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The reality of Japan -- Even comic bows to Japan's nationalists [Copy link] 中文

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Through the article (from UK) I quoted below we can see what's the reality in Japan today. The Japanese not only deny their WW-II crimes committed to Chinese people, changed their history books to teach their new generation the FAKE history, but also Japanese Prime Minister Koizum pays respect to the Japanese War Shrine regularly where it collects class A Japanese World War II war criminals. The situation were like a German Chacellor pays respect to Hitler's grave!

By Colin Joyce in Tokyo
(Filed: 12/11/2004)

A popular Japanese comic announced yesterday that it would censor one of its own stories after nationalist anger about its portrayal of Japanese brutality during the Rape of Nanking.

Young Jump, which sells two million copies a week, halted publication of its long-running story, The Country Burns, in September after being inundated by phone calls and e-mails objecting to the latest episode.

The magazine ran an apology yesterday for illustrations showing Japanese soldiers bayoneting helpless captives, assaulting women and beheading civilians during the assault on the Chinese city in the 1930s.

The publisher also said it would delete 10 pages and amend another 11 when the story is released in book form. There is no precedent for such self-censorship in Japanese comics, which often have graphic war scenes.

The Country Burns relates the travails of a civil servant during the turbulent 1930s. It is written by the manga artist Hiroshi Motomiya, whose work contains serious social commentary.

Japanese apologists claim that the Rape of Nanking is a fabrication or that the number killed was small and not unusual for wartime.

In October, the Right-wing Sankei newspaper denounced Mr Motomiya's account of "the fictional, so-called Nanking Mass.acre".

In fact, women, children and civilians were killed in a rampage that lasted for months. Most historians believe between 100,000 and 300,000 were killed.

[Note by Shan Huang: According to Iris Chang, 300,000 were raped and slaughtered to death in a period of 8 weeks in Nanking. Iris Chang's number was from Japanese military telegraph note.]

Mr Motomiya studied contemporary pictures and accounts of the mass.acre. However, nationalists questioned the veracity of one particular picture he echoed in an attempt to cast doubt on the evidence and imply the mass.acre never happened.

Similar tactics were used against Iris Chang's 1997 bestseller, The Rape Of Nanking. A Japanese edition was cancelled after threats to the publisher.

Ms Chang was yesterday reported to have committed suicide in California after battling with depression.

A photo accompanied in this article is followed  in the next post.

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Japanese soldiers bayonet Chinese prisoners in Nanking

It was a sports competition for Japanese war criminal soldiers.

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The war criminal contents in Japanse war dead shrine

1. The sculptures outside the Japanese War Dead Shrine depict and glorify the history of Japanese invasion of China.

2. The museum inside the war dead shrine keeps WW II Japanese war criminals' relics including weapons etc.

3. Since October, 1978, 14 Class A and more than 2000 Class B and Class C Japanese WW II war criminals were moved into the shameful Japanese War dead Shrine. (initially they secretely moved in some but soon they did it openly).
新华网北京1月1日电 日本首相小泉纯一郎1日上午再次参拜了供奉着东条英机等甲级战犯牌位的靖国神社。这是小泉自2001年4月就任日本首相以来,不顾日本国内舆论和亚洲各国反对,第四次参拜靖国神社。





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Japanese soldiers (old and young) in their WW II military uniforms in front of t

They do this every year to glorify their world war II war criminal history.

This is the reality of Japan today. This is the Japan that many people around the world, especially westerners, don't know, never read or heard of.

But, Chinese, Koreans and many in east Asian countries know because millions of east Asians were the victims of the cruel Japanese aggression in WW II.

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I'm very disappointed in you. You've just started another hate thread for no reason at all. If you're actually surprised by this, then you're naive. If you've known about this, then you're just whipping up anti-Japanese sentiment.

I don't dispute those pictures. But with the last one, you've shown a few people in military uniform. So what? No one here has ever disputed that there are Japanese nationalists who still think they're the victims of WWII. But the modern picture hardly showed that the whole population goes to these kinds of things.

The REALITY of modern Japan is that most Japanese do not agree with what happened in WWII. I've never met anyone who does. How many Japanese do you know who do?

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Censorship and hypocricy

I also have two further things to add.


You've criticised Western media groups for their publications on Mao and other Chinese issues, when they are critical. But now you're basing your argument on a single article from the Telegraph - which is not very good. Nor is it known for it's excellent articles on Japan, China, Korea or the rest of the region.

I'm afraid that Joyce doesn't know a lot about manga. He's right to say that manga is rarely censored, but manga is normally age specific. Young Jump is for teenagers and Japan doesn't regard people as adults until they're 21. So I think some of the complaints would have come from angry parents that their children were reading such stuff.

Manga is violent in many cases, but I have never seen a teenagers' manga comic with graphic rape scenes. That's the kind of stuff they'd buy from dodgy shops when their parents weren't looking. Just because Japan doesn't  usually censure manga, doesn't mean that there aren't Japanese who object to their kids reading such kind of stuff.

The Western media can't be accurate and biased at the same time. Which is it? Or are you saying that it's biased when it criticises China but correct when it attacks Japan? That's ridiculous. How do you know that they haven't exaggerated or got their facts wrong in this case?


You're attacking Japan on account of one publisher censoring this manga. That's ridiculous. It's like calling China a pirate nation because a single company made copies of a DVD. China censors EVERYTHING. A Nike ad was banned a month or two ago because...... well no one said WHY it was bad. They just said "it insulted China", as if that was explaining the objections.

When was the last time a Chinese comic company released something showing Chinese soldiers doing anything nasty to anyone - apart from "defending the motherland"? Can you imagine someone showing PLA soldiers shooting student demonstrators? They wouldn't just receive complaints, they'd be arrested by the Police and thrown in jail.

Neither of us has seen the manga in question. How do you know that it wasn't so brutal it would make almost anyone sick. Have you seen how nasty some adult manga is? I don't think ANY child should be able to see that kind of stuff.

10 pages are being removed and 11 edited. The new version will still probably be critical of what happened in China. Just less graphic. He isn't going to change the story and make the Japanese the good guys!!!!

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Mencius, who exactly are you???

It should be said that I'm very disappointed in you. You've just started another cover up of Japanese war crime denial post for whatever reason you have. Can you deny Japanese prime minister worship Japanese war dead shrine? Can you deny Japanese government changed their history books to deny their WW II criminal acts? Can you deny today’s Japan is changing its constitution and accelerating its military buildup? I am sure you won’t be surprised by these, and I am sure you won’t care about the thousands and thousands of Chinese people slaughtered by Japanese during WW II. I have never seen your sincere care about justice either on my Iris Chang thread or this one.

Why are you so afraid of talking about Japanese denial of war crimes? Why do you arbitrarily point my post of truth and facts as “hatred thread”? Who are you? Who truly are you? Can people in Germany behave like Japanese? Didn’t you see what Prince Harry has to apologize to Jews? I see you try to protect Japanese war crime by excusing the so called anti-Japanese sentiment.

Just because a few Japanese shown in that picture so you think there are just a few Japanese with militant mind set? A large number of their congressmen are of militant mindset. You are NOT a Chinese, how Japanese treats you has nothing to do with how Japanese treated Chinese. The truth is that the most of its population didn’t learn a lesson from their war criminal act in WW II. Their government is till covering up their war crimes. This is the REALITY of modern Japan. Most Japanese don’t even talk about what they did in WW II.

Do you have a heart for those WW II victims at all? I do remember you said that you are not interested in reading Iris Chang's book. So before reading it, you better keep whatever you want to say to yourself.

Now I do want to find out WHO EXACTLY YOU ARE.

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