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Meeting Report on CD English Club(Beijing) Feb. 20 Gathering (written by Skylink [Copy link] 中文

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Time, as we usually repeat, works as a test of passion and perseverance, and so does weather occasionally.

On Sunday February 20, a freezing, gusty and resultingly life-threatening day, fifteen members met at the 1st Club gathering after the Spring Festival, the 35th in her eight months long history. Among the fifteen, five were new. Although Hu Jie, an early bird that morning, repeated several times about his research field in his brief self-introduction, we remained confused about what it was. Hero, a banking consultant, joined the crowd under the recommendation of Sherry and made an excellent presentation one hour later. As Hudson expected, there came Ryan, a young man who betrayed his university major—chemistry and turned himself into a software translator. We also had two nice ladies, Wendy  and April, the former of whom was a joint venture staff, while the latter an English-major sophomore at a top university for foreign language studies in Beijing.

Jerry substituted for Stella, his wife, to work out two topics last week. Thanks to his wisdom and efforts, a heated debate was triggered among all the three groups about Tian Liang’s being dumped by the national diving team for his controversial commercial activities. In addition, the members got chances to manifest about the relation between men’s looks and their achievements.

Hero made a superior debut, representing his Group I to show their sympathy on Tian, the Diving Princess, victimized by the bureaucratic sports authorities, as they indicated. And Hero was in full cry against the poor and inhuman management of the authorities and he appealed the State Sports Administration should overhaul the loopholes in their concepts, mechanism and management about the players. The authorities took for granted that they were in possession of those Olympic champions but they failed to work out solutions to ensure the post-retirement education and careers in favor of those stars. Group II turned their thumbs down on the sympathy of Group I. They exchanged eye contacts with each other and Ryan got elected to be the group representative. He asserted that Tian was in no case a victim. As a developing country, China launched its Gold Medal Strategy, which the sports authorities centralized all the funds available to foster world champions and Olympic medalists. As a reward for the national maximum investment and the contribution made by the coaches and partners, the winners should submit certain percentage of their prizes and  commercial revenue to the authorities and obey the rules necessary for discipline and management. Tian joined more than appropriate entertaining activities and broke the set rules, and consequently he deserved the punishment. With their opposite opinions, the two groups exchanged fire at each other before the 3rd group, led by two civil servants, Hudson and Yulin, took their turn to say a word about their ideas.

A busy day for Hudson, a man in his early thirties. He hosted the gathering, suspended the too early debate and made his presentation as entrusted by his table sharers. He pointed out that we could not jump to a conclusion whether the diving athlete or the sports authorities were more to blame for the conflict and deadlock because we didn’t know inside out what happened exactly between the versatile young man with great potentials and the bureaucratic authorities. However, Tian, undoubtedly, was a wrongdoer, involving himself in a triangular love affairs and having his image stained, signing a contract with Emperor Entertainment Corp. without the permission of the Swimming Association, refusing obligatory submission of some of his commercial income to the Association, and etc. Meanwhile, the sports authorities were outdated in their management, clumsy in developing the athletes’ sports resources and late in precaution against such an obvious tendency and a sooner-or-later event. In general, Tian’s dismissal from the national diving team resulted from the conflict between the athlete’s personal interests and the national interests. Hudson called on the reform that a mechanism should be set up to restore the balance between the national players’ individual materialistic and spiritual gains and the national objectives.

Despite the different ideas of the three groups, they got consensus that it was very unlikely for Tian to make a comeback and get signed up again by the national team although he loved diving so much. He was almost 26 years old and would be 29 by 2008 Olympics after all. He was on his way downhill and he had gone too far, beyond what the authorities could tolerate.

Besides Tian’s incident, we also talked a lot about Mayun, the founder of Alibaba, and his mirthful motto at an award ceremony that men’s good looks are adversary to their achievements. Compared with the heated debate about Tian, all the members were unanimous about the links between men’s appearance and achievements, as you can imagine. But some were really impressive. Sherry’s speech was more like a press conference, at which she made an announcement about her emphasis and requirements for her Mr. Right. Responsibility was the top priority. Yulin was always very lucid and concise in his points. According to him, good looks were easy to forget and ugly faces sometimes were not and could be popular, such as Ge You, the money spinner for movie investors and directors.

The gathering lasted for as long as 2 hours and 10 minutes, shorter than the Lunch joined by 7 members. One table will not be enough next week, I’m sure, for some many members are back from their hometowns then, esp. some volunteers, for example, Lillian (from Toronto), and June.

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To Hudson

I could imagine what a busy weekend it is for you since you have to host the gathering, maintain the registration information and write the report. What a heavy burden on your shoulder! Thank you so much Hudson, for your tremendous contributions to the club! Please send the member list to me so that I could do a little help to update the information.  

Glad to hear five new comers joined our group, and it's amazing one of them called April. So now we have April, May and June, I believe we would meet others who named by MONTH for sure in the future :)

Have a nice day.


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So glad to see Hudson's masterpiece at the beginning of a new day

Thanks so much for Hudson's great work to our club,and thanks a lot to Jerry for delivering two hot topics! Result is never the thing we point to reach, exchanging thoughts and the enthusiasm got from the process are the right thing we really enjoy. I'm glad of experiencing such enthusiasm from the past gatherings, so am I when reading this gathering report. It seemed you guys had had a really hot morning under a cold weather condition!
I have some different opinion of Mayun's remark: He may feel great proud of his achievement, while the reality is not what he thinks, statistics show that good looking people always get higher salaries than ugly looking people, the chance of get promotion is also bigger! Good looking people are more favored of by the adults when they are young, and are payed more attention to. They are much easier to get courage and praise to raise their self-confidence. Ugly looking people may not have such privilege, but some do great efforts to achieve more by their amour-propre, so we may see some successful personalities with a unappreciative out looking. While in fact, most of us are ordinary looking people, the achievements we reach depend on the efforts we have payed not the appearance.
BTW, Hudson, you have got a new band of vocabulary during the holiday, right? I must use Kingsoft this time to get a thorough understanding! Anyway I admire knowledgable people! I should keep up!

best regards


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to Dennics

I know how busy you were while you were having your new apartment decorated and how busy you are in recent days because you were forced to work  last weekends.  You have made lots of contribution to the Club already and don't worry about us. We share a club of flexibility and mutual understanding, esp. between our volunteers.

Hope to have your return soon.


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to June

Your appreciation of my meeting report is definitely a pat on the back for me. I try to diversify my writing style, which is obviously not so colloquial.

As soon as Lillian and some other guys come back, we need to meet and discuss about program innovation and work distribution. As Alhaji suggested, the Club work should be distributed evenly to ensure high efficiency and avoid procrastination.

Settle your work stuff asap and get ready for the meeting, June.


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To : skylinker

You are so great to make a quick report. That is a wonderful club.
In your report,  u must have  misunderstood me because of my poor presentation:> I neither made an announcement  nor held a press conference., but show my points on the topic 1. Maybe I need improve my English skill. I feel shy for my poor english,but i will never stop to learn it.


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Hi guys!

Thank you for the club meeting, Hudson. Yeah, it was pretty cold outside, but we had a hot debate. I liked the atmosphere, and all the people i met. The topics were interesting and i was glad to have the opportunity for the presentation. Well, i knew my presentation sucked, and i am gonna work on it. See you guys next time!   ~~~ Ryan

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