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抵制日貨 We can show the Japanese government that we care about her hostilities [Copy link] 中文

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抵制日貨 Boycott Japanese goods voluntarily by all of us.

If we take real action by boycotting Japanese goods until the Japanese government eases hostilities toward us, we can show them that we do care and object to the hostilities.  We have our economic muscles and we should use them.  The recent hostilities by the Japanese government have necessitated that we take action to raise our voice loud and clear to the Japanese politicians.

I am urging everyone of us, Chinese nationals, to voluntarily and individually boycott Japanese goods.  Avoid and/or delay buying those Japanese goods that you do not absolutely need.  Quiet actions by 1.3 billion of us can speak loud and clear, consequently the Japanese government will have to take heed of our voice.

Start right now!

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Boycott Japanese products !

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i`m for it!

I`ve signed online against all bout Japanese hostile policies to China.
Japan ,an ambitouse nation ,lack of nature resources and land,always  invade and loot others.
Everyone know what it wants!

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we all strive for power ,we all should live with dignity.

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Yes, I support boycott Japanese products !

Koreans is fighting with Japanese government and they are boycotting Japanese products. In March Japanese product sales experieced a heavy blow in Korea.

If we billions of Chinese people could boycott Japanese products, we will force Japan to face their war atrocity and more.

Boycott Japanese products.

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some japanese products

there's a list of some japanese products in this bbs of takung newspaper.暱稱:大公網友    發表時間:1/4/2005 9:08:36
品牌汇总: 资生堂_SHISEIDO DHC MILD 花王_KAO 狮王_LION 诗芬_sifone 碧柔_Biore 乐而雅_Laurier 高丝_KOSE naturgo 欧泊莱 Kanbo 嘉娜宝 曼秀雷敦艾文莉 密丝陀佛_SK-II Club 小雪 宝丽 苏菲 Opear 娥佩兰 娜丽丝_Naris 植村秀       一朵      安娜苏的彩妆美源染发剂     丽纯(橄榄油,洗发水等)  一、家用电器类: 1、照相机和摄像机 富士-FUJI(富士胶卷) 柯尼卡-KONIKA 索尼-SONY JVC 松下-Panasonic 东芝-TOSHIBA 奥林巴司-OLYMPUS 佳能-CANON 理光-RICOH 尼康-NIKON 美能达-MINOTA 2、计算机 NEC、索尼-Sony显示器。 日本计算机类产品在品牌上不占优势。 3、手机 松下-Panasonic、索尼-Sony、NEC、京瓷-Kyocera 索爱 4、打印机 OKI Epson/爱普生 佳能 5、空调 荏原 松下 *品牌汇总: JVC 松下-Panasonic 东芝-Toshiba 索尼-SONY 夏普-Sharp 三洋-Sanyo 佳能_CANON   京瓷_Kyocera   柯尼卡_KONIKA TDK 卡西欧_CASIO   建伍_KENWOOD 爱华_aiwa     精工_SIEKO    尼康_NIKON 日立_HITACHI   兄弟_Brother   先锋_Pioneer 东芝_TOSHIBA  八重洲_YAESU   阿尔派_ALPINE NEC       百乐 NTT 美能达_Minolta  斑马_ZEBRA KDDI 奥林帕斯_Olympus  蜻蜓_Dragonfly DoCoMo 夏普_SHARP    富士通_FUJITSU TUKA 爱普生_EPSON   美上美_MITSUMI J-PHONE 理光_Ricoh     二、日用品及饮食类: 1、日本料理 吉野家(连锁快餐) 味千拉面 逥转寿司 千鹤寿司 2、饮料桑得利啤酒 朝日啤酒麒麟(午后红茶) 麒麟啤酒 BOSS咖啡  日本酒 Suntory茶 3、食品类日清食品 三得利 明治食品四洲食品 雪印食品    乐天食品 4、日用品苏菲 5、羊毛衫鄂尔多斯_ERDOS 6、服装美津浓_MIZUNO   爱斯克斯 日高_NIKKO      优衣库 细川 华高青山洋服日清 三得利 舒琦_Suki HelloKitty Issey Miyake 三宅一生 Shu Uemura 植村秀 Kenzo 高田贤三 乌龙茶 桑得利啤酒柔和七星   明治食品   四洲食品 麒麟啤酒  午后红茶 LUCIDO 朝日啤酒  日本酒   雪印食品    Suntory茶 吉野家 味千拉面美津浓_MIZUNO    爱斯克斯 日高_NIKKO      优衣库 细川 华高青山洋服鄂尔多斯_ERDOS 乐天 三、其他类: 1、百货伊藤洋华堂_Ito Yokado_成都 Yokado _北京 吉之岛百货 2、眼镜爱眼眼镜  精工眼镜   野尻 3、制药 第一生命 武田药品    太田胃药  喇叭正露丸  4、涂料立邦 大日本 关西 5、农机洋马 久保田 金子 6、工程机械小松 7、家纺内野 *品牌汇总: TOTO卫浴   爱眼眼镜 精工眼镜 

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RE:We can show the Japanese government that we care about her hostilities

I am so pity that there are few Chinese citizens would respond this proposal,because our living condition are full of Made-in -Japan,including cars,cell phone,TV and almost all high technological products.China has become one of the biggest markets of Japan.We appeal that we can have those high-quality products made by our nation's factories.

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