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"Personal Attacks"

What is the purpose and basis for these "personal attacks"?  If this is supposed to be an open forum for discussions, etc...why does it lead to personal attacks?  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, can't we all just get along?

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Fair Moderators

First, happy new year to all the members and visitors.

CHINAdaily is a worldwide newspaper, which makes it's website popular all over the world. This has great things to do with the large amount of guests visiting its website's forum. Thus, the moderators do have responsibility to rectify a lot of serious mistakes esp. they are politics and discrimination related.  So, I am more than happy to see that you guys have realized it. Though it's kinda late, which we have seen there having been some bad effects on the Talk to Chinadaily. But, better late than never, am I right?

Moderators, maybe there are more burdens you all have to take than you have expected. For one thing, you are here to supervise stuff, delete not only threads containing personal attacks, but also posts far away from the theme of this department which is to Talk to China daily or better Make Ideas Published on CHINAdaily.  We can't cut things without a knife with a sharp edge. Only with a trenchant subject can we get things done.

Frankly speaking, I was a moderator at an English Study forum for us high school students who are interested in learning English. But, unfortunately, it was faded. It was partly because I did't make my forum stick to a clear subject as I mentioned, moreover, I had so many  things to do so that I did't have enough time to read every thread and give them a reply with my responsible idea. So dear moderators, please do take care of we members, we need you. We don't need a guy who can only post a PIN.

Last but not least, this forum is more or less connected to our country, so everybody here please remember what you are doing will certainly give foreign people an image of our country. Please cherish our country -China's reputation.
With respect
                                                                                                    HC Wang

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The software has to keep apace of the regulations

A sigh of relief and a big thank-you.

This announcement is long overdue, and obviously enforcement will be the real issue.

If the limited HTML capability here continues to allow multiple, hidden, unidentified ghosts to be created by an individual even after he has been banned, it will be extremely difficult to enforce the rule here.

I hope I can get back to serious posting without having a ghost jump up to dampen our expectant mood with a personal-attack post appearing right in the middle of the discussion especially during the weekends when there are fewer mods to enforce the rules.

By the time the mods were alerted to such a disturbance, most forumites had seen the post and the damage had already been done, or else the offender could simply jeer the mod and upload the same disruptive post despite repeated deletions.

Just like everyone knows China's coal mines are very dangerous work places, and that Premier Wen had himself descended to the deep pits to show his genuine concern for the safety of the workers, still just the day before more than 200 miners were fatally wounded in another terrible explosion.

Some of us have never written 'long' posts, or are simply unable to discuss anything in depth, yet they still feel compelled to put restraints on those who can.

The length of a post has nothing to do with the warning issued here.  

A post can be long or short depending on the requirements dictated by its content, just like the number of words in a sentence can be few or many depending on the circumstances.

The epochal ideas embodied in Lao Zi's "Dao De Jin" were pithily expressed in 5000 words, while those expressed in Sima Guang's "Zi Zhi Tong Jian" were propounded using more than a million words.

Yet both authors were legendary literary giants.

A long post can be tightly-organized and interesting to read.  A short post can be loosely put together and boring to read.

There is a Chinese saying --- "Hua bu tou ji ban ju duo" which means if two people don't get along even half a sentence uttered between them is too much conversation already.  

This type of relationship applies to that between a reader and a writer too, and that's why we have so many forums to which we can go to read the posts that suit our fancy best.

If a poster does not have the intellectual capacity or attention span necessary to go through an entire post longer than 300 words, he should simply select the short ones or one-liners that suit his reading preference and skip the rest.

Some of us want to shoulder surface-to-air missiles and others want to shoot only BB guns.  Some of us like to barbecue ribs and others like to steam bananas.

Let each cook his own size of dishes and the rest choose his preferences from the buffet.

So let us all take another deep breath and practice some more qigong.

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Begin by deleting all the offensive posts in the last thirty days

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Moderator, why selective deleting?

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Hi again

Theres already a post about starting a website. Chat with him (i think he's dobridanian and was once
living in the same circumstances ;-)). For the time being , I gotta go do real work - thanks for the

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