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Namecalling is not polite.

I belive that you are polite. If you understand the act, I don't explain.

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Good, I have the same feelings.

When you want to write and study English, you can. At the same, you don,t worry about it wrong.

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Dear Hedan

I guess you refer to the sexual and crude attacks on your baby daughter.
Reference the 67 day thread.
Most forumites would have read it and I am sure the moderators did as well, so all I wanted to say, was chin up and all that stuff.
Sure it is not nice, but the person who wrote it has a history of sexual oriented attacks on all in the forum, perverted is a better description.
Anyway, from the rest of us, sorry, what else can I say.

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China Daily, hedan has been provoking wchao37 for quite a while

Please read this thread to see how the banned 'chairman's gang, canchin, whampoa, doberman, "pest-control" (chairman), Jusdgeandjury (chairman) etc. and Tony He Dan, continue to stir up fights with smearing lies about me and wchao37.

I have showed my evidences that their accusations are baseless and wrong but they refuse to stop and continue to smear.

Both wchao37 and I have been trying to ignore them for days but they keep provoking so to keep their personal attacking thread on top of this forum to disrupt the normal politics or culture discussions.

I have NO intention to talk with them anymore. It's a useless thread. Now, I am going to post "Stop Japan's bid to UN" on that thread so they can bump it all the time to let more readers read and join the petition. --- just to make a little use of it.

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China Daily, two personal attack threads from 'blaray'

This person started attacking me on his VERY FIRSTpost to me. He has been stalking me for a while. In the past he created a thread soley to attack me, today he created another one. Check out:

China Daily, just open blaray's posting record, you can see from the titles of his posts how many are devoted for attacking me:

This dishonest member is very possible fenixad (derboman), the so called AndyDob.

His participation in this forum is to attack and keep bumping useless threads to the top of the forum in Talk to China Daily. Their current favorite threads are "Why was 'chairman' banned for 67 days??????" in Talk to China Daily and "UNITED NATIONS : Food and Medicine for rape of children."

Please pay attention to see how often they use different ghost handles to bump the thread to the top.

China Daily, just ask if this shameful (AndyDob) or balray has contributed anything good to this forum? I wouldn't be surprised that Tony He Dan and other of the gang would join in to bump the personal attack thread as usual.

To minimize to post threads about personal complain, I am not going to open a new thread about such issue, but I do want China Daily to take note of this group especially dishonest blaray, doberman, Tony He Dan etc.

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This is just a new record in pathetic behaviour, set by Shanhuang.

This is beyond any limits.

Shanhuang attack many forumites, charges them with zionism, charges them with multiple handles, does not come with a slightest proof, when asked for the grounds of accusations - he just issues new lies, and then repeats lies, and then lies again...After such shameful behaviour, he runs under the wings of moderators whining "they all attack me!".

Not any other case was with Blaray, everybody can easily go to this thread and see. Blaray did not use any personal invectives, he did not attack shanhuang in any way. It was shanhuang , who FIRST began to yiell "get out of my thread!".

It is all sooooo pathetic, soooo mean, so lousy, so face less.
So worm-like.

Shanhuang , from his american place spams then whole forum, 67 posts withing almost 17 hours of continue clicking "submit" to forward lenghty comments of other people...

How much somebody must hate this forum to spend 17 nearly hours, with 15 minutes on average between sending comments ( much more frequent since midnight of China time). What is the value of thoughts/comment? NIL. Just pure filling up the servers' hard discs.

How must he be blind to see all others as one hand.

How much must he be lacking any fairness to accuse others with empty charges without slightest efforts to find grounds for this.

How much must he be purified from any face value, treated by Chinese firmly. Is he still Chinese? May be he was born one, but he lost all Chinese traits long time ago.

How low must he estimate inteligence of moderators to think, that they don't see his empty accusations and missbehaviour in spamming this place.

I admit my former mistake. I once believed he had ability to understand a word from other forumites. I tried my best in telling him out of such nasty thighs. I tried it first in nice way, then in rough way. Nothing worked as he is absolutely info-proof. Canchin, the man , who stays on the pro-China side almost unconditionally, a pro-China biased person in (my opinion), tried to turn shanghuang's attention and correct his misbehaviour. Failed.
Chairman, once blind defender of shanghuang, a man who behaved like a sworn advocate of everybody bad or good, skunk or nice, with only one filter in eyes ("pro" od "anti") , tried to straighten him. To no avail...

Whitedevil, a man who openly demonstrates his nazism, man who openly stays on the side of rasism and all derived hence theories of lower value of yellow people found welcome ears of shanhuang.

Because shanhuang does not differenciates between ideas. Nazi or comie, democrate or tyrant, black or white, sour or sweet - this all matter nothing.

Shanhuang will attack anybody, independently from ones standpoint, and will befriend anybody no matter pimp or murderer.

The only sole recognizing parameter is  to join shanghuang's madness in attacking others.

And then...the most disgustful thing comes...he ends up whining in public, after having comitted all these dirty deeds.


Look, guys, I will tell you this much. I would not go to a bar where he goes for the reason not to risk drinking from the same glass. This means I can go to any bar in the world.

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