of students are those who wish to get a position with a multinational or “4 big”(4 International Public Accounting Firms). One kind of students are those who prepare to study overseas. The most obvious feather is they will bring an English-related textbook wherever they go. And the rest are those who prepare to attend the 2006 entrance exam for postgraduates. But the question is none of these goals are easy to achieve. And all of them will have to face the final question –employment.
When university education becomes increasingly easily available, does it mean university students have few employment opportunities?

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hehe. I heard that The displince for school education have been reacted

,added something and eliminated something.

Such as    Students who cheated on exam, The school Authority have right to drop him or her out.

added...such as, Students have right to get marriage while they are studying at school

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More information about the victim

It’s said that freshman was from a remote area, and was under huge pressures before killing himself.
I don’t want to say any bad things about his tutor. But a fierce employment market may speak of something more or less. I do remember when I entered my university, one of my teachers told how tough the employment situation was, especially after the policy of the expansion of enrolment. So the only solution was to work hard. I know the original intention of this kind of teachers. They hope we college students can make the best of our campus life, and concentrate our attention on study, rather than part-time job or sth. else. However, the truth is they are distorting the real situation unconsciously. For it’s quite probably those outstanding students are not be able to land a good job after graduation. You know in Chinese universities, professors’ performances are not evaluated through a graduate’s job, position or salary, but the no. of published papers on the most prestigious academic periodicals, which makes them seldom concern about their students. They do little to prepare their students for the labor market. Therefore, after 4 years’ hard work, those excellent students without full preparations of changing of status will have to face a cruel blow—can’t get a good job.
On the other hand, Chinese society is heavily influenced by Confucius’ philosophy, in which people work hard not only for themselves, but also for the honor of the family. So kids can’t choose their ideal lives freely. To some extent, their achievement in the future is owed by the drive their parents.
In addition, go to university is one means of addressing the issue of employment. After all, China is a big country with a population of 1.3 billion.

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It makes me feel upset

Sorry  to hear  this story , which makes me deep in sadness and misery.  The student's suicide also frustrates me wether I can  find a good job after my graduation .
    When some friends of me  talked about their lives after leaving the univisities before, I always said it needn't to care about so mang things . I  have never thought about the pressure of employment and my future-life before .
    But  now I feel  a little worry . Maybe the situation around me frighted me , just like the suicides of  some outstanding students , some post graduates failing to get a job . How can we college students deal with this problem ?

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Same here!

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i'll try again

the chinese situation is NOT ridiculous.  it must be me

put simply:  too many students and not enough jobs.  what is being done to address the situation?
why do students have to study for 28 hours a day? what good does it do?

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my opinion

the social circumstance has changed a lot, but our parents have not caught up with it. we live is an ever-changing world, but our views have not been in step with this trend. most people hope for a certain map of life, but there is always sth. unexpected and uncontrolled. so the feeling of imbalance arise. people begin feeling under pressure.
i think people should be imbued with an idea of uncertainty. absolutely certainty does not exist. the only solution is try to get prepared for those unpredictable changes, and make efforts to minimize the possible impact.

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