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Topics for CD English Club (Beijing) on April 10th, 2005 [Copy link] 中文

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1. Customers cannot bring drinks up to the restaurants and have to choose from drink menu provided, at the same time, most restaurants always charge for drinks '"opening" . This phenomenon exists for a long time, but it recently causes a controversy.

China National Customers' Association agree that this is an illegal restriction imposed by the restaurants, and this restriction has trenched on customers’ right to know and right to choose.

While China Cooking  Associations claimed the other day: it is reasonable to set up this restriction and respectively charge acceptable “opening” fee if with a distinct price on the drink menus. And it is also the survival strategies for the restaurants.

Forget about the legal terms will be involved in this controversy, from human ethics, which one will you support? Why? (From June)

2. There is melancholy in the air on April 5, 2005, as the country observes the annual Qingming Festival, or Tomb Sweeping Festival, but not only for dead ancestors. Plenty of people's best friends are being remembered, too.

In many big cities across China, an increasing number of grief-stricken pet owners are eager to find a way to convey their continuing sorrow at the loss of their beloved pets, some of the pet owners even bought some cemetery plot for their beloved pets in order that the dead pets can be mourned by the owners the same day as “tomb sweeping festival.”

Do you think it is understandable or just a kind of exaggeration, if you are the pets owner, what will you do after the death of your pets, are you for or against the behavior who bought a plot for their pets and made a headstone for their dead pets? (From Passy)

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Thanks Lillian's hard work!!

The association name that you are not sure of is China National Consumers' Association.
When we have dinner in restaurant, we will always meet such notes or be told by waiters that beverage brought by consumers is not allowed. Sometimes there will be a conflict, you know that sometimes I bring some beer to our members. Several days ago, I heard a news from Xinjiang, that such restriction notes in restaurants and hotels are forbidden. A good news, isn't it? While I'd like to know your oppion on this case. See you guys this Sunday!


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I love the topics

I love the topics! There could be lots of different voices about both of the topics, I suppose. Personally, many restaurants charge too much for beverage, esp. those decently-decorated restaurants and bars. Anyway, I don't think at present beverage should be allowed to be brought into restaurants freely.


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Being light-hearted myself, I love such light, refreshing topics. However, it might be advisable to consider picking some more debate-provoking subjects to keep the discussion cheerful and vigourous in turn.

My suggestion may sound a little bit out of tune with the times since I am all the way down from Han Danasty. I love you modern guys!



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To Victor:

Great to hear that. As mind-forbidden and narrowed as I am with the topic choosing, it is really hard for me to change the way. We, all the volunteers, are dying for some new blood to give us some fresh ideas, someone like you.

I was trying to choose one topic regarding to the Chinese Culture protection, then you might be an expert with ur Han Dynasty experience.  Hope we can be old-fashion like you next time.


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To Lilian

Dear Lilian,

You are a very smart, original person. I can imagine how tough it is to come up with the topics. Keep up the good work!


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Why only limited to Chinese can include M'donald. KFC....

yEAH, it is kinda of satire.

But Would it be so difficult for you find a place to enjoy your open picnic.

The only concern is that  The price reduction,othervise i would like to find a supermarket and bring it to somewhere to enjoy.

You will find it how expensive the Drink serve in the Res.

Sometimes you can see the promotion happened to you saying that WITH the sum of you consumption on the dishes of food served  this time which acount for 50 yuan or more,you will get a ticket for extra 10 yuan granted to eat here for free next time, but how much you spent on drink doesn't inclue the sum of the contumption

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