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Be kind to your girlfriend please. [Copy link] 中文

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I want to tell you that if you have a girlfriend you should be kind to her.Especially do remember her birthday day!If you can't do this I think you are not that devoted.
Please trust me about what I said above.Perhaps you guys don't care about the days but they are too important to your girlfriends.They consider the days as the most important chances to test their other-parts.Don't tell them that you are busy with your jobs,that's no can only do what they want you to do for them.
Be lucky!

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Interesting Words

I'm just curious, do you have personal experience about that?? Did you get in touble with your gf??

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i agree with you.
maybe i am a poor girl who aways ignored by my boyfriend.he can not remember the date when we met eachother for the first time, when he said:"i love u" to me and even my birthday.but i kown its his nature that always forget things about me.some times i complain and anger and sware to never regard him as my boyfriend, however,failed.i love him so much and i kown he loves me too.yes,i wonder,since he loves me,why not able to keep me and my details in his mind?

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easy to understand!!

Scientifically, men's gene is not build like women. That is what makes men and women different. Actually, an article I have read states that the X Chromosome is much more complex incomparison to Y chromosome. Therefore, women having XX chromosome will obviously have a more sensitive in certain aspect that men with XY chromosome.
Its as simple as that. Its not that we don't care for females. In fact, i'm sure your bf loves you very much.  you have to learn to forgive and be understanding and everything will work out. =)

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Girls are sensitive sometimes.

I finally understand that the novels once said the girls' "shortcomings". Now I'm easy to solve the problem. They are very care about the date especially important to their lives they often think. We'd better write down the date on the notebook and remind yourself what will go on with them. It's not that urgent to ourselves. but they are too "sensitive" like the saying above someone said. If she loves you very much, she would pay much attention to your behavior. Don't hesitate to love her.That's my suggestion.

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So conveniently simple

John, all a guy has to do is look at a girl to know she is somehow different, but your statement is illogical by omission of myriads of other factors that that distinguish sexes. More specifically, you have committed what is called "fallacy by oversimplification."

You do not explain the enormous spectrum of human behavior, the environmental, the social, and the psychological factors--that combined--determine the behavior of each individual, male or female.

There are many girls who forget a guy's birthday or who do not give enough attention to, and the guy acts wounded and cries.

There are many girls who are both mentally and physically stronger than many guys.

Science indicates that girls can tolerate pain as good--if not better--than guys. A simple test is for you to have a baby, hahaha! Let you fell the pain your mother felt, bringing you into the world.

And how do you explain the girl who loves her career more than she does the guy, leaving him alone with wounded emotions to soak his pillow with tears? Or the girl who has affairs with other guys, and leaves her husband home alone with wounded emotions to soak his pillow with tears?

Oh, those dirty, nasty little chronosomes are so complicated and unpredictable, hahaha!

My advice to girls is to look at a guy's over-all behavior. If different things all add up to a negative sum, then--using American slang--kick him to the curb (that means to put him out on the get rid of him).

A girl--or guy--should not ever stay with a person, thinking that they will change after they are married. After marriage, when the person is "trapped," it will only get much worse.

Girls and guys should be only with those with whom they are emotionally compatible with!

You cannot--and should not--have to force another to be thoughtful and caring. You can only control and improve yourself--not others.

John, do you have a girlfriend? You had better be sure that her science isn't better than yours...or that you have a nice, soft pillow to cry into, hahaha!

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