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Well, Hedan

When you ask a question like this, you remind me of Shan Huang.

We are grown-ups and adults. Let's not behave like kids.

The answers are there.  Be sensible and move on.

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Wise words from both

It is too bad that there are several interesting threads in this section, perhaps it would be useful for the authors to simply move the entire thread to a different section and leave this section for the kids to play in.

Sort of like the China Daily's version of the "kid's table" at a family meal.

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China Daily, the above spammers are complaining about spamming -- Zhu Ba Jie, Da

You only need to open the dead 'chairman's "UN raping" thread to find who are thereal spammers. The chiarmna's ghosts plus whampoa and Hedan011 as well as canchin.

Be sure you have a clear vision.

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Thanks, China Daily.

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China Daily, look at this yellow_mount's spamming again

China Daily has deleted more than 20 of the same spamming, now he is doing it again.

This yellow_mount is from the 'chairman' gang.

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Sorry, China Daily, please release this thread again

I tried to add a couple of names to the first post on this thread and it got pulled back again, please release it soon, otherwise, I have to create a new one.

Thank you.

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China Daily, here is 'quietrequiem''s bumping records

'quietrequiem' was the same person as 'requiem' who was banned more than twomonths ago with 'chairman'. This 'quietrequiem' was a filthy mouth and now this handle has been passed to the banned 'chairman'. Here is his current on-going (not finihsing yet) bumping records in Talk to China Daily forum. He is puching down threads that he doesn't want reders to read by bumping up those he wants.

This handle should be banned long time ago.


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