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i am very glad to be a member of the Chinadaily, while my english is not very good . i want increase my english level,i think if i often talk with you my english level must be a good lookout .

i am very  appreciate that anyone pioint out  the error sentences .

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Hello China Daily

First, I apologize for disrupting you all with the following.

Some strange things have been going with the mechanics of the forum, I am sure you are all aware of this. It has caused some difficulties with certain folks here to use this as a reason to assault some of us in the forum. OK, that's not a too much of a thing. -- Just a side note.

I tried to post a harmless thread last Sunday morning, the post never came up, I don't know why. I spent considerable effort in writing it. It was intended to be in very good English language and grammar for all the readers, especially those Chinese learning English, and it was intended to demonstrate something unique and wonderful about the Chinese people, and it was intended to give foreigners a glimpse into the wonderful things that are in China. I don't know why it wasn't posted and I guess you really don't need to tell me why.

I made the unfortunate mistake in pestering two of my old friends at China Daily who used to oversee this forum but have since moved on to other departments. I don't know if they have spoken to you all, if they hadn't, then that is totally understandable, they are busy and this is no longer their job. I won't bother them again.

However, please note that I have tried to understand what you would like me to post and not post and I have tried to make those changes, I don't know that this is important. Perhaps, you are not interested in my efforts, I can only speculate, as you have not spoken to me on this matter, or any other, and I reckon that is fine, you have other things to do. -- Quite understandable.

The difficulty now is that shanhuang has gone into a long personal assaultive tirade directed at me personally. He has attempted to make me angry, I believe, and he has done his best to goad me into becoming nasty by trying my patience; though he stated that he wants an explanation for some things, I attempted my best to that for him, however his employment of multiple threads, thread jumping, post editing, continuous copy and pasting, planting and reediting, and other similar game-like tactics have indicated that he intends something else. He refuses to accept my explanations and instead accuses me further with continued quips. I don't know why.

Perhaps he is angry because I won't join him in assaulting certain people. He apparently wants me to join him in a tirade against the community. But I refuse. I do not hate any people and I will not join in that kind of nonsense. I hope you can see the sense of this as I think it also reflects the true Chinese and their government. Those folks have suffered at the hands of hate-filled zealots for far too long, it never ought to be allowed to happen again. My heart goes out to them and my long tears as well, for all they have suffered.

However, as your rules have been put forth, and as this thread makes a point of bringing out, personal attacks are not to be allowed. In the "Talk to China Daily" section of this forum, shanhuang has gone on for days in countless threads with pointless, personal assaults aimed at me. He apparently would like me to petition you all to do something. OK, I can do that. Please do something about shanhunag's continuous personal assaults.

Thank you for your time and effort.

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Good morning China Daily

Thank you for your effort to relieve me of the senseless personal assaults by shanhuang.

I see the great difficulty you all have in trying to maintain some sort of civil order in the forum. shanhuang simply signed back in with another handle from an extra account: churchill.

This morning as I awaken I see that he has a series of threads again to draw me into the same sort of thing he had already tried. Each of these threads are not really askin me to explain why I think something about some opinion I have but are again, all accusations.

I understand that he may be angry with me for thinking that I opted out of 'debating' with him, but he never debated with me. He ignored my answers and just went onto another accusation, jumping from one thread to another. Maybe, this is what he meant by a dance.

Without reading all of his threads nor much of his new accusations, it appears that he wants me to justify the statements I made in a note to you countering his retort to my original complaint. He missed the point that I never understood what he was after and I believe I prefaced my remarks with "perhaps" as surely I could only speculate what was on his mind.

Apparently, he has been awake most of the night writing a barrage of assualts aimed at me. This is hardly a debate. I think it is wise to take the advice of my old friend at China Daily and ignore him. Unfortunately, that does not prevent him from coming into my threads and poisoning the topic, which he has done as evidenced in my most recetn apology thread and in my teasing thread under the free talk section as well as my thread on the compass needle in talk to china daily.

As I understand the purpose of the "Talk to China Daily" section of the forum, it is to post work that might be published under the opinion section of the internet version of the paper. I cannot see how assaultive threads directed at me fill this request.

Apparently, shanhuang (aka churchill) never understood the nature of his errors, was in his misbehavior. I am not about to engage in this kind of behavior with him again.

It is my sincerest wish that he would find something constructive to do.

Thank you for your efforts on my behalf and on behalf of the decency and civility of the forum that I know you seek.

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help me
       what is diffentct between"sheol" and "hell"
thank you


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All of my threads attract abuse from the supporters of Israeli atrocities

But I expect it ,and I wonder how any forum can  eliminate it considering  that  once a foul mouther is removed  it returns with another name.

Take a look

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I agree with you!
Some fellow members have bad habits.Not only in this BBS,but also in many other BBS.They always offend others.This is not a good behavior.I hate this behavior.So I appeal for supporting CLEAN BBS.Every body stands up to refuse unpolite expressions.

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