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Since so many people are talking about love on this forum, let's take a look at [Copy link] 中文

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Love is a kind of affection, kind feeling or friendship. Love is strong liking or desire, fondness, good will…
Love is more than an instinctive action of making love.
Love is more than a demand to court, to woo, or to solicit union in marriage.
Love can be filial piety to parents from children.
Love can be nurturance to kids from parents.
Love can be trust and loyalty to beloved friends.
Love can be due gratitude and reverence to God.
Love can be mercy and sorrow for the less fortunate.
Love can be patriotism to one’s country!!

Love is complex emotion or strong desire for anything you have great interests in, which can be books, adventures, music, sports, languages, etc.

Let’s get an open mind and share more topics on this Friendship, Love and Relationship forum.

Stop dumping trashes involved nothing more than sex!!!!!!

Thank you!

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love is what I'm looking for;
love is what I'm receiving;
love can not be cheated;
love can not be made up.
where is my love;
it's at the first sight.(^O^)

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love is

love is a combination of chemical and neurological reactions.

Kind regards.


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LOVE is complicated; it's one kind of learning process...

interesting, it looks like we are having a meeting.

Here I just want to talk about love between men and women.

Sure, in some cases, one can say "I love her, but I do not know if she loves me, or I do not care if she loves me or not, but I love her, love her, lover her forever":-)

About love, different people have different views. In my opinions, I want to say love  

is one amazing relation between a man and a woman.

I am not talking about the following cases:
1)A loves B and B likes A, but B does not love A.
2)A loves B but B does not like A.
3)A loves B but B does not know A well.
4)A loves B but B has not seen A.
5)A loves B but B is dead ( sad... ).
6)A loves B and B loves A, but B also loves C.
7)A loves C and B loves C, C loves both A and B.
11)many, many...

You see, love is complicated...

I am taking about only one case:
A and B are both 18 years old or over 18 years.
Among A and B, one is male, the other is female.
A loves B and B loves A, at the same time, there is no any love relationship between anyone of ( A or B ) with a third part C.

I like to call this a pure love and want to talk about it more.

Love is one kind of learning process. Through it, both A and B grow up in good direction if the process is going well. It needs cultivation, otherwise it will die.

If we do not know how to make it better, it may change or break. It's why many couples loved each other when they got married, but later they just followed their "natural rhythm" of living without knowing how to make it better or cultivate it, then in final, they did not love each other...

Hope everyone finds his/her pure love and keep it forever.

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Since I'm King I guess I believe speak freely.......

Ask Yourself

There is a more effective way to find out if your spouse is in-love with you.

Ask yourself :

"Should _____ be in love with me?" In other words, are you giving your spouse a reason to be in-love with you?

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There is no KING in usa.


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love is selfish.. So you have self love

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