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How long has Anydog (fenixad, doberman) been stalking and attacking Shan Huang ?

You know it. I have been ignoring you and repeatedly told you ---  Get out of my thread.

So, there must be a reason, isn't it?

I am not afraid of your lies and smear. You can use your multiple handles to conduct your shameful personal attacks.

After all, it's you doberman (fenixad, Andydog) has been banned twice by CD, not Shan Huang.

How many personal attacking thread your gang of 'chairman' has created to mess up this forum?

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China Daily, please pay attention to this mikeuk

His threads are often propaganda garbage, such as this one:

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I agree with you

we should not attach others in any time

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Read, China Daily
Dear readers, shanhuang(Shan Huang) is NOT shan_huang, shanhuang has NOTHING to apologize
Be careful to see the difference between the two different handle names shanhuang (Shan Huang) and shan_huang.

Our forum Talk to China Daily has been hijacked by a zionist gang led by 'chairman', who has been banned by China Daily due to his massive abuse of this forum. Now he uses other handle names to mess up the forum again faking some unfounded reasons for his ban .

He never had a moment to ask why he was banned. He made up so many lies about me and wchao37 in this forum; he created so many personal attacking threads in this forum, yet he wants me to apologize to him.

I have nothing to apologize to him at all. I treated him as a friend in the past. I tried my best to stop the personal fight between him and Christopher. When Christopher agreed at one point to stop name calling, however, 'chairman' would't, instead, he wanted me and wchao37 to trash Christopher, a new forum member we hardly knew of. 'chairman' also wanted me and wchao37 to support him in painting UN as a "child raping organization" which we refused to do so. A few bad apples among UN employees shouldn't be used to smear the entire UN as a "child raping" organization. We can't lie.

Why smear UN? Christopher pointed out: UN has condamned Israel for its illegal occupation of Palestinian terrirories for many times. Israel has violated many UN resolutions.

'chairman' and his gang also played tricks with their multiple handles to cause trouble or distrust between me and wchao37. He failed.

So to revenge, he started to massively mess up our forum by making tons of personal attack threads and posts. He also physically bumps off our threads to the bottom of the forum so to keep his "UNITED NATIONS : Food and Medicine for rape of children" at the top day and night. He has a zionist gang working with him 24 hours a ady. Smearing UN is only one of their propaganda task in this forum.

This zionist gang not only play China basher role such as mikeuk, hedan011 and tsupasat but also try hard to divide this forum by portraying ultra-Chinese nationalism. They want us to focus on personal attacks as well as race attacks (how many threads have you seen about Chinese men inferior, or Chinese women want to marry foreigners etc.? ) so they could make us lose focus on real discussions on politics and culture.

The bottom line is that they don't want to promote understanding between Chinese and people from other parts of the world. They encourage Chinese to hate muslim people, which is not our Chinese culture at all.

They have tried hard to push all threads of wchao37 and mine to the bottom of Talk to China forum. readers can go andhave a look of the forum now.

This 'shan_huang' handle is not mine at all. It's a creation of this shameful, no-conscience zionist gang. The long time China bashers tsupasat and hedan011(Tony He Dan) now are the open supporters of this gang.

My handle name is shanhuang or Shan Huang in the past. So be careful.

'chairman's other handles currently include but not limited to 'pest-control', 'judgeandjury', 'miknuagual', tombraiders, etc.

Here are the current handle names of the gang who has been helping him bumping the "UNITED NATIONS : Food and Medicine for rape of children" thread in Talk to China Daily forum:



And a new handle name yellow_mount was used to spam their 'UN' posts on threads of wchao37 and mine.

They keep creating new handles. I will try to update when it showed up....

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Chian Daily, can't you see how quick the gang memebr canchin is bumping the "UN

Check it out. Also, miknnaugual.

They will not stop bumping that thread as I said. that's their propaganda.

canchin is one of them.

open up your eyes, China Daily.

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As soon as UN peacekeepers

stop raping children and the ones already known about are sentenced to hard time in jail - I'll stop writing in that thread.

As soon as you stop supporting Child Rapists I'll stop thinking you are no better than they are.

I have the right to be disgusted with Child Rapists and anybody that supports Child Rape - and I am glad I have the moral fibre to feel such disgust.

What's your excuse?

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China Daily, you deleted the fool-play thread, here they put out another one

Why you want to waste time deleting the lying posts? Delete the shameful ghost handle(s), it's canchin's creation.

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